Djwahl Khul and Alice A. Bailey

Djwahl Khul and Alice A. Bailey

Concerning the writings of Djwahl Khul through Alice A. Bailey, there are a number of reasons he is an earned authority with me. The main one being that he touches on a principle that vibrates with my soul in almost every paragraph he writes. No other writer does this for me.

Another reason is that often when I have had things revealed to me through the Oneness Principle, I later will be reading DK and discover that he had written about it either directly or indirectly through hints.

I find it interesting that the writings that Alice A. Bailey did by herself rarely say anything that I consider profound, that overall, a page of DK’s writings equals the light in one of her books – and her books are pretty good from a standard point of view. The difference testifies that Alice A. Bailey did not write the books attributed to DK.

Now one can say that some tricky evil spirit dictated the DK books, but they definitely did not come from Mrs. Bailey.

I believe the writings come from a true master of Wisdom and thus when his writings take me into unknown territory, I give then strong credibility.

Does this mean I automatically accept all he writes? No, but it does mean I give weight to all he writes. I personally find it amazing as to how much I automatically agree with because of soul confirmation as I read. After decades of study there are only two or three things I have on the shelf – on which I have not received soul confirmation and which I may disagree.

What are the possible origins of the DK material? Here are the possibilities:

[1] Alice A. Bailey was a clever ambitious girl and made them all up.

[2] She received the writings of a Master as represented.

[3] She received the writings from a dark brother disguising himself as a brother of light.

 [4] She received the writings from a higher intelligence that is neither dark nor light, but just screwing with us.

[5] She received the writings from her subconscious mind.

[6] She received them from her solar angel.

Interestingly, in relation to this question, I found a helpful piece of information today – a sample of Alice A. Bailey’s handwriting. This gives us powerful evidence in answering the first possibility. Fortunately, I have been a student of handwriting analysis since I was a teenager.

Here are a couple things it reveals.

The thing that stands out first is she saw herself as a strong personality, capable of influencing others and dominating a situation.

She was very passionate, but with emotions under control. She also had some suppression which probably contributed to her health problems later in life.

She was very determined and decisive, loved to work with people. She had a good imagination with her mind exploring the abstract as well as right human relations. Her weakness was the physical side of life, sometimes not following through to ensure the financial means she needed.

She liked responsibility and liked to lead. She was fairly honest and straightforward. She had some childlike qualities and faith.

The big question is this. Was she intelligent enough to have fabricated the writings of DK?

The answer is a definite no according to her handwriting. She was a little above average in intelligence, but her native intelligence was far from the quality needed to write something like “Treatise on Cosmic Fire,” or even the fourteen rules of White Magic.

She was methodical, a good student, but did not have a penetrating mind, was not particularly perceptive or innovative. She was a team player. She was not the deep thinker compared to the author of the writings of DK, or even H P Blavatsky.

What intelligence was she capable of displaying? Fortunately, we have the answer for she wrote several books without DK’s help.

In fact, the comparing of her writings to that of DK is the most astounding proof that she did indeed receive the writings of DK from somewhere higher than her personality self.

If you read some of her own words such as “Consciousness of the Atom” and compare them to “White Magic” you will see the difference between night and day.

Her own writings reveal the intelligence and personality as revealed in her handwriting. In fact, when I finally found her handwriting, I saw nothing to surprise me. It was about what I had expected, based on my knowledge of her own writings.

On the other hand, if she had indeed fabricated the DK writings, I would have expected something entirely different. There would have been evidence of super intelligence as well as deceit.

To create two styles of writings are difficult enough, but to create two levels of intelligence consistent throughout the two sets of writings is close to impossible.

The most difficult thing I have ever written was the dialog for Philo in the Immortal books. It was very difficult indeed to put myself in his mindset and write with his intelligence.

In my mind then, there is no doubt that Alice A. Bailey did not fabricate the higher writings of DK. She did receive them from somewhere above the personality level.

“Having achieved one pinnacle of spiritual success, another can be glimpsed, and between the two pinnacles, lies a field of service, a sphere of danger, a land of glamour and deep morasses through which you must struggle, until the point of attainment planned by your soul for this life is yours.” DK – Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 470

Dec 18, 2006

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