Energy Flow

Energy Flow

Comment: I thought several of your statements from the archives gave some enlightenment on the benefits the Brotherhood of Light receive for their efforts. First this:

“The end result is worth the effort for both the Masters and the disciples, but as the disciple becomes one with the soul his consciousness blends with the Master through the Oneness Principle and this provides an increase in energy (food) for the kingdom of God.”

Here is another:

“Finally the wheat is gathered into the barn. Those with soul contact are gathered together as one in the higher planes, and become the food of the gods. The higher lives feast on the works of their labors, and receive nourishment from us lesser lives, that allows them to progress onward in the eternal work.”

The chapter from your book talks just about receiving light, either directly from the source, or reflected light from below. If you look at light as energy, wouldn’t there be a two-way flow? Inflow/outflow, male/female. Although polarized in one direction?

JJ Good points. There was not enough time in the chapter to go into a full explanation. Keep in mind that “above” means more than just higher lives. It also means the soul and spiritual energy which permeates all lives and forms. Because of the rejection of soul by the Dark Brothers their life-giving soul energy begins to be cut off and they must seek a reflected energy which is not their own. When it is taken there is decrease for all. When those in the light use soul energy there is increase and abundance because of reliance on the Source.

Question: Don’t we give and receive light and energy to from one another?

Yes. The soul opens the doors of unlimited spiritual energy. It opens avenues of contact with the Holy Spirit and higher, more advanced lives.

Comment: It would seem that the brotherhood of light FREELY give and receive. They allow energy to flow through them as a conduit, whereas the dark brethren only TAKE energy, and that through force and deception.

You are correct. The Brotherhood of Light receive from above (Spirit & higher lives) whereas the Dark Brotherhood take from the lower for their sustenance.

Lower lives of course assist the higher in the correct order of things, but it is done through knowledge and free will. The energy from the lower is poured into the whole and all benefit. In this way the higher lives give to the lower and the lower give back.

Energy flow is a complex subject, but the basic principle is simple. It’s a little like our computers which perform very complex tasks yet the whole complexity is created from a binary system of two factors – 0 & 1.

Even so giving and receiving is behind all the energy flows in the universe. This plus the principle of polarity creates the whole process. By polarity I mean that wherever we look there will always be either more giving than receiving or more receiving than giving in any area examined. Without this polarity principle there would be no creation.

Question: Could you elaborate on your statement that Decision + Attention = Consciousness. What about during sleep?

All self conscious beings have their attention on something, even in sleep. What happens when we fall asleep is not a loss of attention but a shifting of attention. Our tired bodies causes our attention to be removed from the physical and placed upon the mental thread that connects us to soul. This removes our conscious attention to other places that we cannot normally remember when we awake.

People of lower evolution have attention on the form side instead of the light that reveals more than form. The Dark Brothers have their attention on self.

Most people have unfocussed attention, but it is still attention. The key to creation and accomplishment is indeed focused attention.

The Middle way does require focused attention. The influence of the Dark Brotherhood on society is significant when you note all the mechanisms in play to relieve us of focusing our attention through self will and depending on authority, big government, institutions, entitlements etc.

Question: Is it a handicap to retain memories of past lives?

When a person learns his lessons and achieves (or is close to liberation) then the forgetting and the attaining new bodies is not so important. DK has had the same body for about 300 years and other masters much longer. They have learned to continue with their learning and progress without being forced to forget and refocus.

Until one is able to dispassionately use the memory of past lives it is usually best that we live lives without them as they could be a distraction for regular folk.

Jan 7, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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