DK’s Symbol

DK’s Symbol

(Note: This is a collection of my comments on DK’s symbol)

On the front of all of DK’s books is the symbol attached to this post:

I do not believe there is an explanation of this in all of his writings so let us throw it upon our intuitive class.

I asked the group for their intuitive comments and received some interesting replies.

I have read all the Djwahl Khul books given through Alice A. Bailey several times and do not remember this symbol ever being discussed. After I posed this question, I was curious to see if anyone else had an idea on it and I could find nothing about it on the internet.

Out of curiosity I just sent a letter off to Lucis headquarters asking them if they know the meaning. It will be interesting to see what they say.

One reason it will be interesting is that I do have a meaning to present to you and when I do, the correctness of it will be so obvious that I would guess that 99% in this group will agree with it for it will register with your souls.


As in the case of anything produced by a master, the meanings will be multiform.

Many of you are intrigued by Rick finding of the letters LUX (meaning light) in the symbol. Good creative seeing on your part Rick. However, it is possible that Djwahl Khul did not consciously create these letters as part of the symbol, but that they appear there rather serendipitously, but not accidentally.

The fact is that when any inspired wording or symbol is put into form that within its content will be manifest many synchronistic truths.

For instance, in reducing many Bible verses to numbers we find that these numbers signify truths, like the distance from the earth to the Sun, the circumference of the Earth and many other numbers which represent the construction of the Solar System.

Now Cabalists insist that the Bible writers knew what they were doing by the inclusion of these numbers, that they knew all about the creation of the universe and put it all in code so the knowledge would be preserved.

There are several problems with this. First, even though many of the perimeters of the universe are in the numerology of Genesis, no one was able to decipher it until science first discovered the numbers.

For instance, no Cabalist, ancient or modern, stated that they knew the distance of the earth to the Sun, until science discovered it first. It was after this that the Cabalists discovered the correspondence found in the numerology.

A recent member, found many numerical correspondences in just about everything, yet when he or others have tried to make predictions using them, they do not seem to work. For instance, the Bible code seemed to find all of history in code in the Bible, but cannot use this same code to tell the future, for almost all of their predictions so far have failed.

What is the principle behind all of this?

The fact is that when any person speaks, writes or creates through the soul the meanings found within the numerology, symbolism and inner significance will be beyond that which was intended by the creator.

For instance, if you take a famous statement that touches the soul such as Kennedy’s:

“Ask not what your country can do for you…”

I have never attempted to find hidden meaning in this, but I am sure that if this statement were reduced to numbers or symbols that many mystics, on examining it would be sure that Kennedy had to be a master to reduce so much truth in one simple statement.

The reverse is true. Kennedy had no idea about the hidden meanings in the statement, but when the language of the soul is reduced to writing or symbols then many corresponding truths will also be there.

This is my opinion also concerning Djwahl Khul’s symbol. I believe that he had a simple idea in mind in creating it, yet because he created it through the universal mind that many other truths wound up within it that he may not have consciously considered.

Therefore, Rick found an occult paradox. He found a meaning that was true and a manifestation of the universal mind, yet it may have not been in the conscious mind of Djwahl Khul at its creation.

So what did Djwahl Khul have in mind when he created this symbol?

Hint: X marks the spot.

The Synchronicity may be different than we thought. Lucis Trust wrote me a short letter back stating:

“The symbol of the Lucis Publishing Company is a Triangle with the letters L-U-X, Latin for ‘Light,’ superimposed within it.”

This verifies the accuracy of your perception Rick and it appears that most students accept this explanation and do not look deeper in finding a perhaps more primary meaning.

I wrote back asking several more questions, among them was who actually created the symbol and have not heard back.

Since we do not have a full answer we will proceed with what we have and search for higher meaning.

I believe the symbol was created while Alice A. Bailey was still alive as I seem to recall seeing it on some early editions of the books.

If the symbol came from Alice then it is more than probable that it was given to her by Djwahl Khul. If the symbol came from someone else at in the Lucis organization then it is still possible it was planted in this individual’s mind by the Tibetan.

When you see the interpretation I will present I think you will agree that the symbol was indeed created by a Master and given to Lucis Trust by some means – that its creation was more involved than Alice A. Bailey playing around with a pencil seeing how she could be creative with the letters L U X.

One question I have is whether anyone at Lucis Trust or the Arcane School is aware of other interpretations.

The central line is a very essential part of the core meaning, placed in the center rather than its proper order, and I maintain that even though L U X, or light, is presented as the interpretation, that this is really a blind. Whether Alice A. Bailey knew this, or Lucis Trust presently knows it, is an interesting point of speculation.

Let us proceed with discovering this core interpretation as I see it in the hope that Djwahl Khul will not mind its revelation being posted on the internet.

Take  a look at the hierarchical chart attached

Now, erase the Solar Hierarchies and the circle around the Planetary Hierarchies and replace the circle with a triangle – representing the higher Trinities in all their expressions.

Now compare what you see with the symbol.

