Other Selves

Other Selves

A reader brings up an interesting subject that we have not fully covered before which is basically this.

Dick Sutphen gives evidence that people can live more lives than one simultaneously. Under hypnosis he has had people regress into two different overlapping lifetimes. He then provides some evidence that these lives which were recalled were real people.

Does this mean that our essential self is split into two, four or more entities? Or do we have an oversoul which puts out a number of lives? Or is something else going on?

The first time I heard of this doctrine was in the writings of Lobsang Rampa who preceded Dick Sutphen. Here is what he teaches on the subject. He says that each of us is connected to an oversoul which is a greater entity which has a number of extensions. The oversoul can have three or four lives incarnated and then an additional three or more out of incarnation.

Before I give my views let me say this. Through the Oneness Principle any other soul in any time frame can be reached. Through regression techniques it is possible to have the subject tune into the consciousness of any other person and replicate his personality to a degree. This replication will not normally happen though unless the person is either directed or given a hint to move in this direction.

Also under hypnosis a person can create a false identity or falsely duplicate one he has heard about. A subject can falsely think he is recalling being Napoleon and create a personality for the hypnotist that is his best guess as to what Napoleon would be like.

Because I understand this I do not use standard hypnotic techniques in my regression. You don’t have as high of a percentage of people regressing, but what is recalled is more accurate and you do not have so many false personalities manifesting.

No method is infallible but I have attempted to hone down my method so false recollection is at a minimum and when it does occur it is fairly obvious.

Dick Sutphen uses a deep hypnotic trance and in this state the subject seeks to do everything possible to please the hypnotist. If it appears the hypnotist desires a certain response then the inner mind will seek to bring forth that response.

Here was your quote from Sutphen talking to his subject: “You have the power and ability to draw upon all knowledge existing in the superconscious levels of your mind, and to allow this knowledge to flow down into the conscious mind as we work together. If you are now or have been another individual within the time-frame of your birth up until now, I want you to transfer identities with your own separate-self. If there is more than one, your mind will choose which of these simultaneous multiple incarnations you will experience this afternoon. If you are experiencing only your present incarnation on the earth, you will inform me of this after the completion of the actual transfer instructions.”

Note the key phrase here: “If you are now or have been another individual within the time-frame of your birth up until now, I want you to transfer identities with your own separate-self.”

When a hypnotized subject hears a phrase like this his black and white computer brain looks for command statements that it can manifest and the one thing that stands out is “I want you to transfer identities.”

If a person is in a deep trance the “If” will be ignored and the command statement of transferring identities will be programmed into the mind. A person under hypnosis is capable of taking on a large variety of personalities and taking on a false past life would be no problem.

Stage hypnotists illustrate this every day. They will often bring a fairly introverted subject to the stage and tell him he is Elvis or some rock star and he will entertain the audience with a very amazing imitation. When he comes out of the trance, he will not believe what his friends tell him he did when he performed.

Most regressions under hypnosis that bring forth two people in one timeline will have one or both of them being fabricated by the subject. Once in a while they will both be real people but the alternate one will be someone the subject tuned in to through an astral retrieval.

The question that remains is what is the real truth to the matter? Are there a dozen of us running around on several levels of existence?

As John would say the answer is yes and no.

From one point of view the answer is yes, many times yes. There are billions of extensions of ourselves as taught in the following mantra:

“The sons of men are one and I am one with them.”

All of us spring from the one God and are linked just as the stars in the sky are linked to the one space from which they sprang. But just as each star has its separate existence and identity so also do human lives.

We thus have a link with each other through the one soul of humanity and any one individual when using the right principles can tune into any other individual.

In addition to this humanity branches forth like a great tree of life and those joining to create the same branch are more closely attuned to each other than with distant branches. Even so, the same life energy of God flows through the whole of the tree.

Those closely linked are often nourished by the same solar angel and thus a sharing of consciousness comes quite easy. Such a solar angel could be compared to the oversoul as taught by some.

The personality you are is unique and there are not duplicates running around, though it is possible that your solar angel may put out another extension. If so, its personality would be different from yours but of a similar evolution.

It is not likely that you have some rogue Mr. Hyde out there creating havoc that you are responsible for because in normal situations you are the only extension of your soul which has incarnated and if another you is out there it would be of similar spirituality to yourself.

Fortunately, you are only you except in the universal sense that we are all brothers and offspring of higher lives. When we eventually go to higher spheres and see how the incarnation and evolution of the sixty billion monads played out and it will all add up and make sense.

True Hoarding

A reader comments: “I have just finished reading the fourth book in the Immortal Series, and I must say, it was some of the most incredible information I have ever read. JJ, you have really outdone yourself in this book.”

