Going Where We’ve Never Gone Before

Going Where We’ve Never Gone Before
(Transcribed from a posted audio)

I got a bang out of a comment by a new member. She said, “I just wanted to say I’d never seen a picture of JJ. I would’ve thought he was a black man because he sounds like one on the audio.”

Forty or fifty years ago many white guys would’ve been insulted by that comment but we’ve progressed as a race to the point that we’ve done away with discrimination to the extent that that’s a compliment to many white folks today. So many black guys are cool in this age. As far as voices go, I love James Earl Jones. If I had to pick a voice for God; it would be his.

So, it’s interesting how society has changed.

The Tibetan is the teacher we also quite often call DK. He went by the name The Tibetan before he revealed his name. He says, “The only real sin is the sin of separateness.” In other words, everything that we consider a sin that really produces harmfulness in this world comes from being separative. To be inclusive and draw toward unity is really, in one way of looking at it, the only real virtue.

One of the advantages of working together on the internet is that we don’t even know what a lot of members look like. We might be surprised if we saw pictures of everybody. They might look quite a bit different that we expect. I think most of you have seen my picture and I’m thankful it hasn’t scared you off yet. If you withstood that I think we can withstand to see just about anybody in the group.

It looks like my little pep talk got your wheels spinning. We’ve received more comments so that’s good. It’s nice to have some good interplay going on. When we have a significant number of people posting it makes it more interesting for everyone involved so I appreciate your input here. I don’t have time to comment on all your posts concerning what you are becoming. I think a lot of your comments will inspire others and make others think so even if I don’t comment on them you might be surprised at how much impact you will have on other people on the list. Keep in mind that’s important. I can reach some people with certain truths that I may have but you can reach many that I cannot. You may word something in a certain way that may click in someone’s mind and may change their life. So, you never know how you expressing your thoughts may influence other people.

A member spoke of an interesting fear; the fear of embarrassment. A lot of people don’t say very much because they’re afraid they may sound silly of insignificant or whatever. But don’t let this stop you. You might be surprised how intelligent you sound to certain people. On the other hand, no matter how intelligent you try to sound it may sound silly to certain people. I’m sure a number of people listening to me think I’m out to lunch and a number of items but I just keep on going anyway. That’s what we all have to do because you will reach a certain number of people with your thoughts. They will identify with you and you will give them hope that they can move ahead. This is what it’s all about here.

Speaking of this, the fear of embarrassment reaches into a lot of avenues in our lives. I would suppose that every one of us here has had a certain amount of situations that we could be in that would be disturbing and embarrassing for us. So the fear of embarrassment is a big item, more than most people care to admit. Some people who consider themselves enlightened may be afraid to admit they have a fear of embarrassment.

Fear is a funny thing to talk about with people who consider themselves enlightened because many people who consider themselves enlightened have read books like “The Course in Miracles”, which tells us we shouldn’t fear and really puts fear down. Then they think, “I’m enlightened so if I’m enlightened I must not fear.” What it will often do to the seeker is – he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he has fears for he may not be ready to line up with the Masters.

A lot of seekers like to think they’re up there on the top of the totem pole so it tends to cause many people to suppress their fears rather than face them. By suppressing their fear and thinking they have no fear in any situation they can convince themselves that they are on par with the greater lives of the universe and don’t need to face any fears now whereas many people with this mindset do have fears they need to face. As I’ve said in past posts, one of the greatest fears to face is the fear of fear. Nothing causes the fear of fear more than the teaching that if you are enlightened you will not fear. So people are afraid they aren’t enlightened so they’re afraid of fear. They’re afraid to face the fears within themselves because if they happen to find a fear they come to the conclusion, “I must not be enlightened then because I have a fear.” In truth you can be very enlightened and still have fears.

When God Himself jumped into this universe and took upon this whole universe as His physical body He did so with fear and trembling. DK tells us that fear is in the warp and woof of the universe itself. It’s in the weave of the universe and it can be traced back to something very ancient. It isn’t something you can just will away. When we overcome one thing and reach our next hurdle, there will be a point of tension. Every point of tension has some fear connected with it. It’s true that we need to overcome that fear. When we do we go through a period of fearlessness and peace and union with God but then come back and enter another hurdle. When we approach this next point of tension there will be fear on some level all over again. For the higher lives like the Solar Logos, what may be fear in His correspondence may not be something we would even call fear. But He does approach a point of tension. Fear, as we understand it is strongly connected to a point of tension. Before any manifestation this must happen.

A member quotes me as follows, “One phrase that has never settled well with me is ‘I’m becoming who I already am.” When you think about it it’s really a silly statement. If you’re becoming what you already are, you’re already that so you don’t need to become it. She states, “I’m becoming the awareness of which I’ve always been, that which is unchanged by all appearances.”

Now, beyond the world of appearances is to be beyond the three worlds of form. The physical/etheric is the lowest world, then the astral then the world of the mind. These are three worlds where form lies. Beyond that are four higher worlds in this sphere. These four worlds are the Buddhic, the Atmic, the world of the Monad, and the Divine. Now, these seven worlds make up another world which is called the Cosmic Physical. In the cosmic world there are also seven planes; the cosmic physical, the cosmic astral, the cosmic mental, the cosmic buddhic, and so one up. All these worlds are becoming. When you go beyond the three lower physical worlds, you’re really only scratching the surface of where you can go to in becoming.

