Focus My Son


Focus My Son

A reader commented on the financial problems he was having making it difficult to accomplish spiritual work.

First, let me say that I have been where you are and worse and have empathy with you.

It is often a difficult challenge for creative and spiritually minded people to meet their needs on the material plane. Indeed this is the very reason that many disciples who have incarnated to assist in the bringing forth of the kingdom of God are neutralized.

Earlier in my life I found myself in and out of awkward situations such as is happening to you until I made a discovery. I discovered that I was trapped in an illusion.

And what illusion was that?

Because I saw myself as being on the spiritual path I felt that spiritual and creative aspiration must come first. The problem with this though was that it did not work for me. Whenever I applied myself spiritually my physical world fell apart to the extent that I had to forgo all things spiritual and concentrate on the material, which thing I found to be very frustrating.

After much wasted time, pain and distress to me and my family I finally went into contemplation deep with an open heart to any answer and here is what came to me.

My approach may have been fine for the passing age, but we are entering a new age with new lines of approach with new emphasis and in this age a balance must be achieved between God and mammon, the spiritual and the physical.

My soul thus told me to shift my physical emphasis from the creative and the spiritual to physical reality and develop a means to become self sufficient. Concentrate on this with a one-pointedness until I can at least take care of myself and then shift attention back to the spiritual work.

Making this shift was one of the most difficult things of my life but when I made a definite decision and followed the inner voice I felt a tremendous peace and this confirmed that I had made the right decision.

I therefore, found myself putting my energies on my weakest point, for monetary matters and business was my most fragile point, but I have learned since that the soul is more interested in us developing that which is weakest within us more that displaying that which is strongest.

Now just because I followed my soul here that does not mean I had a easy time of it. I resisted this message from my soul for 20 years of my life and after I finally yielded it took ten years of struggle to get in the position where I needed to be. In many ways I feel I needed to work twice as hard as the average person because I was working where my ability was weak.

Now I feel that that which was weakest within me is becoming my strength and that I hope to do some productive things in the business world in the near future – balancing the spiritual and the material.

I rejoice now that I followed my soul because if I had not I would have not had the means to publish the Immortal. It would probably be sitting on my desk gathering dust awaiting some magical financial gift that would never appear.

So, I’m not saying that you have the same path as myself, but I give you my experience as a point of meditation for you. No matter what your situation there is always a way out. What I have found in my life is that the way out as shown me by my soul is often the last choice of my individual self.

I was asked to elaborate on the word “rent” as it is used in the Bible.

First, here are two scriptures where the word is used:

“Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy.” Matt 26:65

“And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost. And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.” Mark 15:37-38

In ancient times when people felt more emotion or outrage than they could express in words they “rent their clothes.” Sometimes they would actually tear them and other times they would just rip their robe off or partially off.

Thus when Jesus indicated that he was the Son of God the High priest felt more outrage than he could express so he tore off his robe to express his emotion.

The most profound use of this word was the description of the renting (ripping) of the veil of the temple at the apparent death of Jesus. This is symbolic of the outrage from heaven itself. That the crucifixion of one as holy as Jesus by those he was only seeking to serve was beyond words to express, even for God.

This renting of the veil has several other meanings one of them being that the veil between heaven and earth was rent so the path is paved for communion between the two.

Craig writes: Hi Judes, My brother lives across the river from you in Vancouver, WA. I haven’t seen him in 3 years. If you see this fat, ugly, short, a few milk duds short of a full box looking guy, tell him I said hi.

JJ: You apparently have several lost brothers running around here in Boise. One of them came in our office today. I asked him if his brother was Craig, but he said his brother was an only child.

To add to the humor, I see that a reader has been sending e-mails to some of the group so I thought I would surf over to his group to see what has been going on there. Most of it is standard “warnings about the end” type of stuff except for an interesting exchange initiated by our Brian who is a member of Both groups. Brian asked him point blank if he thought he was God. He dodged the answer for several posts but Brian wouldn’t back down and the reader finally admitted that he thought he was.

Then a funny thing happened. A new member showed up and he declared himself to be the real God, plus a number of larger than life historical characters. After this another member posted a hint that he was such a great being that the truth would put God to shame and blow people’s minds if they only knew.

The scriptures tell us that “like attracts like” so I guess it stands to reason that one who sees himself as the God of the planet would attract some competition.

The real truth is that Xavier is the God of the galaxy so if any of these other gods get out of hand we’ll petition our French majesty to wave his little finger.

(Note: Xavier has been quiet lately. I thought this might wake him up).

Actually, I would have never brought up this God thing with our reader if he hadn’t attacked our friend, Rick and made an overt attempt to humiliate him.

Someone asked about recommended books to read and John suggested reading the archives first. That is good guidance for the teachings there do lay a foundation for much of what is to come in our discussions. So I agree. The archive reading should be a top priority.

In addition there are many good books out there. I believe the highest writings available are those of Alice A. bailey, but they are very technical and difficult reading for many. There are several others that are easy reading yet still teach profound truths.

High on my group would be The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi. You can download this free of charge from the web or order the hard copy from

A good general course on metaphysics that is very easy reading are the Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spaulding. Even though the story part may be fictionalized the teachings are very good. The only teaching I disagree with is the account of the creation, but it is all interesting reading nonetheless.

As I mentioned earlier Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson is also very fascinating and contains much that is true.

Neville is also one who puts some interesting truths in to books that are easy reading. He just goes by the one name.

A Course In Miracles is a good primer for the first two initiations, but if not read in the light of the soul it can lead to many illusions.

I haven’t had time to read much the past ten years, but have listened to some books on tape. I haven’t seen much come forward since the Course in Miracles that I would say teaches anything new or unique. The Celestine Prophecy presented old material in a new twist and Conversations with God (or Conversations with the Subconscious) has material that has been presented many times over. A lot of it is right out of the Seth books.

And speaking of channeled material – most of it I have read is just a rehash of outworn material. Sometimes they throw in some new vocabulary which is easy to make up.

The Seth books by Jane Roberts (which are channeled), though far from infallible, is very interesting and provides some good seed thoughts.

I’ve also enjoyed Ruth Montgomery’s books. She is the one who popularized the idea of “walk-ins.”

All the highest material is given through the “science of impression” through the Oneness Principle, or by mental telepathy.

Also do not overlook the scriptures of the world, especially the Bible. Many hidden truths lie in those pages which are often overlooked in the world of metaphysics. I do not think any writer in modern times has matched the profoundness of Isaiah or the words of Jesus.

March 30, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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