The Rays

Dec 17, 1998

The Rays

Additional Hint:

Some of you have heard of the seven Rays and some have not. These correspond to those mentioned by John as being the Seven Spirits before the throne of God.

The various seven rays go in and out of incarnation here on planet Earth and during the age of Pisces a certain Ray was prominent. It is the same Ray that governs the Solar Plexus Center. What Ray is this and how is it related to the 666 and the Beast? Should we look at the numbers as separate 6 6 6 as well as a unit – 666? Or Possibly 6 x 100, 6 x 10 and 6? What would be the meaning here?

The Sixth Ray

Xavier is right about the Sixth Ray of Idealism. We are passing out of the Sixth Ray and into the Seventh similar to the passing of Pisces into Aquarius.

Below are some quotes from the writings of Alice A. Bailey about the sixth ray which should help our understanding.

As you know, there are at this time, two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the destiny of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organization. The sixth ray began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period of influence, whilst the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order began to come into manifestation in 1675. There are three points to be remembered in connection with these two rays and their effects upon the race of men. (I am not here dealing with their effects upon the other kingdoms in nature.)

  1. The sixth ray is as you know, the most powerful in manifestation in this time and a very large number of people are responsive to its influence. It is still the line of least resistance for the majority, particularly in the Aryan race, for the reason that when in process of time and through evolution the influence of a ray has become potent, it is groups that are primarily affected and not just individuals. A rhythm and a momentum is then set up which lasts a long time and which gains power through the very force of organised numbers. This truth will emerge more clearly as we proceed with our studies. Suffice it to say that the sixth ray people are the reactionaries, the conservatives, the die-hards and the fanatics, who hold on to all that is of the past and whose influence is potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new age. Their name is legion. They provide, however, a needed balance and are responsible for a steadying process which is much needed in the world at this time.
  2. The seventh ray is steadily gaining momentum and has for a long time been stimulating and enhancing the activity of all fifth ray nations. If you bear in mind that one of the major objectives of seventh ray energy is to bring together and to relate spirit and matter and also substance and form (note this distinction) you can see for yourself that the work of science is closely connected with this endeavor and that the creation of the new forms will definitely be the result of a working interaction between the rulers of the fifth, the second and the seventh rays, aided by the help – on demand – of the ruler of the first ray. A large number of seventh ray egos or souls and also of men and women with seventh ray personalities are coming into incarnation now, and to them is committed the task of organising the activities of the new era and of ending the old methods of life and the old crystallized attitudes to life, to death, to leisure and to the population.
  3. The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray – which shows itself as a pronounced crystallization of the standardised and accepted forms of belief, religious, social and philosophic – is to throw the millions of people who do not respond to either of the above influences through egoic or personality relation, into a state of bewilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing.

These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth and seventh rays or who are bewildered by the impact of forces generated by those rays, are those who must together, with understanding and clear vision, bring order out of the present chaos. They must materialise those new and desirable conditions which will conform to the subjec’tive pattern in the minds of the illumined people of the world and to the spiritual plan as it exists in the consciousness of the members of the Hierarchy. The new age with its peculiar civilisation and culture will be brought into manifestation through the collaboration of the well-intentioned many, responsive increasingly to the good of the whole and not of the individual; they are the idealistic but practical thinkers, influenced by the pattern of things to come and the world disciples, impressed by the plans and under the instruction of the Hierarchy which is directing and controlling all.

At this time, (World War II) the whole world is embroiled in the chaos and the turmoil incident upon the clashing of the forces of the sixth and the seventh rays. As one ray passes out and another comes into manifestation and their impact upon the earth and upon all the forms in all the kingdoms of nature has reached the point where the two influences are equalised, then a definite point of crisis is reached. This is what has occurred today, and humanity, subjected to two types or forms of energy, is thrown “off centre” and hence the intense difficulty and tension of the present world period. The cause of this is not only the impact of the two types of energy, beating upon the forms of life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanity itself (which is a combination of the fourth and fifth rays) is swept into the conflict. To this must also be added the energy of the animal kingdom (again a combination of the energies of the third, fifth and sixth rays) for this governs the animal or physical form of every human being. You have, therefore, a meeting of many conflicting forces and the world Arjuna is faced with a stupendous battle – one that is recurrent and cyclic but which will, in this particular era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the age old conflict between material domination and spiritual control. The forces playing upon the planet at this time are of supreme importance. If you will bear in mind that the sixth ray works through and controls the solar plexus (being closely related to the astral plane, the sixth level of awareness) and that the seventh ray controls the sacral centre, you will see why there is so much emotion, so much idealism and so much desire mixed up in connection with the world conflict and why also – apart from the storms in the political arena and the religious field – that sex and its various problems has reached a point of interest in the human consciousness where a solution of these difficulties, a fresh understanding of the underlying implications and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate.

The sixth Ray of Idealism is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanatical adherence to an ideal which is responsible for the potent changes in these four countries.

The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixth ray and hence much of its personality difficulties. Hence also its strong desire life, impelling it to sex expression and to materiality but to a materiality which is very different from that of the French, for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects on his life which it can bring and for what it makes possible. Hence also the rapid response of the American continent to every form of idealism, to the need of others, even of its enemies, to compassion for all suffering and to a pronounced progress towards a well defined humanitarianism.  Destiny of the Nations, Pages 29-31, 33-34, 52, 60

Devotion and Idealism, via Mars.

The sixth Ray is either militant and active, or mystical, pacific and futile, and these two aspects at present condition the United States. The keynote of this world centre is “I light the WAY;” this is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian, self-sacrifice (self-initiated) and a firm decision to stand by righteousness to govern their present attitudes and policies.   Esoteric Astrology, Pages 523

Today, whole masses of people and entire nations are regimented to certain forms of idealism and can and do appreciate ideas, formulated into ideals. Thus again the success of the evolutionary process can be seen and the work of the Hierarchy, as it endeavors to expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to be effective.

Because of the potency of the sixth ray activity, owing to the long period wherein it has been expressing itself, the reaction of the average human being is one of intense devotion to his particular ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentially is) upon his fellowmen and to do so in such a form that unfortunately the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupied by the method of applying his ideal than by the ideal itself. Thus the idea is lost in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn, in the method of its application. The man becomes the devotee of an ideal which may or may not be embodied in an individual expression; this controls his thoughts, fore-ordains his activities and leads him frequently to merciless excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea.

Under the immediate expression of the sixth ray, the divine principle of desire has shifted potently away from the desire for material form into the realm of higher desire. Though materialism is still rampant, there are few people who are not animated by certain definite idealistic aspirations for which they are ready, when needed, to make sacrifices. This is a relatively new phenomenon and one that should be carefully noted. Down the ages, great sons of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so, whether it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or some response to a major world need, or some potent adherence to some current ideology.  Destiny of the Nations, Page 113

….the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism dominant in their energy equipment, for the ideals of a sixth ray aspirant crystallize most rap•idly and are quickly distorted thereby. The temporary ideal (intended to guide the undeveloped aspirant) can become a barrier, separating him from truth and from the realization of a truer vision.

The astral or emotional body is conditioned by the sixth ray of devotion or of idealism, but this can be most easily transferred and transformed under the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Your task this life is to make this possible so that, in your next life, you can have an astral body conditioned by the second ray…

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1 Pages 85, 120

End of Quotes.

Now the question remains.

What is the meaning of the 666 and how do we receive the number in our forehead?

Hint: Think past – present – future.

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