Emotional Telepathy

Texas  Gathering, Part Seven
Emotional Telepathy

We’ll continue with our subject which is telepathy. Before we continue, has anybody had any experiences with telepathy?

Marylin: This occurred years ago when I first learned about telepathy. I wanted to experiment and find out if it was for real. I contacted my sister who lived in Georgia and I lived in Iowa. We thought we would both lie down and I would send to her then she would call me and let me know if she had gotten the message from me. So I did this one night. I lay down on my living room floor and I came out of my body. And I traveled to her kitchen. She wasn’t lying there so I went into her living room and she was there and again I thought she was going to wait to be contacted. She lay down on the couch and all of a sudden she went, “OH” and her husband asked what was wrong. Also in her kitchen I had seen an orange vase, a very unusual vase. When she said, “OH” and jumped I was back home. I called her on the phone right away and I asked her, “Did you know that I was there?” Well it turned out that she wasn’t lying down specifically for that purpose but those things happened. I don’t know if that’s telepathy or if it’s something else but that’s what happened.

JJ: It was definitely an extra-sensory communication. When we think of telepathy we normally think we’ll send a message to Joe and he’s going to read my mind. Sometimes that happens but not too many people are able to do it. Marylin had an exceptional circumstance where she was able to leave her body. Oftentimes, for an exact communication to take place, that type of thing happens. But the ability to have extra-sensory communication is an evolving thing. What does it start with? We have to start somewhere when we want to do anything. If you want to build a house you have to learn to hammer and nail first. So, what do we have to learn first?

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: Okay that’s the first step but what do we actually have to learn first?

Audience: That it’s possible?

JJ: Okay, that it is possible. Then what next?

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: When you’ve had a close relationship with somebody have you often kind of picked up what they’re thinking? Sometimes it isn’t really extra-sensory, is it? Sometimes you just know the person so well you know what he must be thinking, right? In a way, this is kind of the first step; to tune into another person so you kind of get an idea of how their thought process is going. This is really what we might call the very first step in extra-sensory communication; to develop our senses and abilities to the max first. How do you know or how can you tell what a person is thinking? What signs or what do you learn about a person to develop that ability with them?

Body language is important. Somebody sitting with their arms folded, does that tell you something? It means they’re closing off communication. They’re not really listening to you much. There are books on body language that tells you what these different symbols mean. If you sit cross-legged it means something, if you put your hand like this it means something. Everything means something in body language. I’m not going to go through what they all mean. Suffice it to say, that if you get to know others well you see we all have our peculiar body language. Somebody may be asleep and obviously they’re communicating that this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to them. Nobody is asleep but that’s what it would mean. So there are many subtle ways to communicate besides just coming out and saying something to another person. We all have our subtle little things. So we communicate by body language and we can maybe tell what the other person may be thinking. What other signs do people give us?

Audience response: Inaudible.

JJ: How about the way their voice sounds? Does the voice variety reveal a lot? I remember as a kid with my dog I used to say, “bad dog, bad dog” (in a happy voice) and he thought he did something good. Then I’d say good dog in a meaner voice and he’d shy away. Obviously the dog wasn’t hearing what I was saying, he was feeling what I was saying. A pet will feel what you say though they may not hear what you say. So they can really pick up modulations in your voice.

I used to think my dog had mental telepathy because every time I used to think about eating he’d come rushing in the kitchen panting. I’d think, “How did he know that I was thinking about eating? I haven’t even done anything yet.” So I started paying attention knowing there must be some sort of sign I was giving him. Then I noticed that whenever I opened a drawer or a cupboard anywhere in the kitchen, (he could be upstairs a long way away) and just a light little creak would sound he’d come running down the stairs and be right there. I thought the dog had mental telepathy but he didn’t. He was just paying attention to all the signs. As soon as he heard a door open, a refrigerator door especially-he knew the difference between a refrigerator door and a cupboard door and a silverware drawer-he knew all those things. But I swear for awhile I thought he really had mental telepathy but he was just paying attention to the physical signs to the point that I thought he had mental telepathy. I finally figured out what he was using.

So we can do that to people to a degree. How about the way they stand? Somebody slumped over or somebody with a little sparkle to their step. All these things tell us what’s going on inside of them.

But, what if they are not even around in the physical at all? Can we still receive communication from them?

Audience: Many times that has happened to me. Like I’m thinking about somebody who hasn’t called me for a long time and a few minutes later that person calls, even from over the seas.

