April 9, 1999


I was asked to explain more about time and space as entities.

When I mentioned that we are like slugs trying to understand the Theory of Relativity in attempting to fully understand some of these higher concepts I was including myself with that slug population. I cannot give you everything, but I can give you some things that may at least stimulate some thought.

The beginning of all creation always starts with the One becoming the Three. In the Bible the originating Trinity is called the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. A correspondent to the Trinity as far as this physical universe is concerned is Direction (Father/Mother) Space (Son/Daughter) and Time (Holy Ghost)

The originating great reflection of the One is Direction or Purpose. There are six major directions in space. They are East, West, North, South, Up and Down. If we take the variances possible the number of directions become unlimited.

Direction is generally represented in time as only twofold. One direction is the past and the other is the future. But because we have an unlimited number of choices available in the future and had the same number in the past the possible directions of Time in connection with Space also is unlimited.

All direction is created by DECISION and all DECISION originates from some Life. Because Time and Space have direction we know that they are vehicles in use by one who Decides. The Universal Entity that occupies time and space over billions of galaxies is beyond the imagination of the highest Master who is merely beginning to understand the Purpose of the Logos of our tiny solar system.

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