What correspondences do you see?

Which member of the hierarchy does the X identify?

I received another comment from Lucis Trust today. I sent my questions off to the three world divisions in New York, London and Geneva to increase my chances of getting an answer. Geneva and New York answered previously. Today London sent the following answer:

“The symbol used on the front of the books was determined by DK. Its meaning is light (as in the Latin) and he was quite clear that the letters LUX should be overlaid inside a triangle.”

As I suspected Djwahl Khul did give instructions on the symbol and it appears that Alice A. Bailey and Lucis Trust thought the main idea behind it was to present the principle of Light through the letters L U X. So it was not serendipity that caused the three letters to be there, but that appearance was at least part of the plan.

But, since the creation of this symbol was guided by a Master then we can bank on the idea that there will be at least three planned meanings to it plus several others of a serendipitous nature.

Rick again was bold enough to take a stab at it. He did not come up with the same interpretation that I did, but that does not mean he was wrong by any means, for let me repeat that this symbol will have at least three planned interpretations plus several serendipitous ones. I am sure that at some point in the scheme of things that Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, would be represented by the point in the X and interpreting in this direction is worthy of more contemplation.

Even so, I wish to deal with an interpretation closer to the heart of humanity and that would center on the Christ along with the hierarchy of Masters.

Let us consider the X. There are several ways that light could be represented – why choose an ancient word with an X in it?

For many years I have noticed this symbol on the Bailey books and was somewhat curious about its meaning, but never put a good deal of thought into it. Then one day it came to me that it was a hierarchical symbol and the X marked the identification of a certain master. Without thinking deeply upon it I assumed that the X indicated the identity of Djwahl Khul himself, that perhaps this was even his signature, or one of his names.

This was in my mind when I presented the symbol to the group. In giving it to you I did so with what I believe the correct principle in my mind, but I had not yet tested out the details for accurate correspondence. But as the time of the answer approached, I had to take some time to do this and in so doing I found a different twist than I expected.

If one of the masters is identified by the X, the first and most natural guess would be DK himself, since he is the author of most of the material in the books. Indeed, this could be one of its meanings since DK represents a central point in communicating the teachings of the Hierarchy.  The second guess would be Koot Hoomi for two reasons. First, he is directly over Djwahl Khul in the hierarchy and DK sees him as his own teacher in many ways. Secondly KH is Alice A. Bailey’s master. He merely gave her out on loan to DK for a few years for the writing mission.

So it would not come as any surprise if he was the one represented by the X since it would be natural for DK and AAB honor one to whom they owe so much.

But alas, on close examination KH did not seem to fit the correspondences.

The next major possibility would be Christ himself. Why, yes, it would only be natural to assume the X may mark the spot of the entity who was crucified on an X-like cross. But try as I may I could not match up the Christ with the X without doing some unnatural shuffling.

So the big question is – who is the Master identified by the X? As I took a closer look, the answer surprised me, but made sense in a mysterious way.

You will note that the crossing lines mark the Master just below the Christ. He is merely identified as “the European Master.”

Now, the interesting thing about this entity is that even though he is high in the hierarchy, even next to Christ in the Love/Wisdom aspect, but he was only mentioned once by Djwahl Khul, and that was in 1922 in the chart of the Hierarchies we have been studying.

So all we know of him through the Alice A. Bailey writings is that he is called the European Master and is directly under the Christ, evidently working very closely with Him. Since 1922 there is no mention made of him.

Because he was called the European Master in 1922 this tells us that in that year he was either working as a master in a European body or the second possibility is that he was incarnated in Europe somewhere as a mortal in the service of mankind.

I am assuming that the latter is the case and this is the reason he is not mentioned or involved with the transmission of messages from the hierarchical center.

Now, if this master was in the flesh in 1922, in Europe, it is quite possible that he was killed in World War II or died naturally by now and is perhaps reborn even again. Because he is called the European Master, even if he is reborn, he will most likely be working among European or descendants thereof.

Djwahl Khul gives an interesting comment on what he means when he speaks of Europe or European.

“The United States must not forget either that she is a section of the entire European continent transplanted across the ocean and that European history, successes, mistakes and sins are here also.” Destiny of the Nations, Page 77

This would indicate that he also includes the United Kingdom in his definition of “European” since so many people in the States are descended from the English. So even though the English do not like to be called European it appears that Djwahl Khul includes both North America and the UK as part of the whole mix of what he calls “European.”

Now the reason this particular master may be earmarked by the sign is that he may play a prominent roll in preparing and aiding in the return of Christ and if he is in incarnation he will probably be earmarked for an overshadowing by the Master of Masters as Jesus was with the Christ.

As I was meditating on this symbol, the work of the Master Jesus came to my mind and a strange realization came to me. Let me quote an interesting prophecy by DK.

