Divine Possession

Divine Possession

Question: Why is fire left out of the eighth rule of White Magic which reads:

“The midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought.”

Fire is not mentioned in this rule but is not left out because the “magic” is the fire. By standing at the midway point “when water, land and air meet” the door to the soul is then open and the baptism of fire is then approached. This is where the magic is.

Let us revert to physical imagery. If you are standing on a beach where the water touches land and water, land and air meet – where is the fire?

There are three fires.

(1) Your internal fires that create your bodily warmth. This represents the gentle fire of your soul.

(2) The fires deep within the earth. This represents the combined fires of the souls of humanity.

(3) The great fire of the Sun. This represents the fire of the Spirit (or monad). Standing at the midway point opens the door to change the night to day and remove the clouds so the greater light of the Sun can be utilized.

Question: Where is Shamballa?

I think we will talk about the kingdoms after we finish the Rays, but I will say this.

Shamballa is a state of consciousness and is represented on the physical plane where those of the Shamballa consciousness are gathered. The main gathering is in etheric matter (invisible to us) in a city in the Gobi desert, but as mentioned in the Immortal there are other locations.

If one has achieved Shamballa consciousness he is said to be in this location no matter where his bodies are located.

Comment: You made this statement:

“I’ll tell you something interesting about Moses that is a little too fantastic to include in the book. Moses was two people in one body just as were Jesus and the Christ. The lower entity was a disciple and the higher was a Master of great power.”

Could you elaborate on this principle?

Several have mentioned that we have numerous lives which make up the one life that we are in totality. Then too there is the Solar Angel which is a Master on it’s own plane which we eventually merge with. The overshadowing and divine possession are mergings of a different nature than are these individual accomplishments. With overshadowing, or divine possession, two complete and whole entities are involved for the sake of some service to mankind.

In a basic overshadowing you will have a master of some degree working with a disciple from a distance. The master’s consciousness will reside in his own body but will merge with the disciple so seamlessly on the higher planes that the disciple will sometimes feel the master’s thoughts are his own. In this case the disciple acts as a receiving agent for one higher than himself.

This is not like channeling for the disciple always maintains full consciousness.

Alice A. Bailey, H. P. Blavatsky, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Joseph Smith and Mohammed (to name a few) are examples of this experience.

The divine possession is quite another experience. This involves a merging with an entity of very high order – of the office of Christ or above. In this case the consciousness of the actual entity comes into the disciple’s body and resides there. There is a merging of the disciple, the Holy Spirit and the Christed One. The disciple will feel overwhelmed, as if he is walking in the heart of the sun, or perhaps a thousand suns.

The clearest example we have of this is the record of the baptism of Jesus where John saw the Son of God descended, “enter into” and “remained” with Jesus. This was so overwhelming for Jesus that he immediately went into the wilderness to fast for 40 days to adjust and commune with the presence.

The Divine possession will not always last for the life of the disciple as it did with Jesus for his last three years. Peter was possessed by the Christ for a period of time after Pentecost and Paul, Moses, Merlin were most probably possessed for short periods and overshadowed the rest of the time.

Both would be aware of everything. The disciple would only receive the thoughts from the Master, however, that the Master wants revealed.

Question: Would there be interaction/communication between them?

Yes, but not quite as we have with us mortals. The communion would sometimes be telepathy, but the preferred method is called “impression.” As spoken of by Djwhal Khul.

The disciple born into the body has full power of decision over the body and can reject the overshadowing or divine possession at any time. He will formulate the words even though the thoughts and ideas may come from the Master.

On the other hand, there are occasions where the disciple will leave the body and turn it over completely to the Master making him a walk-in. This can happen with entities below the Christed degree and does not involve so complete of a merging.

Divine Possession occurs rarely, but will happen when a new age, dispensation, or new approach is being introduced to mankind. On the other hand, the overshadowing and the walk-in method is in play somewhere on the earth regularly.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 7, 2001

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