Handling Higher Energies

Dec 18,  1998

Handling Higher Energies

Xavier asks:

My question is: I use the song, yet I do not follow the highest good I know in everyday life. What does it produce under such circumstances? I sure feel healed, but it allows me to less take care of others who depend on me.

It is a natural tendency when one steps up to a higher vibration to put less attention on daily matters. This is where the mind comes into play. The feelings, after experiencing a higher contact, want to stay in this wonderful place and just be for a while, but you must use the power of the mind to continue to focus on the work at hand that needs to be handled.

Then after you have adjusted to the new energy your life will return to normal with the added bonus that you will see more meaning than before even in a lot of boring everyday chores that need your attention.

There are many disciples in the world that have been a disappointment to the Brotherhood because after the experience of soul contact or a higher vision they lost contact with our material reality and spend their lives in impractical dreams that are never realized because they have not applied he proper balance to God and Mammon.

Xavier makes this statement: “I sure feel healed, but it allows me to take less care of others who depend on me.”

Actually, the Song should do the opposite. If it is said properly you visualize other people throughout the verses.

You start out visualizing yourself as one of the whole group of people who are singing the Song. Then when you say: “And wherever I will the Light to descend.” You visualize people you know who need additional light and see the light descending upon them.

Then you follow this procedure with the other verses until then end where you say: “That through us your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.”

To sing that last verse properly you must see yourself as a vessel of service to all willing people in the world. You dedicate yourself to be a vessel to pour forth Light (knowledge) Love and empowerment to all in need.

Therefore, if you sing the Song properly you will care more for others – not less.

I think Xavier may be giving us the wrong impression here. I have a hard time seeing him ignoring any needs of others. I know he has ordered ten books so apparently he is doing what he can to spread light.

As I said, a higher vibration can be distracting at first, but if the heart is pure a correct adjustment will be made.

An important point about the Song is this. Just saying the words is not singing it. To play the ethers as you would play a fine musical instrument you must say it with full purpose of heart visualizing all others who are saying it and adding your strength to theirs. Then you see yourself as a spiritual vessel of the Light and Love and Power of God. You thus become the servant in the coming Age of Aquarius, pouring forth the Water of Life to a thirsty world.

Those who say the Song without full purpose of heart will feel it is just another mantra and lose interest. Thus is the group integrity preserved.

After we finish with the Beast we will talk more about Soul Contact, a principle which very few gurus have fully experienced.

I am short on time again tonight, but will offer one more hint. The mystery number has three sixes and mankind lives in three worlds of form at one time. One of the worlds is the obvious material. What are the other two? Are the three worlds related to the three sixes? How are the sixes related to blind authority?

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