Hidden Codes

Hidden Codes

There has been much interest in codes in the scriptures, the Great Pyramid, Da Vinci’s works so I thought I would give some thoughts on these and other anomalies.

What makes these interesting is that they appear to give to us hidden messages, and it is always fascinating to decipher hidden codes and discover their meaning. This natural interest is one of the reasons The Da Vinci Code was one of the biggest selling books of all time.

Hidden meaning is said to be found in a number of differing codes. Some, but not all of these are:

* Parallel or corresponding verses. The seeker examines writings of different times or locations and corresponds one against another to find hidden meaning.

* Alphebetics. This is a system developed by a member where he finds synchronous meanings in words, letters and numbers.

* Numerology. By reducing various words and phrases to numbers hidden truth is revealed. The most popular use of this is the seeking of the notorious 666 in various names.

* Chiasms. This is a coded method of writing that was recently discovered in the Bible. You can read more about it in this website: http://www.jefflindsay.com/chiasmus.shtml

* The Bible Code. Here different repetitions of letters and words are sought and put together to reveal predictions of the future.

Bible code experts have been able to find all the great events of our history locked up in Hebrew code which has predicted everything from Christ to Hitler to the Kennedy assassination.

I first became aware of code locked up in the Bible over thirty years ago when I read a book about hidden messages in the Bible. I do not recall the name and author, but I was captivated with some of the things he discovered using various methods of numerology. In the creation account alone, he found all kinds of measurements that have not been available until the modern era. Coded in the Hebrew was the distance from the earth to the sun, the circumference of the earth as well as its radius and numerous other celestial measurements.

The author concluded that such things coded in the Bible could not be a coincidence and made this conclusion: He figured the ancients had much knowledge that they thought would be lost so to protect and preserve their technology and knowledge they decided to code it in the Bible and other writings. This way the knowledge would be preserved. Even after a cataclysm mankind would not have to rediscover it all over again.

This sounded like a fine conclusion until I started putting two and two together.

If the ancients wanted to preserve knowledge in code that the wise could find and use in the future then they have utterly failed at their task. How so?

The answer is simple. None of the information hidden in the code was discovered by studying the code. It was all found through scientific investigation and THEN that knowledge was found in the code.

In other words, the code did not assist mankind at all. This would correspond to my telling a friend I have the location of his lost keys written inside a sealed envelope but he cannot open it until he finds his keys. He then finds his keys through his own intelligence and opens the envelop. Sure enough, it has the correct location of the keys, but what good does it do him, outside of being an interesting curiosity? Not much.

This same problem occurs with the Bible Code in that they have not been able to accurately predict the future, which is yet to come. This minor detail has greatly baffled them.

Yes, every major event from our past is there and the code seems to predict our future, but so far their future predictions have been wildly off and completely unreliable.

So what gives here? Were the ancients really giving us hidden messages that are usable to us, or just yanking our chains?

For the answer we need to look toward the Great Pyramid. This mysterious monument has within it hidden code just as does the Bible. Not only have all kinds of celestial dimensions and alignments been found in corresponding its dimensions, but many believe they have verified that the history of the world was predicted in its various measurements.

Again, the thought was expressed. How great was the wisdom of the ancients in attempting to pass down to us this knowledge to us. But again we have the same problem. The Great Pyramid did not reveal any knowledge to us but first we gained the knowledge and then we observed the code.

The mystery of the code in the Bible and the Great Pyramid has behind them the same answer which is this.

First the purpose of the intelligent design behind these and other timeless works was not to preserve knowledge in code in the hopes it would be useful to future generations. The architects and writers never had such a thing in mind. The human instruments behind such creations never fathomed that we would discover all the codes and hidden meanings that we seem to see.

So if the codes were not a product of human intelligent design then how did so much intelligence get built into the Bible, The Great Pyramid and other works?

