Becoming What We’ve Never Been

Becoming What We’ve Never Been
(Transcribed from a posted audio)

My friends, it’s good to talk with you again. I’m glad most of you seem to be enjoying this new format. I think we’re breaking some new ground here. I don’t know of any other people involved in an internet class where there’s a combination of audio and text like we have here. There are all sorts of radio stations out there promoting their wares but teaching classes this way over the internet is fairly unique, as far as I know. I think this will eventually evolve into a two-way communication where we can have a live broadcast and I can hear your response. This will be almost like being there in person. Like I said, this may be feasible within the next couple of years.

(Note: this was written in 2002. Now by using Zoom we have video as well as audio interaction.)

I appreciate those of you who responded to my last question on who you are becoming.

A member made an interesting response to the question. She said, “I’m not sure what I’m becoming. It seems to be different all the time.” She says she has a hard time answering that question. Well, you’re in good company because so did God. When Moses asked God His name He didn’t say, “I am the greatest, most high Lord in the universe” type of response. He said that He couldn’t really say who He is because He is becoming. In other words, “I am evolving. I’m going to be different tomorrow than I am today. So I am becoming who or what I decide to become.”

That’s why it’s rather hard for you to decide who or what you are becoming. It’s a constant process and as you progress today, tomorrow you’ll be a little different and think a little differently. This is why it’s really hard to pin down. We don’t want to say, “I am a nurse, I am a Doctor, I am a mortician” or whatever you happen to be. I could say, for instance, “I’m a teacher” but that’s an endeavor I work in, not who I am. Who I am is an evolving, becoming, moving forward being; a person who is progressing in consciousness. Even so, we do move in increments so it’s good to have an idea of what your next incremental move is. So you don’t want to entirely avoid identifying with who you are completely. You have to be ‘in the world, not of the world.”

Say you’re going to college and want to graduate in four years. You may not want to say, “I am a college graduate” when you graduate but part of your becoming is going through that graduation process. So, you want to make a goal then follow through with that goal. Make a decision; every goal involves a decision. Make a decision then follow through. This is the process of becoming.

So my idea of the seed thought was to put into your mind decisions that you are in the process of making, or should make for your next step in becoming. What decision do you need to make next? Think about that. What does it mean if you’re not making a decision? It means that something or someone out there is making the decisions for you. If you’re having all your decisions made for you, you’re not becoming the way you’re supposed to be. To truly become, you need to be the decision maker within your own sphere. Make the decisions that are going to affect the growth and movement in your life so that you become the cause rather than just an effect.

One phrase that has never settled well with me is, “I’m becoming who I already am.” When you think about it, it’s really a silly statement. If you’re becoming who you already are, you’re already that so you don’t need to become it. It’s an oxymoron or a very confusing statement.

The forces that want us to retrogress, or stand still, or not move ahead are very creative in the fact that they engineer many phrases, and philosophies and dogmas that are attractive to the lazy mind. These make the lazy mind think he is doing something by doing nothing. This is what, “I am becoming what I already am” is to a degree. If we came down to the Earth just to forget who we are and our only purpose is to remember who we are, then why do we come here to begin with? Why don’t we just stay back there?

DK talks about one third of those in heaven who refuse to incarnate. Being rather lazy beings they said, “We want to wait until the more peaceful eons before we come down. We’ll come down when you guys have done the hard work and it’s nice and peaceful down there. Then we’ll come down.” DK states the Great Lord said, “You will not only not be able to incarnate for the eons but for 14 times longer than you expected.” So, these lazy ones are cursed by not being able to incarnate for 14 times the period that they thought. Instead of waiting a period of time then coming down during an age of peace, they’ll won’t be able to come down during the age of peace but not for the next age or the ages after that. Apparently the powers that be do not like the lazy mind. So, these beings are what they were and do not have to become that which they are. If that’s all we want to be, then this third that DK talks about who have this tremendous punishment of not being able to come down and partake of mortality have it made. If the goal is to be who we already are, these beings have no reason to ever be born. But apparently they have a very severe punishment.

There is something more to our existence than just being who we already are. We have come down here to expand; expand our consciousness; expand our beingness; to become something that we’ve never been before. As a whole, the universe if evolving, as the body of God, towards something that has never existed before in all eternity. Looking at it that way it’s a very glorious thought. If you thought God did the same thing over and over and over and that you’d be doing the same thing over and over through eternity that would be a very discouraging thought. Thank God that there is true becoming; that we will be doing new things. The Bible itself says, “Behold, I do all things new.” He says this in Isaiah and also in the Book of Revelations.

Think of the key to your becoming as you become a cause rather than an effect. Be a cause and make decisions. Make a decision about your next step; what you need to do; what you need to do to serve, in particular, if you’re a disciple. If you’re an average person your decision will be around what to do to grow. That’s what the average person needs to know but when you’re a disciple your decision will be, “What is the next thing I can do to increase my power to serve?” This is the mindset of the disciple.

There as been some talk among members of the group about some additional prophecies of doom that are surfacing about this planet X. And there are always other things going on. I believe there is a new end-of-the-world prophecy every few months on the internet. Fortunately for us, they’re wrong. But you know a stopped clock is right twice a day so someday somebody may get a volcano going off on the right day. As far as this planet X goes, I doubt anything like this is going to happen within the next few years.

