Confirming Facts

Confirming Facts

A reader claimed to receive a revelation from Moses that Jesus was born on Nov 18. A reader asks if this can be proven as a true fact?

I can’t tell you the exact birthday of Christ for I have never received it and never asked for it.

November 18th is a date I have never heard put forward before. I would be interested if he was told the year, for that is as much of a mystery as the day.

It is interesting that he was told that November 18th is Saturn’s day when it is in the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. The Christmas season has been traditionally associated with Saturn, which rules Capricorn.

Most scholars think that Jesus was either born in the spring or fall as these were the seasons most closely associated with the shepherds being in the fields as described in the New Testament.

A reader indicates we could discover the date by tapping into the soul. This is easier said than done as the soul speaks in the language of principles and not data. The date of the birth of Jesus is a piece of data not closely related to any principle.

If a true or false piece of data were spoken with impartiality a seeker would usually register nothing with his soul because the soul does not speak in factual data. For instance, if I told you to guess what number I am thinking you would be hard pressed to get it from your soul.

If, on the other hand, a person speaks around a principle he is speaking the correct language and the sensitive person will feel a confirmation of the truth of it through his soul.

Does this mean that it is virtually impossible to verify the truth of a piece of data like this one?

Not quite. In many cases it is possible. The Principles of Discovery we previously covered will help in this direction and are helpful to review.

In a nutshell if a person wanted to verify the accuracy of this date there would be two ways to do it.

[1] Read the Akashic records. The trouble with this approach is that many sensitive people get glimpses of unrelated bits and pieces of them and then come to erroneous conclusions. To be successful a person has to be close to being a master or an adept who has placed intense effort over the years in this type of meditation. Many adepts have put their attention elsewhere.

It is interesting that many have claimed to receive the date of Jesus’ birth from the Akashic records or God, but they all differ on the date.

[2] Receive the information from an authority who knows and you know that he knows.

The trouble is that such an authority is difficult to summon or evoke and even if he were evoked, he may not be interested in teaching data unless it is pertinent to a work to be accomplished. He will also expect you to find all available data on your own first and then, perhaps he will fill in the gaps.

Now our reader says he was told this information by Moses of the Bible, a pretty authoritative figure. But the trouble for us is that many people in the past think they have gotten information from heavenly beings and it has either been proven false or the heavenly beings disagree with each other.

So how should we approach this information?

The answer is that we definitely should not accept it because it is said to come from Moses, but neither should we reject it. If there is no way to immediately prove a thing just proceed with a mind open to all possibilities.

Perhaps our friend would like to share some more information he has received to give the group a chance to judge the quality of his transmissions.

Reader Question: A concept I came across somewhere goes something like this: First you learn it, then you do it, then you teach it. JJ, is that the way things work? If so, do you follow that pattern? Do you follow all three steps, or do you skip the middle one?

This is the true order to follow in established reality. For instance, to be a good Spanish teacher you first learn the basics of the language, then apply it in speaking and finally teach it. This can be done because Spanish, as it is taught, exists within our current framework.

On the other hand, these steps cannot be taken by a visionary who has caught a glimpse of higher truth and teaches what will be.

Einstein penetrated a higher reality and saw the principle of relativity. There was no way he could demonstrate it or prove it for sure, but he taught it nevertheless. Today there is much evidence that a lot of what he gave out was correct, but still all his theories have not been demonstrated.

Edison saw to the point of firm conviction that a light bulb could be created and taught his group of scientists steps to proceed in its creation. Many of these steps failed but after 10,000 tries, they finally succeeded. Was he a hypocrite for teaching and leading the way in a direction that he did not have all the pieces to the puzzle? Verily no. He saw a vision of what could be, he knew it could be and proceeded to teach what he knew and fill in the gaps as they went.

For many thousands of years holy men and seers have taught about an age of peace where nations will turn swords into plowshares, but it has not happened yet. Does this mean they were wrong to teach that which neither they nor the world could demonstrate? No again. Even Jesus taught the principle of the resurrection before he demonstrated it as well as the triumph of good over evil, even though this has not happened even yet.

Many of the things that I teach, I teach because I have followed those three steps. I have first learned and applied many of them. But there are other things I have taught, which are realities in the future, which cannot yet be demonstrated. This does not mean they are not true or that one should not yet teach them.

Examples are:

[1] The Molecular Relationship.

[2] Peace on earth good will to men.

[3] The coming of Christ.

Then there are invisible realities which cannot be demonstrated to all such as:

[1] Higher non-physical realms.

[2] The seven rays.

[3] Astrological influences.

There are many teachings which can be verified by the inner soul but cannot be demonstrated to the masses.

A reader questioned my statement that leaders, and even masters, need us as we need them.

Actually, just as Jesus was the head in New Testament days, Moses was the head in that earlier age. As the head Moses realized that the whole body would die if all but the head were destroyed so he pleaded with God to save them.

The one God dwells in all universally and is not an individual referred to as a head of a divine creation here on the earth. Moses and Jesus as individuals were the head of two different creations here in physical reality and as heads, they need the body attached to be whole.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge. Daniel J. Boorstin

Dec 1, 2006

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