Christ and Inspired Writings

Christ and Inspired Writings

Question: How is it that “Christ was in a physical body” when John had this vision on Patmos? If that is what you are saying here, then how do you know that?

A Master as high as the Christ always has a physical body available. They are capable of working in the sphere of their choice and when working with the physical inhabitants such a being will always have constant access to a physical body. This could be a body from a past life or a Mayavirupa, which is a physical body created and organized by the power of thought.

Christ said “I will be with you until the end of the age.” He meant more than being with us in spirit but being with us in all spheres including the physical.

How do I know these and other things? The door to all higher communication, no matter what the source, is through the soul. In most cases I center myself in the intuitive mind and attempt to see through the Oneness Principle. Also, Djwahl Khul, an earned authority with me, has also taught this.

Of course, I could be right or wrong in what I put down in writing. The reader must always check with his mind, reason and soul and verify by the highest he knows. If unable to do this then the best thing is to put it on the shelf and await more solid knowledge.

Sometimes a seeker will see much in one direction but be blocked in another. Sometimes the block is created by his own soul for his own good because he is not ready.

Question: Then why did the Christ need to overshadow the disciple Jesus if he had a physical body already at his disposal, or could easily create one “by the power of thought”?

We have no evidence that he Christ had overcome death before the age of Jesus so he may have had no physical body available. And why doesn’t God, or some high entity, just manifest physically in front of the United Nations and explain what is needed to bring peace on earth? Christ and other high entities presently have the power to do this if they so choose. Why do they not more directly work with us in an impressive way?

The answer is simple. They have learned through painful experience that it is destructive to attempt to do for us what we can do for ourselves. (recall the story of the caterpillar receiving help to free itself from its cocoon.) They broke this rule in the days of Atlantis and the world as it was known then was completely destroyed because regular humans did not learn the lessons necessary to create stability.

The karma of the world dictated that the highest entity that Christ could manifest through (to common humanity) was a disciple such as Jesus, a regular guy in many ways, but one with great aspirations of spiritual quality.

Will Christ come in a physical body of his own this time? It depends on how many disciples are prepared to receive him. This is one reason the manner of his coming is not given out. If there are not enough people prepared then he will manifest through a disciple (or disciples) as he did last time.

After the resurrection Jesus kept his own body for a period of time. We have legends in many lands of his ministries. The Christ returned to a body in his home among the Masters on the borders of Tibet. There he established the active heart center of the planet, the Spiritual Hierarchy. Today a partial essence remains in a physical body but works though high disciples and through deep mediation and oneness with his Higher Self contacts and inspires other disciples dispersed throughout the earth.

There are many things I teach that cannot be proven with black and white facts. That does not make them untrue. If it did many of Jesus’ words would be negated.

If the Christ does not work through a physical body, then from whence does he work?

He would not dwell in the astral world for the Masters do not work from that illusive sphere.

If his lowest point of dwelling was the mental or formless spheres then his work would be there. Because his main work is with the redemption of humanity, he dwells here with us so his focus will also be with us.

Question: Isn’t Christ and the Hierarchy in the etheric in the Gobi Desert somewhere?

What I said is that Shamballa, where the Ancient of Days representing the head center of the earth resides, is composed of etheric matter. The Ancient of Days also has a body composed of etheric matter.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of the earth, the Heart Center, that deals directly with humankind does not reside in Shamballa, but in physical bodies and, according to DK, a good portion of them live “on the borders of Tibet.” Here they guard what is called the “archives of the Masters” and the Christ is acknowledged as “the teacher of angels and men.”

Question: Who was the being in the first chapter of Revelation?

What John saw here (from my point of view) was not the man Jesus, or the entity known as the Christ, but a symbolic being created by his brain after it was filtered through his mind. Neither entity has feet like brass in a fire nor flaming eyes, nor the voice of many waters nor holds seven stars in his hand. These are symbols created through a point of revelation received by John. They were not to be taken literally but were to be interpreted. The scripture says clearly this image was “like” the son of man, or a being like Christ who has overcome death. The image was not the entity who is Christ, but a symbol of him.

The voice represented the voice of God, but the voice of God can come to us through our own souls or projected by a master or group mind. Most likely the whole vision was a synthesis of revelation from the angel who did not want to be worshipped as God or Christ because he was a brother (Revelation 19:10) and the intuition of John.

Of this DK wrote: “In the New Testament, John, the beloved disciple, was privileged to gain a cosmic picture and a true prophetic vision which he embodied in the Apocalypse, but he is the only one who so achieved and he achieved because he loved so deeply, so wisely and so inclusively. His intuition was evoked through the depth and intensity of his love-as it was in his Master, the Christ.” Glamour, Page 137

This harmonizes with my soul, which says that much of the revelation was due to the invocation of John’s intuition.

Comment: I believe that DK was a mental creation of AAB

This statement makes me wonder if you have even read enough of DK’s [Djwahl Khul] words to make a fair assessment. If you read 100 pages of Alice A. Bailey’s [AAB] writings and then read 100 pages attributed to DK you will see a difference in intelligence that I would consider impossible for any one person to fabricate.

AAB’s situation is much different than the many channelers out there. Even though some are quite profound and provocative it is still possible they could have been written by intelligent and educated individuals. In addition, most of these writings do not elaborate on any principles, whereas DK’s writings deal with many principles – a true indication of an inspired work.

Comment: Perhaps a higher intelligence was focused on AAB, but the end result was distorted by her thought process.

Here it sounds like we are in agreement. The higher life for Alice A. Bailey was stated to be DK. I’m sure there is always some filtering but Alice A. Bailey said that DK was often very specific in his wording. She did say they sometimes argued some back and forth as to the best way to word an idea and DK sometimes complained that Alice’s mental ability and knowledge was not sufficient for him to express himself as he wanted.

Many times, I have been accused of plagiarizing much of my material from the Bailey writings. This, as you know, is not true. When I borrow anything directly from anyone I attempt to give credit where credit is due. There are many of my teachings which are elaborations of his writings or just happen to run in harmony with them. Sometimes I will receive something that I think has never been put in print and then later I will find a hint or reference to it in DK’s writings.

In fact, the phrase “soul contact” was originated and taught by him. I have added quite a few ideas to the concept that he did not say, but what he did write on it was very illuminating.

One problem seekers have with teachers and inspired works is that sooner or later they will find one or two items they are sure are not correct. This will cause some to reject the whole work. Even if the teacher is wrong in an area or two this does not mean his whole work should be rejected.

One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)

Dec 16, 2006

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