First Principles


First Principles

A reader complained about my use of certain words that may trigger negative emotions. Those who receive triggers from certain words need to work on rising above the astral nature. When one is mentally or spiritually polarized then the thought behind the words has a much greater effect than the words themselves.

My ex wife used to complain about certain words that I used and when she did I went out of my way and used them ten times as much until they lost their trigger effect.

It is written that energy follows thought – not energy follows words. If all we needed were the words then all we would have to do is put our favorite mantras and prayers on a tape recorder and play them over and over.


What is the difference between a principle and a law?

Here was one of the best answers:

“A Principle is a fundamental premise on which something is based; the source or origin of something.

“On the other hand, Law implies a rule of set of rules which support and uphold the principle.”

On the second question which is:

What is the first law and the principle behind it?

She wrote:

“The first law is the Law of Cause and Effect because it is the law governing all life. So I suppose the principle behind it must be the life principle itself; the desire of the creator to experience itself in form.

Another thought the first Law of being is Love and this is a very natural thought for world seekers at this time.

The reason many see the first law as being Love is because the Love/Wisdom Ray is the foundation ray of the creation of our current solar system. Even the first ray of Power, or the Father energy, as we perceive it, comes filtered through this Love Ray to us.

BUT – the foundation Ray for the universe itself is Ray One which has a triplicity of Will-Power-Purpose.

Such Will-Power-Purpose has a higher origin than Love, but we have difficulty in relating to this because Love/Wisdom is at the foundation of our current creation and contains therein the lessons that we need to master for some time to come.

Therefore the comment is not off the mark in stating love as the answer because true spiritual love cannot be emphasized enough.

From our point of view then the God of this earth (the planetary Logos) and the God of the Solar System (the solar Logos) is Love or as the Bible says, God is Love.

The Logos above the Solar is so far removed from our consciousness that in the ancient wisdom he is called “The One About Whom Naught Can Be Said.”

Now I will give an answer in my own language on this prime question:

What is the difference between a principle and a law?

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. By law I am referring to universal laws and not manmade rules.

If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest because such a description shows the consistency of principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

For instance, all form is held in place through the principle of gravitational forces which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

All the laws we have concerning gravity are produced by observing and describing this principle in action.

Because scientists have accurately observed this principle in action and have created formulas describing its laws they are able to send a space probe from earth to the moons of Neptune which is a more difficult feat than me shooting a coin out of Xavier’s hand (in France) from where I stand in Idaho.

This demonstrates the power of understanding principles through observation, description and application.

Question: What is the first law and the principle behind it?

The first law that we can observe is Cause and Effect. Even Love when it is manifest has a cause and produces an effect. Light also can be traced to an originating cause and produces an effect.

Cause and effect even plays out in gravity through Newton’s Law which states:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The universe itself is an effect from a Cause we call God.

God is sometimes called the Causeless Cause but whether or not this paradox is true, one can only speculate.

No one can describe any law that has no cause and effect or does not describe a cause and effect. Therefore the Law of Cause and Effect is the First Law available to our consciousness.

What is the principle behind this law?

This is a deep mystery and may well lie beyond our ability to understand or communicate. There are many who claim to understand this but say they are at a loss of words to describe it, but such individuals are usually at a loss of words to describe many other simple things easily available to our language.

All cause and effect, or all action, is motivated by some decision which has been made. This original decision lies beyond our normal understanding of the word and the true comprehension lies in the principle of Purpose. The meaning of Purpose is only hinted at in the Ancient Wisdom and is briefly covered in the Molecular Relationship.


If all things in creation originate from the principles in Purpose/Decision then where did the principle of Love come from and what is it? If you had to describe love by writing the Law of Love what would you write?

In other words, what would you say the primary Law of Love is?

Oct 21, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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