Cycles and Predictions

Cycles and Predictions

Question: You have stated, if I’ve interpreted correctly, that people start the death process once they crystallize in their thinking. This holds true for countries as well. So my question is: how is death determined when the soul chooses not to crystallize for the entire life?”

JJ: This is a good question and has received some interesting comments.

Overcoming crystallization is one of the keys to overcoming death. The principle used to overcome it is called being “born again” in the scriptures.

Most people naturally go through one born again experience after their first Saturn cycle around the age of 28-29 years of age. They have finished their education and settle into their career which takes a totally different mindset and way of thinking than did the preparatory years.

The second cycle runs from the ages of 28-29 to  56-59, but if preparations and flexibility are not maintained earlier then crystallization will set in. Only about 10% of the people avoid it by the end of the second cycle.

The third cycle is arrived at around the age of 85 and very few are born again at this age.

A person does not physically die right after he crystallizes but overcoming crystallization definitely extends life as well as the quality of life. Many will live 20 or 30 years after crystallization but they will drift with little sense of any new purpose and will tend to live in the past.

Overcoming crystallization alone will not extend life indefinitely, but life cannot be greatly extended without overcoming it. To extend life as do the Masters one must be born again in consciousness and select a new purpose which will require life extension. If he moves successfully toward it and it is in harmony with higher will, the Spirit will infuse him with new life energy, even to the renewing of his body.

Many of those who do go through the spiritual rebirth for the third time do not have the spiritual will to overcome the gravity of an aged body, which has a low energy level. These will still accomplish some significant new works but yield to the death process and rest until they are ready for a new quest.

Predictions Examined

A reader questioned my predictions especially the one that between 2007-2027 there will be no complete banking collapse for those twenty years. He is pretty sure one is coming soon.

JJ: First of all, let me give a few comments on prediction. Most people think that God knows every little detail of our future, even when I am going to snap my fingers next or who the next lottery winner will be. They think that all we have to do is get a revelation and we could get a complete roadmap to the future.

This is completely false and has no basis in reality and has never been demonstrated. The truth is that there are some things we can know and some we cannot.

Here is what we can know.

* That which is cyclic.

Examples: We can predict the exact moment the sun will come up in the morning or even 100 years from now because of cycles. A solar eclipse can be predicted thousands of years in the future and the position of Neptune and other planets in space can be pinpointed as well.

Some cycles are exact; others are approximate. The cycles of history are approximate. One can examine the principle that history repeats itself and then make predictions accordingly and be fairly accurate, but not 100 percent. An immortal with a greater knowledge of history and cycles could make much more accurate predictions than you or I, but still not get all the details correct.

  • That which has been decided and lies within the deciders’ power to achieve.

Example: If I decide to wear a green shirt tomorrow then I will be pretty safe in making a prediction about it because this is within my power to manifest.

Even so, many things have been decided by God, Gods and Higher Lives. If one receives a revelation of their purpose and intent then it is possible to know that which will come to pass as related to that decision. All the elements that will bring the decision to pass are impossible to know but to know the end and the beginning is something that can be achieved.

Correspondingly, I can know that I will wear a green shirt tomorrow, but I do not know the exact second I will put it on or if I will spill some crumbs on it while eating, neither do I want to clutter my mind with such details.

  • That which has been calculated by the mind of God. An aspect of the mind of God is like a great unlimited computer that has access to all data and principles. Access to this mind, something I call The Oneness Principle, can bring forth some fairly accurate predictions, but again not infallible.

To comprehend this in even the slightest degree we can examine the weather. There are millions of influencing ingredients that determine the weather tomorrow, the next week, the next year, century etc. A good weatherman with reliable data can predict tomorrow’s weather with maybe 80 percent accuracy, but the accuracy goes down each day thereafter. Even so, some long-term effects can also be seen. It can be easily predicted that it will be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer but how hot the summer will be and how cold the winter is much more difficult. Some progress has been made in predicting the intensity of the seasons, but we have a long way to go.

Now we have the global warming alarmists predicting doom for us by claiming to know the effect of CO2 over the next 100 years, but the temperature of the earth has virtually remained the same since 1994 and this year (2007) the planet is experiencing record-breaking cold in many places so all the computers in the world will still not tell us for sure what lies ahead.

Correspondingly, the Mind of God is more accurate than any computer, but still not infallible. Some cycles and events can be seen, but not all, neither does God or any of his reflections want to know all the details as this would make life unbearingly boring for God or man. The main advantage of accessing the mind of God is the comprehension of principles rather than absorbing tedious details.

Now even if the mind of God was a perfect computer the accurate prediction of all the details of future events is not possible because of one thing. Independent intelligence is pervasive throughout the universe and all intelligence has a degree of free will. Free will makes it impossible to predict all things with 100 percent accuracy.

For instance, no one, not even God can predict the wins and losses of a football season, let alone the final score for even one game unless he is lucky. The reason for this is because of all the decisions that goes into the game. Each play requires new free will decisions and each time the quarterback throws the ball a crucial decision must be made. Will he take the safe pass or the daring long shot? Even he does not know until the last instant.

As an experiment I made some predictions at the beginning of the year and most of them have or are coming true, but I missed on the Superbowl prediction. I tuned into that great spiritual computer and sensed a strong force behind the New England Patriots and predicted they would win the Superbowl. They were doing great up to the final playoff against the Colts where they were 20 points ahead at the half. Then everything fell apart and they blew one of the greatest leads in playoff history.

But… even though what I received did not translate into 100 percent accurate details it was accurate. This year the Patriots look like they may have the first unbeaten season since the Dolphins 35 years ago. I was certainly correct in perceiving the force was with them, but that did not translate into me seeing how it would all work out.

Many seem to think the test of a true prophet is whether or not he can predict the future, but few can predict the future with over 50 percent accuracy. Joseph Smith was one of the best and yet he was only about 50 percent accurate. Edgar Cayce was less than that and most psychics are less than 10 percent accurate. Would be Messiahs and “One Mighty and Strong’s” are about 1 percent. No one that we have an accurate record of has been more than about 50 percent accurate.

If we gauge the measure of a prophet by his accurate predictions then instead of setting the bar at the impossible 100 percent it should be around 50 percent. This much accuracy would show that he is sensitive to higher mind.

“Truth lies within ourselves: it takes no rise from outward things, whatever you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness and to Know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape than in effecting entry for light supposed to be without.” — Robert Browning

Dec 15, 2007

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