Freedom and Illusion, Part 1


Freedom and Illusion, Part 1

The Principle of Freedom is that which creates the dividing line between the left and the right hand path, between good and evil, the light and the dark in the minds of humanity.

This is perhaps the most important concept for the seeker of wisdom to understand for without the continuation of freedom there is no continuation of light and without light playing upon the wick of freedom there is little if any progress and a drift backwards toward a dark age.

We can understand why many among common humanity support the idea of limiting freedom, for many obtain more power and riches for themselves by forcing their fellow men and women to give against their will to support their desires. What is more difficult to embrace is the fact that there is a great chasm of difference in views of freedom between sincere seekers of truth of all stripes including students of the Ancient Wisdom.

It is interesting to consider that many such students will agree on numerous details such as ceremonies, meditations, use of mantras, brotherhood, the rays, the masters, hierarchies and more, yet strongly disagree on this most important principle which creates the major dividing point between the left and right hand path.

I have already written quite a bit about this principle, but feel impressed to write still more for so many seem to be caught in illusions about it. Illusions can only be dispelled by higher thought or the soul. The feeling world will only reinforce them. I therefore seek to write words of spirit that will touch the soul and spirit of those who are attempting to be a light unto the world. If our light is really darkness then our efforts are in vain. Any darkness in the seeker must be lit by the fires of freedom if the world is to be transformed into a new and glorious age of peace and abundance.

Before we proceed let us give a clear definition of the Principle of Freedom, but first we must realize that true freedom is not anarchy, for without law no one is free. Then again too many laws and rules suffocate freedom. True freedom lies between the two extremes and it often takes judgment playing upon soul contact to discern where that point is.

I have always said that principles are the language of the soul and thus to be one through the eyes of the soul we need to see the principle that determines freedom which is basically this.

“That which manifests maximum freedom for the one and the many.”

There are many applications of this principle on which all seekers will agree.

For instance, should a burglar be free to enter your home and take that which he pleases?

We can see that he violates the principle because he takes away more freedom from others than be gains for himself.

On the other extreme, should we be free to own slaves? After all, such ownership would give more freedom to the slave owner.

Fortunately, we have come to see that human slavery violates the Principle of Freedom for it takes away much more freedom that it gives.

We live in an age where more people accept elements of the Principle of Freedom than ever before, but we still have a long way to go. Unfortunately there are many who are willing to sacrifice the freedom of others so they can gain an advantage for themselves or their ideals.

We can use hindsight and plainly see that the Principle of Freedom won out when slavery was abolished through the American Civil War. But we must realize that before the war the greater good was not so obvious.

Even so today, the greater good is often not obvious, but a humanity in the future will look back and to them many things will be obvious that we argued over in political discussions at the dinner table.

The problem we have today is that it takes a degree of discernment and good judgment to spot the point of maximum freedom on issues such as immigration, health and welfare, laws, rules, regulations and more. Instead of examining the whole picture many just take a piece of the puzzle and take their stand on that. The lights of the race must make the effort to see the whole picture and judge from that.

This is easy to say, but hard to do as evidenced from this Clinton-Trump presidential race where there are such heated disagreements on fundamental issues. One of the reasons the division is so sharp is that many on both sides are following their ideals and desires rather than using the Principle of Freedom as a guide.

Let us therefore seek a more sure guide to following the principle by examining situations. Instead of presenting a specific example allow me first to present a generic one that will have no hot buttons.

Congress comes up with a benevolent idea that could help many people, but the only way it could be implemented is to also have a tax increase.

How could they execute this without violating the Principle of Freedom?

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