Food of the Gods

Food of the Gods

Question: “If humans raise, breed and eat animals, do the gods raise, breed and eat humans?”

JJ: Actually, the answer is yes and is clearly stated by DK himself. In the sixth rule for Disciples and Initiates he states: “The fifth (Christ and the Masters) feeds on the fourth” (the human kingdom).

He encourages vegetarianism for humans, but calls it a “lesser rule in time and space,” that cannot hold back group evolution.

Some think that it is not an advantage for animals to be in the presence of humans because we kill so many for food, but it is important that we understand a principle here. A lower kingdom always seeks the presence and abilities of the higher kingdom even though the path of learning is painful.

For instance, many of the human kingdom have endured all kinds of death and torture to please his gods in the kingdom above it.

The price for many animals to tread this path higher presence is that humans will take their lives and eat them. Some think that this is not right while not realizing that the Masters in the Kingdom of God, a step above human, demand much more from their pets (disciples) than we demand from the animals.

Instead of killing us and eating our bodies they demand that the disciples willingly offer not only their lives, but themselves to torture, if necessary, to accomplish their agenda. For instance, all the apostles of Jesus and millions of followers suffered horrible deaths and torture of their own free will.

Very few humans would ever allow an animal to go through some of the things that humans have been directed to do to bring the kingdom of God to man.

The end result is worth the effort for both the Masters and the disciples, but as the disciple becomes one with the soul his consciousness blends with the Master through the Oneness Principle and this provides an increase in energy (food) for the kingdom of God.


A reader was somewhat offended that I compared the human/master relationship as a higher correspondent to human/pet saying the way they interact and treated is much different.

Of course the Master disciple relationship is much different than a human pet relationship but there are similarities.

Remember there are always similarities in a higher correspondences, but differences too.

As a human is higher than his pet so is the Master Higher than the disciple.

As a human has a different relationship with another human of similar consciousness than he does with his pets, even so does a Master have quite a bit different relationship with another Master than he does with a disciple.

The correspondence between the two levels fits, but on a higher level for the master/human..

The Christ was above the consciousness of his disciples to a similar degree as the average person is above his pet.

Many humans love their pets very dearly. The most emotionally upset I have been in my life because of death has been in the loss of pets when I was young. I have considered my pets to be my friends.

I am not saying that the Masters look at us and say “cute little pet,” but am saying there is a correspondence worth considering. The Law of Correspondences always reveals truth.

Another thing to consider is that many teachers from the other side who work with humanity are fellow disembodied humans and are not Masters. A relationship with these beings would be much more similar to a relationship with a fellow human on the earth and a disciple to a Master.

There is one more idea to consider in the Law of Correspondences.

In between the adult human and pet we have the child. Notice that the child has a lot more affinity with pets than most adults. I remember when I was a child when my pets were always my best friends. I particularly loved my dog and talked to him like I would another child and felt like he understood me on some level.

I still love animals, but I do not have such an intimate association with them as I did when I was young.

In a way the disciple corresponds to the child and acts as a bridge between the kingdom of God and the human. Just as the child communes with the parents as well as the pets so does the disciple commune with the Higher Lives and link them with the highest of the human kingdom.

Just as the child is very emotionally linked to his pets so are disciples bonded with their students.

I think the thing to do here is not look at the black and white words such as pet, animal, human etc , but to examine how the various relationships work out on one level and then contemplate how they will play out on a higher level. As DK says many times, the Law of Correspondences is the great test as to whether or not a teaching has merit.

Sept 25, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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