“I would like to open a discussion about JJ’s Parable of Abundance, as it was the one that made me think the most, and has the most pertinence in my life. I really loved the story, and I believe that it talks about a deep truth regarding abundance, and even more importantly, the principle of interdependence and how this can heal the world.

“But it also seems to imply that being prepared for possible future probabilities is unhealthy, and creates an unbalanced state of mind. For me, I have several years of food storage and would someday like to have a fortified underground structure that will allow me to be prepared for the possibility of Earth changes. I personally don’t think that is unwise and unhealthy, and would like to open the discussion to anyone who has an opinion on the matter, including JJ, for the purposes of our mutual enlightenment.”

JJ: The most important principle to apply as it relates to this and other subjects where all the pieces do not seem to apply is The Lost Key of the Buddha — “the Middle Way.” This principle is so important that a whole book is dedicated to it. Solomon summed it up well when he said there is a time and purpose for all things under heaven.

Another important principle is this. The Law of Correspondences is never exact and cannot be used as a precise formula for discovering truth. It is only an indicator. The full picture of the truth always has to be discerned though using the correspondence as a seed thought and then seeing how things play out through the use of the intuition.

In normal times where the life of a society stands on its own the parable applies. In a living society hoarding is not necessary if the right principles are applied.

The problem many are concerned with is what would happen if there was a near complete collapse. Shouldn’t we store food to prepare for such an event? Food storage would be helpful in times of shortages or even a depression, but if there were a total breakdown storage wouldn’t do much good as illustrated in my story “Journey’s End.” The only way to be relatively safe in such a collapse is through the use of the Gathering Principle. Only a united and gathered people could be protected from the mobs that would surface.

Another point is this. The hoarding in the parable applies to taking and storing more than you need for a comfortable life. Since food is an essential then one must do what is necessary to make sure he has enough. If circumstances dictate the storing of some for emergencies, then that does not fit in with the hoarding talked about in the parable. Look at the story of Joseph in the Bible where he stored up seven years of food and saved Egypt from starvation.

Examples of true hoarding would be:

  1. Saving more money than you need instead of putting it in circulation where it will help others.
  2. Storing up possessions that are beyond what you need. Buying the big house, multiple and luxury cars, expensive jewelry, etc.
  3. Using your time for only things that serve yourself.

The point of the parable is that we should not take more than we need for self if putting the excess in circulation will benefit the whole. This does not mean that we need to take a vow of poverty or not protect ourselves by storing food if deemed necessary.

The Choice

Question: You have referenced DK telling us that a disciple cannot make a true choice between the right and left hand path until the third initiation. But do not average seekers make many choices between good and evil before that time?

JJ: We make thousands of decisions about light and dark, right and wrong before we face the great decision at the third initiation. Joe an Aeton from Book III was not yet close to the third degree but did get on the path as a first degree initiate near the end of his stay.

The difference between decisions of light and dark before the third initiation is passed and afterwards is this.

Before the third, but after the second the person may be pure in heart and as sincere as can be yet be deluded by illusion. Such illusion will cause many of his decisions to be incorrect even though in his heart he wants to do what is right. If he maintains a purity of intention he will discover his errors and correct them.

He cannot yet make a choice between the two paths because illusion creates a fog that blurs them and he cannot see them clearly. He may even be assisting the work of the dark brotherhood while deluded into thinking he is doing the opposite.

For example, take a look at the political debate going on with great intensity throughout this planet. Both sides have sincere intelligent people but when they both diametrically disagree you know they both cannot be right. Either they are both wrong or one is right and the other incorrect.

The one that is correct is usually not correct because the believer is a third degree initiate, but because his foundation beliefs that have been taught to him are correct. The initiate who is incorrect has illusionary foundation beliefs that he has not brought forth to the light of day.

Those sincere people who have not achieved the second initiation have a bigger problem. For them the ego and glamour is what deceives them. They are not yet close to solving the problems of illusion.

Only when the person approaches the third initiation and understands illusion can he then see the two paths and make an intelligent decision. The one who chooses the dark path sees how illusion works but cannot yield up his ego and selfish nature to higher will. Instead of rising above illusion he decides to use illusion to further selfish ends.

The one who chooses the right-hand path sees illusion and sacrifices self to dispel it so it loses its power. He then ascends in consciousness to the intuitive plane.

Does this mean the third-degree initiate is perfect and can never be deceived? Third degree initiates, and even those higher, are still regular human beings and have to assimilate data like the rest of us. You can pull a practical joke on an initiate like anyone else but when it comes to seeing how principles apply to the evolution of humanity and himself he is able to see the picture without illusion as long as he looks. None of us have looked all directions so correct angle of vision is important to the initiate.

Hope this helps. If I left anything unexplained let me know.

People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children. Bill Watterson (1958 – ), Calvin and Hobbes

Oct 15, 2007

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