Someday we will be visited by another planet. Quite possibly it wouldn’t be a physical one but an etheric one that may materialize. But, if this happens it will be for a specific purpose. It wouldn’t just show up out of the blue to destroy everybody. I don’t see anything like this on the horizon in the next few years. As far as the destruction goes; the Earth changes and things of that nature, the coming Earth changes will be much more gradual than people expect. A considerable number of them will happen after the Aquarian age is solidly in and will occur over the next 500 to 1000 years. Before any great Earth changes, like raising of continents, there has to be a people prepared for that. This is because the raising and lowering of continents is to stimulate evolution in the planet and an evolution can’t be stimulated unless a people are prepared. So preparation needs to take place before that type of Earth change fulfills the purpose of God. Until there is a gathering of lights, you’re not going to see any of the great Earth changes that we’ll have. Unless we’re completely numb to the higher voices and the lights don’t respond then the Earth could be ripe for destruction but overall these things will not happen until there is a gathering.

The Earth changes are like a birthing process. The birth process is only successful when a seed is planted and nourished and that seed is the gathering of lights. When the gathering of lights happens, as the scriptures say, “The Earth will help the woman” which is the true church of God. The Earth helps the woman by saving her and nurturing her in whatever means necessary to create a new age or a new civilization when one is needed. Note the phrase, “when one is needed.” We’re moving along at a pretty good clip right now in our progress so the need right now is to go with the momentum established. Hopefully we won’t destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons.

That’s always a doomsday option for us if we are too complacent. But if we don’t do that the most important thing is for us to move ahead with the progress that humanity is making. When the time comes for the Earth changes there will be preparation ahead of time before that will happen.

Don’t get me wrong. Before the major Earth changes come there will be periodical things that happen that scare people; earthquakes, volcanoes, wars and things like this. There’s always enough fuel to provide preachers with enough ammunition so they can preach that God is preparing to destroy everything. That always seems to be the case for these prophets of doom. They always get ammunition by the signs of the times. This has always been this way. But, we

will see unique events when the time is right.

I thought it was neat when, during the Olympics, another group of which Blayne is a member, there were several people predicting there would be problems with the Olympics; there would be terrorist attacks, marshal law would be called in; a dictatorship would be set up and different things such as this. Blayne had the guts to make the prediction that nothing was going to happen. After the Olympics passed and everything was peaceful he got to say, “I told you so” to the group. It tickled me when I read about that.

If you want to be a true prophet you pick what everybody else is saying and say the opposite and 99 times out of 100 you’ll be right. One time out of 100 something might happen. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on the Earth right now getting true communication about when any catastrophe is going to happen. There doesn’t seem to be anyone saying anything accurate about that. The main reason for this is that the Hierarchy doesn’t see any need to give information on any disaster at this time.

Let me wrap this up and maybe emphasize the last question or reword it a bit. What is your next decision to make in your becoming? By that I don’t mean, are you going to become a nurse or a doctor or anything like that. What’s your next step? If you feel that you’re on the road to discipleship, what’s the next thing you need to do to become a better servant? To give yourself more power to serve? Do you need to go back to college? Do you need to make more money? Do you need to get a better job? Do you need to study more on your own? What do you feel you need to do? Think about that and post your thoughts on it.

I noticed one more post I’d like to comment on. He quotes me as saying, “When you discover what it is you’re supposed to do with your life, it will usually be something very difficult.” This is quite often true. It’s not always true because you have lifetimes where you are finishing up some learning from a past life. Then you have lives that are like a Sabbath or rest. But overall you have to follow your soul on this. An example, using myself, is that there was an important thing I needed to learn in my life and I kept trying to avoid it but events and circumstances kept pulling me back to it until I was forced to do it.

When you learn something new it’s always difficult. In at least 6 lives out of 7 you have some new task that you have to learn. When you do something new it’s always hard. The lazy way is to go back and do what you did in past lives that was easy for you. If you were a musician in the past and you’re good at it now and have a natural ability, maybe that’s what you want to do. But maybe you’re supposed to be learning something else instead. Or if you were a good carpenter in the past, maybe you’re supposed to become a musician. Maybe you have an accident that forces you to piddle around with your guitar and learn to write songs and things like this. So the circumstances in our lives will often lead us to that thing we have to do. If you’re going to be a disciple and teach and serve, you have to get that learning process out of the way before you can be useful.

This is taught quite a bit in the East. It’s expected a person will master a certain profession, get married, raise children. Then when he gets these things out of the way he can go into philosophy. It’s similar with us and this thing we need to learn. The thing we have to learn may have to do with service or it may not. It may have something to do with our personal karma or something on our agenda that our soul wants us to master before we can have the power to serve. It’s important that we find that thing. And when we find it, you’ll know it’s right by what you feel internally. Internally you may feel it’s difficult; to learn this or do this thing but you’ll feel a peace when you’re doing it. That’s how you’ll know when you’ve found this certain thing you’re supposed to learn in this life. There will be a peace when you’re doing it. Even though it may be difficult and even thought you may not particularly want to do it, you can recognize it by the peace of the spirit that is within you when you follow the right course.

Copyright By J J Dewey

May 2, 2002

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