Bible believers would simply answer that it was God who did it, but that does not account for the codes built into The Great Pyramid which was built by heathens.

The answer is the grand key behind Masonry and all creation. Masonry seeks to explain the keys behind the creative force of the grand architect of the universe and this is found in the first verse in John.

“In the beginning was the Word…”

And what is the Word?

The Word is sound and sound is vibration. Now you would think that a simple sound, which is just a small part of a word would be too simplistic to create much, but think again. The truth of this dawned on me when I was visiting a science exposition in British Columbia in Canada. There they demonstrated the complexity of sound by creating different simple sounding tones and sending their vibration through a plate containing iron filings. I was amazed at the different complex and beautiful patterns that were created by such simplicity. Then when they changed the sound the patterns changed. They were all beautiful and all very complex.

As I watched this I thought:

“In the beginning was the Word…”

Suddenly I could see how a seemingly simple word spoken by God could have created all there is.

I couldn’t find an exact example of what I witnessed but I found several interesting examples of patterns created by simple sounds.

Here is an example of water disturbed by a sound: LINK

And here is an example of the effect created by sounding one letter of the AUM. What is interesting is the ancients used this pattern as a symbol of the AUM. LINK

So what does this have to do with complex codes being imbedded into inspired works?

It is simply this.

To create an inspired writing, a work of art, a building or anything of timeless value the builder or initiator must tune into the divine Spirit and receive inspiration. This inspiration is simply the implanting within the heart a divine word or vibration. Then as the builder manifests his creation, which may seem to be a composition of a few simple words or materials, it will be found that encoded within is a part of the very signature of God.

If we examine other great works with the same scrutiny as we have done with the Bible we would also discover great intelligence and patterns built within them. Examples would be The Gettysburg Address, the works of Shakespeare, the art of Da Vinci, and others.

Oh, wait! They have looked at Da Vinci and found codes, haven’t they? And there are more yet to be discovered.

So if the codes were rarely consciously implanted, as many have thought, is it also possible they are not fully comprehended by consciously looking for them the way many teach?

Yes, indeed. Have you ever read a book about the symbolism of the Great Pyramid or the Bible code only to go away with your head spinning and not being much smarter than you were before you started reading? Many find such things interesting but the end result of such looking at the details does not seem to bring much enlightenment except in affirming that a divine intelligence is at work somewhere.

What then should be our approach to the hidden codes? Are they of any use whatsoever?

Yes. They are of great use, but not in the way that has been suspected.

If we seek to understand the inner codes by looking at them directly, we are attempting to see the forest by looking at the trees. Instead of looking at individual trees we must step back and see the whole forest to get the picture. For one thing, there are too many trees for one to get a picture by looking at them individually. Also there are many hidden trees or parts that are missed by looking at the individual code and attempting to piece everything together.

The true approach is so simple that it passes over the heads of the intelligentsia of the world.

The answer is found in the simple approach of contemplating inspired words and planting them within the inner spirit as a seed is planted in fertile soil. The mind of God, which resides within each of us then translates the needed codes and reveals the mysteries to our minds as the knowledge is needed. When the mind then receives the code it sees not the individual trees, but a large enough part of the forest so understanding is achieved.

Thus, we solve with great simplicity that which seemed to be a great complex mystery. The codes are planted by the mind of God and revealed by the mind of God without the need for the seeker to be aware of all the details and complexity of the code.

The truth is that any inspired writing or work will contain code that is to be translated by the Holy Spirit within. If Johann, Ruth, or Dan writes an inspired sentence, the code and the mysteries will be imbedded, but if another writes from the lower mind there will be no code therein and the words will pass away and not be searched out any more than a person will seek to hear a piano that is out of tune.

This explains why after maybe twenty years since reading a scripture or inspired statement that the phrase may pass through your pondering mind and suddenly new meaning will come. Additional code is finally revealed to you. You have gained access through placing attention on the things of God.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

 — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oct 19, 2007

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