Comments on Suicide

Comments on Suicide

The Question: If one finds himself in an awkward situation in life should he then commit suicide? Is suicide ever justified?

A reader gave a great response: “I think that to take one’s life because of ‘an awkward situation’, hopelessness, despair, grief etc is wrong (because it is contrary to the will of the soul) and people contemplating it should be stopped, even forcibly…

But there are circumstances when I think suicide could be the right option. These are mainly in cases where death is inevitable and it serves no purpose to prolong life. Terminal illness is the obvious scenario where suicide *could* be the right thing to do. When doctors told me I had months to live, I fought because I knew it wasn’t my soul’s will for me to die at that time. But if I became ill again and sensed my soul was wanting to pull the plug, I would seriously consider suicide rather than endure seemingly endless suffering.”

JJ: The key here is the phrase “the will of the soul.” Each of us comes into this life with several purposes to fulfill, not the least of which is personal growth and realization to aid us on our journey through a series of many lives.

It is only after this higher will is fulfilled or temporarily frustrated that cause the soul to give approval for us to leave the scene. There are several things that may cause this.

(1) If the entity commits murder of innocent blood then through the effect of Karma he forfeits his soul purpose. Even here it is not good for him to commit suicide, but he could do much to pay for his crime by giving his life to save or in service to others if the occasion should arise.

(2) If the person is in a no win situation. I would certainly not hold it against anyone who took his own life to escape torture nor charge one with murder who killed another to save him from torture by an enemy.

That said, there are few exceptions where suicide may be justified and if it is not justified by your soul then the person will have the misfortune to return in another life and face the situation all over again.

The suicide where the person is merely depressed, lost a lover, in a bad financial situation, doesn’t like his job etc. has little justification and he will return to face the problem again if he tries to escape by suicide. