Conversations on Magic

Conversations on Magic

Question: “What do we really mean when we use the word magic, when say that something is ‘magic’ or ‘magical’”?”

First let us eliminate two things that are not real magic.

[1] Magic tricks. Magic as practiced by a professional magician is not magic but illusion.

[2] Modern technology. It is often said that if we transported a person from 1000 years in the past to our time he would think that out TV’s cars, computers, and others are magic.

This may be true but that does not make them magical in the truest sense. Advanced mechanical or electrical inventions are not magic, understood or not.

What then is true magic?

It is the manifestation or the influence of things on the dense physical plane with power that does not come from this plane.

Example:   Jesus turned the water into wine.

To do this he did not use an advanced physical technology, illusion or a trick. He used a power or force that is beyond physical to produce physical results.

Example:   Peter and others received a revelation that Jesus was the Messiah.

For this miracle to happen a spiritual energy not from the physical descended upon them and moved them in a new direction.

The dominate energy of the White Magician comes from higher realms through the soul. The soul is the point where magical energies are touched because it is the point where spirit and matter meet–the point which is neither spirit nor matter but opens the door for their interplay.

The Black Magician is too selfish to raise his attention to the soul but seeks to control and does this by utilizing the energy in the etheric web of matter itself and works with the elemental lives and some building devas. The Brothers of Light can also do this but do not use these as the dominating energy.

The Dark Brothers influence the behavior of men by bypassing the soul and appealing to the emotional nature and using the magnetic draw of matter and form to attract the unthinking to their cause.

They too produce miraculous results and influence through no visible physical means.

Our reader from our last post on White Magic stated the belief of Jesus healing the blind man with a paste made from his saliva and dirt was merely symbolic.

I’m also a big believer in symbolism, but I would never use symbolism to negate something written as historical fact.

Jesus healing the blind man may have some symbolism behind it but it was not written as a parable as was the Prodigal Son. It was written as historical fact and so I do not take it upon myself to alter a scripture into that which it is NOT stated to be.

How far will you take this?

Are all the miracles merely symbols and not history? Was Jesus just a regular guy who did no miracles but his teachings evolved into false stories? Was the resurrection a parable? Or maybe you are with the crowd that believes that Jesus was not a true historical character that his life was just a parable/story made up by the Romans.

There is nothing wrong with seeing symbology in the story but to deny that the event was an actual happening, and only a parable, defies logic – that is unless you have received a personal revelation from God that the literal miracle did not happen and is deceitfully presented as an actual happening.

So did you receive such a revelation, or even historical proof? If not, then why do you reject this as probable history?

I am open to the fact that any scripture could be in error but until I have a reason to believe otherwise, I will accept historical presentations as they stand, and as this story stands, Jesus did use ceremonial magic.

Finally, he makes this odd statement: “I think the literal interpretation of JJ’s will bring suffering to the soul… more spit in the eye, so to speak”

I haven’t even given any symbolic interpretation so there is nothing you can disagree with here as much as you want to.

For reasons unknown you seem to think that it was not a historical event but a parable only. Perhaps you have seen no miracles in your life and do not think they are possible.

Next, he accuses me of being a Mason

You will have much difficulty putting me into a box. I am not a member of the Masons nor have ever I been. I have never been to a Masonry meeting nor sought membership nor have I ever had any interest in membership. I am not a member of any organized society, not even AARP. (Now that would be suspicious).

Next, he tells me that my motto of following the highest you know imprisons.

And which part of this statement imprisons? Following the highest you know empowers. What do you do then; follow the lowest of your carnal mind?

Or does correcting mistakes imprison? If you believe this it would mean you stubbornly persist in spite of error. That is a strange path to liberation.

Next the reader criticized me for encouraging pure intent and correcting our mistakes.

Then you are so evolved you no longer need sincerity and to be true to yourself? Neither do you need to correct mistakes. You just believe in doing this “for a time.”

The odd thing is that you made this response as a criticism of my credo and the word “sincere” was NOT even in it.

If you argue with me you need to use words and concepts that I do say, not what I do not say.

Just so your memory will be refreshed here is my credo (for want of a better word) again:

“Follow the highest you know and move forward with pure intent. You will make mistakes but because your heart is pure you will correct them and then move upon the path with greater and greater accuracy until you manifest the fullness of the Son of God.”

Sincerity is a different animal than the quality of being pure in heart. One whose heart is pure does not have an impure mixture of ego and glamour corrupting the intent the seeker is attempting to harmonize with the spirit of Christ within the heart.

One who is sincere may be quite corrupted from the ego but it is still much better to be sincere than insincere.

Sincere people may have pride or ego but to equate the two is akin to saying something like this.

Hitler liked dogs; therefore, dogs are bad for they must have caused Hitler’s behavior.

People who are sincere make many mistakes but the mistakes are not caused by sincerity.

Sincerity will lead us away from the ego, not deeper into it. It is illusion, ego and glamour that cause the problem you are concerned with here, not sincerity.

He then proceeds to tell us that sincerity leads to a dogmatic approach.

The problem of dogma is not caused by sincerity, but preconceived notions, intolerance and a closed mind. Sincerity will lead one away from dogma when the truth is found. Case in point: A sincere approach led me away from numerous dogmatic beliefs of my youth.

If one is not sincere then he must be insincere. Since you do not like sincerity then one can only surmise you embrace the insincere approach for yourself.

The highest within us is God and if we could all see and follow this all would be well, but there are veils between us and God and few are able to do this. Many are not sure if they are following God or not, or on the right or wrong path. What are they to do?

They are to “follow the highest they know.” Now the highest they know may still be wrong but if they continue on this path and follow corrections as they are revealed then eventually, they will find the truth and the God (or highest) within.

Another reader says: “Magicians (white or black) who exercise their own will are oblivious to the will of God.”

JJ: A white magician must tune into the will of God or he will not be a white magician. A white magician uses the powers of God to accomplish the magical work of the soul to inspire others to seek the kingdom of God within. In following this path miracles may or may not happen depending on the need.

Intent alone is not enough to produce a white magician but he must be unwaveringly focused on the light and love of God within.

Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. George Orwell (1903 – 1950), 1984

Aug 8, 2007

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