JJ: This is one of the most frequent means of mental communication. Oftentimes people will be thinking of someone and the phone will ring. Has anybody had that happen? Or the phone rings and you know who it is or sometimes when the phone rings we think that’s Sheila’s ring or Joe’s ring or something like that. Have you ever said that? That sounds like Jim calling or that sounds like my husband calling. I’m usually right when I do that. Sometimes when I’m really confident I answer the phone by saying Joe’s Bar & Grill. The couple of times I’ve missed have been a little embarrassing but I’m usually right.

So, what’s the first area of communication we pick up as we learn to develop extra-sensory communication? Is it the mind or is it the feelings?

Audience: it’s a little bit of both. You begin with the experience situations but then when the phone rings there is no experience in that.

JJ: Feeling is the most powerful and easier to pick up than the mind. Not too many people have the ability to pick up the mind because if you could you would pick up the actual thoughts. Before we pick up the mind we pick up the feelings because the astral vibration is a lower vibration than the vibration of the mind. It’s like the physical is easier to hear than the astral sound and the astral sound is easier to hear than the mental sound.

In the astral sound you don’t usually pick up actual words but you pick up the feelings of the person. In picking up the feelings of a person, the strongest, easiest feelings to pick up are really disturbing feelings. Have you ever had a member of your family depressed or something and you pick it up? You almost feel depressed yourself? Has anyone had this occur? This is one of the strongest astral vibrations to pick up. I said there is a lot of illusion in the astral and because of illusion it doesn’t mean everything in the astral is wrong. Just like everything in the physical, which is even lower, is not wrong either. There is nothing either right or wrong with its essence. What’s right is to take these various worlds and to recognize them for what they are and to use what they have to offer us. There is a definite use for the physical world and a definite use for the astral world and a definite use for the world of the mind.

Picking up the feelings of other people is one of the first steps in extra-sensory communication. What can we do to prepare for this and to strengthen this ability? What do you suppose is one of the prime ingredients?

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: Okay that’s a good point. We need to be in touch with our own feelings first.

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: Yes, that’s a good point, being sensitive to others and having empathy for other people. Do you notice people who are basically selfish in nature never seem to be able to pick up what you’re feeling? But people who are giving and loving and have empathy, when you hurt, they kind of hurt too. These are people who will pick up and have emotional telepathy. They will be able to pick up your feelings. This is a disturbing area to go through because the easiest feelings to pick up are the negative feelings. When you become sensitive in this way and begin picking them up you will almost wish you didn’t have this ability because you’ll find yourself in a state of being disturbed a large percentage of the time because you’ll be picking up negativity from things around you. The key at this point is to neutralize the negativity. This has been taught by many teachers of the past that what we need to do is to become detached; detached yet involved at the same time. Detached yet involved realizing that there is negativity out there and maybe realizing that sometimes there is something you can do about it and sometimes there isn’t.

I first had these experiences, emotional telepathy, happen to me when I was on a mission for the Mormon Church. I was about 8-10 months through it. We worked a lot with various individuals at that time and I noticed myself getting communications of their feelings, from the people we worked with. I had some very interesting experiences. One of the things we used to do as LDS missionaries was to commit people to not smoke. Well, we committed this one lady to not smoke and shortly thereafter I had this taste of cigarettes in my mouth. I told my companion, “Boy, I’ve got a taste of cigarettes in my mouth really strong. I think this lady we’ve been teaching is smoking right this very moment. I can just feel it.”

My partner was a kind of funny kid. I’d done this with him several times and he figured I was pretty accurate. He said, “It’s 3 o’clock. Okay.” We went to see her that evening. He had more confidence in this than I did. He says to her, “Did you smoke a cigarette today at 3 o’clock?” She replied, “How did you know?” He said, “We have our ways of knowing.”

I’ll tell you another unusual experience. We were teaching these two females. They were both named Sylvia, of all things. They were alright by themselves but when they got together they started doing weird things. My companion and I were going to bed one evening and I had a really bad feeling about this couple. We were just going to bed but I felt I should go see them because I felt they were up to something really strange. My companion was lying in bed and I would have had to wake him up. He was pretty believing but this would be stretching it so I thought. I decided to wait and check on them in the morning.

So, we went to see these two Sylvia’s in the morning and one of these says to me, “Well Elder Dewey, did you get a funny feeling last night?” I said, “As a matter of fact I did. What are you guys up to?” She says, “We did the craziest stuff. I don’t know what got into us. We were just dancing around and something got a hold of us and we decided to burn the Book of Mormon. So we tore the Book of Mormon apart and we burned it.”