“Upon the spiritual side, as I told you in an earlier book, the whole field of religion will be re-inspired and re-orientated from Rome because the Master Jesus will again take hold of the Christian Church in an effort to re-spiritualise it and to re-organise it. From the chair of the Pope of Rome, the Master Jesus will attempt to swing that great branch of the religious beliefs of the world again into a position of spiritual power and away from its present authoritative and temporary political potency.” Destiny of the Nations, Page 59

“The Master Jesus will take a physical vehicle, and with certain of His chelas effect a re-spiritualisation of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churches from the Roman. This may be looked for, should plans progress as hoped, about the year 1980.”  Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 759

This prediction was made way back in 1925 and a great attempt was made to bring it to pass very close to the 1980 target date. Can you figure out who the master Jesus was around this time period and what happened to the plan?

I’ll just give you a few more of my thoughts on the symbol.

Even though the orthodox meaning as presented to Alice A. Bailey is simply LUX, for Light, I believe the core of the meaning is intended to be a symbol of the hierarchy As I previously pointed out the X marks the spot of the mysterious European Master. He apparently is the master closest to the heart of the Christ, yet nothing is given out about him. We speculated that not much is given out about him because he is working incarnated among European related peoples. Since DK’s tabulation was given out this European Master has probably died and been reborn again in a Caucasian body.

When I meditate on the symbol I get the sense that this European Master is a focus of attention for the Christ. Christ himself is not ready (because we are not ready) to work directly with humanity, so this particular entity acts as a focus of soul force to prepare the way for the Master. Hence the X goes through him.

Very little accurate information is given out about the Masters in this current time but one day all will be revealed. If you want to know more I would suggest that you meditate on this symbol for 15 minutes a day for a week or more and see what information comes to you.

You’ll remember that it was while meditating on the symbol that it came to me that the Master Jesus had a connection with Pope John Paul I.

When meditating on the symbol see the point where the X crosses as a doorway into the fifth kingdom wherein the Masters can be found. Enter the doorway and discover what you will.

The inner lines of the symbol are strongly representative of the Planetary Hierarchy. The three rising lines represent the three aspects, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or First, Second and Third Rays.

Correspondingly, the triangle encompassing the lines also represents these same three aspects. The three aspects within and the three without represent the Law of Correspondences. But notice how the Trinity is depicted differently without than within.

This tells us that which is above is similar to that which is below, but with differences. You can’t study an atom and use a black and white correlation to learn all there is about planets, but the correspondences do lead the intuition to higher truth.

The Triangle also represents all the Hierarchies higher than our planetary. Notice how none of the lines within the triangle touch it. This tells us that there is a natural space that exists between the various hierarchies and also the various kingdoms.

A hierarchy at a certain level has freedom to operate within their sphere of decision-making without direct interference from the hierarchy above. Among the Hierarchies of Light there is always a maximum of freedom of movement.

The triangle also represents the basis of life itself in this present creation. As Djwahl Khul says, “All life begins with triangles.”

Within the Triangle the second line is the longest. This line represents Love/Wisdom and is the longest because this is the foundation ray upon which our entire solar system is built. Even though Ray One is closer to the Source, the most powerful and governing ray for present creation is this second one. This is why the scriptures tell us that “God is Love.”

In a future solar system DK tells us the basis of life will be the circle and not the Triangle. At that time God will be Power and the first line would be the longest.

It is interesting that the letters L U X, meaning light are in the center of the triangle signifying life. This tells us that within the principle of life itself is light, that an initiating light has created all life.

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” John 1:4

There is no life without light and no light without life.

So, we have within the triangle of life, the initiating light. The strange thing is that if you look at the symbol as a whole it appears to be a burning flame.

If you look at the ingredients of the symbol in their separate parts you see a cross symbolizing the fuel, the rising lines symbolizing the rising flame and the triangle, the area warmed by the heat.

Now consider this. Where is this symbol found?

Answer: It is always found on the cover of the Alice A. Bailey books. Therefore, we must also take the book into consideration in interpreting the symbol.

When I look at the book I see the shape of a door. The triangle represents a keyhole and the pattern within the triangle is that which unlocks the door.

This tells us that hidden within this symbol is a Master Key to the understanding of the writings of Djwahl Khul. If we understand the Key and open the door then what happens?

This thought is worthy of consideration.

A whole book could be written on this symbol, but this will have to suffice for now.

The last question I asked is “what is your symbol?” This drew some interesting response, but few seemed to be aware of what their symbol is.

There are several symbols representing you on several different levels and the higher you go the greater the simplicity of what you are.

You are a symbol in vibration and your sign and vibrational rate are different for you than any other being in the universe.

There are three symbols for the seeker to be concerned with.

(1) The symbol that his soul (or solar angel) sees when he puts his attention in the seeker’s direction. If one has caught the attention of the Masters then they will also use this symbol or a variation of it.

(2) The symbol that represents your lower self and your place upon the path.

(3) Symbols that you create and place within your sphere of attention that will alter and harmonize symbol number (2) with symbol number (1).

What do you want and what is your purpose? Make a symbol around your goal to aid in its manifestation.

Jan 3, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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