In a way, she is correct in that there is a place beyond the world of appearances (which is the three lower worlds of form manifestation). These higher worlds are worlds of energy and ideas. The ideas are still in motion and evolving and becoming. As DK explains to us, even a soul is still in the process of evolving. It is a master on its own plane. Our solar angel has progressed in another sphere, another world. It was once on an earth like this and it has extended itself and taken the seed of the monad, which is us, and nurtured and developed it until we have become what we are now; an independent entity. Even the soul is still becoming on its own sphere and it will be different tomorrow than it is today. There will be a time when our soul will eventually be a solar logos somewhere, or part of a solar logos in consciousness.

But on analyzing her words on the aspect that she’s looking at it she actually sees it quite similar to the way that I see it but she’s expressing it in different words. She’s talking about an eternal part of herself and we do have an eternal part of ourselves. What is that?

The eternal part of our self is the monad. The esoteric books don’t explain very clearly what a monad is because I don’t think a lot of them understand what it is. The monad is basically a seed, the original idea that represents what you are. You began, if you can say that, as an idea in the mind of God and because the mind of God exists beyond time, you are an eternal idea. I often point out that the song “Yesterday” is an eternal idea with no beginning. The idea of this song can never be destroyed. It will manifest time and time again. As it manifests time and time again it will become and take on all kinds of arrangements and sounds. It will have the same identity about it but it will be different in each incarnation it takes. Everyone who sings it sounds it just a little bit differently.

It’s the same with us. We are an idea in the mind of God that is manifesting and we play ourselves just a little bit differently in each life until we play ourselves all the different ways in the world of possibilities. Then we become a part of a greater song. The correspondence, like I say, is never exact but with us, when we play our notes perfectly, so that we sound them in every conceivable positive way that can be sounded, through a series of lives, then we join in a greater song. We then become a single note, so to speak, in a great symphony.

So a monad is like a seed. Let’s take a seed from a great tree for example, an oak tree. When you plant the seed it sprouts up and begins to grow. As it grows it is not becoming the seed but it’s becoming the fullness of the idea behind the seed. As it grows it becomes different than the other monads or seeds. One oak tree may be a different size or a little bit different coloring and have more branches than another oak tree. A pruner may come along and prune one of the trees and not prune another so it creates an entirely different appearance. When the seed, which is the basic idea of the monad, matures, it does not become the seed but it becomes something more than the seed. Then eventually the tree dies then the tree is reborn and it grows up again but this time the appearance is just a little different because the seed, the monad has been altered a bit with the experience of the growth. And the experience of the growth is incorporated into the new seed. The new seed is grown again and the new tree is grown again and the appearance is a little different; a little more refined because the tree is in the process of becoming and manifesting the idea better than it’s ever been manifested before.

It’s the same with you as a human being. Your monad is your seed and it has created everything from your body to your feelings to your mind, all these things. So all these things are expressing and maturing the basic idea. What you are becoming is not as you began because you are maturing into something that has never been, never manifested in the way that you are manifesting.

DK makes an interesting comment about a time in the far future when we will go back to our essence, so to speak. He says, “Respond, O Rising One, to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call emerging from the Ashram or from the Council Chamber where waits the Lord of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce the principle of life and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. Life is now liberated, owning the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined.” Esoteric Healing, Page 502

Now when we’ve gone back to our Father in Heaven, so to speak, or the Monad, the situation is different than the beginning. That difference He says in these words, “That the Monad now owns “the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience.” These are the gifts of soul and form combined.” So the monad is not as it was before. It is now different. It owns the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. This takes place through the process of becoming.

So is this the end of our evolution? To go back to our essence then just be there forever? No, it isn’t. It’s only one part of a cycle. We go back to our essence, so to speak, and we absorb and we nurture these experiences and feast upon them. Here we’re producing fruit, symbolically, and when we go back to our essence we feast on the fruit. That fruit is conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. We savor and digest all these experiences we’ve had, then begins a new round of experiences; a new process of becoming where we go forth again and we become that which we have never been before. Then when we return we are that which we have never been before and we feast on that which we’ve never feasted on before.

Some people, I believe, misinterpret this ‘being that which you’ve always been’. If you look at it the way some people interpret it, I would compare it to something like this. A man is a doctor and has a successful life. He gets hit on the head, has amnesia and wanders in the back streets of the ghetto and becomes a bum. He doesn’t really know who he was or is. So he bums around for a couple of years then enlightenment hits and he remembers who he is and returns to his status as a doctor. He continues his practice and thinks, “This is great. I’d much rather be a doctor than a bum.” This is all well and good but suppose we had to do this again and again. He gets hit on the head another time and forgets who he is and after awhile he gets enlightenment and comes back and now he’s a doctor again.