In the Mormon Church that’s worse than burning a Bible. After this happened she started having this being appear to her; a dark presence. Later her mother had these two beings appear to her and try to suffocate her and her mother swore that I was one of them and my companion was the other. We were sleeping at the time and in our beds. So the weirdest stuff started happening after they burned that Book of Mormon. So I said to myself, “I guess this will teach me a lesson. Next time I get a feeling like this, no matter what it is, I’m going to pay attention and go with it.”

So I was put to the test. Next time it happened it was three in the morning. This was in England, where we were working at the time. It was three o’clock in the morning and I woke up with the taste of aspirin in my mouth. It was very powerful. I felt like somebody was going to try to commit suicide by taking an overdose of aspirin or pills of some type. My mouth felt like it was caked in aspirin. I looked at my watch and it was 3 in the morning. I said I would go almost anytime but there weren’t any buses out or anything at 3 in the morning where we were. So I thought maybe the feeling would go away so I tried to go back to sleep but it got stronger. It wouldn’t go away. I thought, “My companion is going to think I’m crazy.” After it didn’t go away I finally decided to wake him up. To my surprise he accepted it and said, “Well, if you have a feeling like that maybe we should go check it out.”

I felt like it was one of the Sylvia’s, the older Sylvia that was married. That was my first impression so we went over to her house. We rode there on our bicycles if I remember right. We got there a little after 4 in the morning. We knocked on the door. It took me a lot of guts to knock on the door at 4 in the morning. Her husband was a non-member and didn’t want her joining the church anyway. So, we knocked and she came down and opened the door and invited us in. She looked a little nervous. We asked her, “Were you thinking about committing suicide by taking aspirin this morning?” It was the only way I could think of to ask. She said, “No.” I asked if everything was fine and she said yes. I said, “Are you sure everything is fine?” She said, “Yes, yes, everything is just great.”

Her husband was shouting down, “Sylvia, what’s going on down there?” She told him everything was fine. I asked again, “Are you sure everything is fine?” She responded, “Elder Dewey, you’re wrong this time. You may have been right on several things before but this time you’re wrong.” “Hmmm. Really. Okay, it must be somebody else. Maybe I got you confused in the ethers.” So we left and wondered who else it could be if it’s not her. We went to some members’ houses and banged on their doors asking if everything was alright. We had several neighbors awake. Several around the vicinity got together around 4 in the morning and had a cup of hot chocolate. Everybody thought it was so funny that I was waking people up at 4 in the morning to see if they were alright. All the people I woke up gave me a hard time the rest of the time I was in the area. Everybody we woke up swore they were alright.

I thought of somebody else. There was another lady I knew who was having trouble with her husband. He was somewhat abusive towards her. I thought maybe it was her but she lived on the other side of town. So we took off to the other side of town and knocked on their door. She came down and her husband chewed us out for waking them. He had come to the door. We were a little nervous about him because he might do us some damage. He grumbled at us and told us to get the heck out of there. So we were taking off but as we were leaving he said, “Come on back.” The reason he called us back was because his wife had told him the elders don’t ever get up before 6 in the morning and they never get out before 9. Here it is a little after 5 so he figured there must be some real important reason we were there so he called us back. So we talked to them and it wasn’t them either. They swore everything was fine.

That was weird. We went back and did our normal work for the day. The feeling kept growing stronger and stronger until finally I decided it had to be the original Sylvia. That was my first impression and it felt had to be her. So about 5 in the evening, after the day was over, we went back and knocked on her door one more time. I asked her again, “Are you sure you’re okay? Are you sure it wasn’t you that was thinking of committing suicide?” She said, “No, you’re wrong this time. Everything is just fine.” She kept telling us everything was fine. So I closed my eyes to contemplate and find out if I was deceived or not. I had an inner assurance that it was her. So when I felt that inner assurance I said to her, “Sylvia, the spirit of the Lord tells me that you were thinking about committing suicide and that you have to tell me about it. It’s something you have to tell me.”

When I told her that she started to cry and said, “You’re right. I committed adultery last night and came home so ashamed of myself that I wanted to kill myself. The only way I could think of to kill myself was to take aspirin. That’s the only thing we had so I was going to take a bunch of aspirin then you knocked on the door. I thought, ‘he knows!’ I tried to pretend that everything was alright.”

That was a case where I really had to trust my feelings and I doubted them about a dozen times during the day thinking it must be something else. But it turned out to be the first impression. It didn’t come to me like a voice saying it was Sylvia, go see her. It all came through the feeling nature. There have been times I’ve gotten communication by regular telepathy but most of the time it comes through the feeling nature. The feeling nature can reveal a lot of things about what’s going on. This type of telepathy can be very handy in a close relationship.

Delivered May 25, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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