Would you want to do this for all eternity to keep on going back and doing the same thing over and over? Getting hit on the head and going back and getting hit on the head and going back. After awhile it would get real monotonous yet this is what a lot of new age people think happens to us. We are gods, we come down, we forget we’re gods, then we go back and we’re gods again. A lot of them believe we repeat this cycle for all eternity. Others believe we go back to being gods and we’re just that for all eternity in some situation and circumstance and consciousness that no one knows anything about or can describe.

What each of us needs to do is go with what we understand. When we move out of our understanding we go in avenues of theory and we’re going to get sidetracked and our progression will be delayed. Take the highest you know. Follow it. Follow the next step in the highest you know. When you do that your soul will give you your next step after that. When your soul gives you your next step make sure you follow it because if you do not, circumstance will force you into situations that make you come back and face what your soul has given you. This is very frustrating and time consuming to repeat. I’ve done it several times myself in this life. Several times I’ve kept coming back into the same circumstance all over again until I face my self and the next step that I have to take. Sometimes it’s very difficult. We enter into our phase, often kicking and screaming and have to literally force ourselves to take it.

Jesus made a very interesting statement that DK often quotes. He said, “The kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” DK points out that certain aspects of the kingdom of God have to be taken by force. In other words, when you see the next step you have to take you very often have to take it with very strong discipline, forcing your lower self into harmony with your higher self. It won’t happen by relaxing and allowing it to happen, or just letting your soul take over. You have to make a definite decision and force compliance of the lower self to the higher.

One of my favorite statements of DK is the extract at the beginning of each book. “I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article. I must, therefore, act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost.” He had to fight himself into the position he is in now and that’s the way it is with all of us. It’s a struggle and a fight. There are those who say you don’t have to struggle and fight or force your lower self into compliance. Many of these are at a standstill and they don’t realize it.

Some are like the Jehovah Witnesses that believe they’re one with the 144,000 and they can now relax. So they’re relaxing, thinking they have it made and not realizing they’re at a standstill. The coming to a standstill is very negative toward our progression and often causes us to waste two or three lifetimes not moving anywhere. Oftentimes our soul has to bring some great dramatic experience to us, similar to our own Twin Towers going down, before we wake up and smell the coffee and decide things aren’t going to move along without a little struggle.

A member explained this by illustrating the caterpillar changing into the butterfly. When it does this it goes through metamorphosis and has to struggle to break out of its cocoon. You’ve probably heard the story that says if you help a caterpillar break out of its cocoon it will die. It stirs the life force in the struggle of breaking free. In this struggle it turns into the butterfly. DK became a Master because He “struggled into a greater measure of light than has the disciple or aspirant who will read these pages.”

A member sites the example of lower part of herself has been receiving messages that were accurate from the higher self and help prepare for things to come. That’s something I think we all believe in. This is part of our becoming, that is to get in tune with the higher part of our self so that we can receive accurate inspirational, psychic messages or whatever name you call them by, so that we can be prepared for the things to come. This idea I’m in perfect harmony with – we’re just expressing it a little differently.

She makes the interesting statement that awareness doesn’t move. That’s true because awareness is from the vantage point that’s beyond the three worlds of human endeavor. Awareness has its seed in the higher world. Awareness in the three worlds can only exist where there is a connection between the higher and the lower. In other words, there is no awareness of the lower worlds unless there is some sort of connection. The principle of awareness itself has to do with formlessness so there is really no moving in form in the principle of awareness itself. The interplay of awareness and form produces the awareness that we undergo here. Awareness itself is becoming on its own plane. It’s changing and evolving and is the fruit of all experience that DK speaks of.

When we go back to our essence we will have that awareness and we will enjoy the fruit of all experience. But the awareness will be amplified. That’s part of the reason for coming down here. It heightens our awareness of the eternal part of our self. Before we came down into the physical plane our monad had very little, if any awareness of the physical world. But now it’s experiencing the physical world so its awareness has actually increased. When we go back and become one with the highest part of our self our awareness we will be that which it has never been before.

One of the reasons we science fiction buffs like Star Trek so much is because of the theme: “Going where no man has ever gone before.” Everyone really loves this motto, “Going where no person has ever gone before.” That’s what we’re doing in every life. We’re going where we’ve never been before. That’s what makes life exciting and what makes the prospect of eternal life exciting. In each one of the multiplicity of an unlimited number of lifetimes in our future, we will go where we’ve never gone before. The prospect of doing the same things over and over, as many people believe, from Christians who think we’ll go sing with Angels over and over for eternity, to others who think we go back to some essence and exist in eternity in a changeless state. Going where no one has gone before sounds much more interesting to me. Since we have the power of decision, you can only spend so long in eternal bliss until, sooner or later, a person will decide, “I’m going to go where no one has gone before. I’m going to go where I’ve never been before.” Sooner or later, no matter how much bliss and stillness you may occupy in a state of pralaya or rest, you will decide to go where you’ve never been before. This decision will keep coming up within you for all eternity. This is the reason why God created the universe to begin with. He decided to go where He’d never gone before. That’s why we are all here.

Copyright By J J Dewey

May 4, 2002

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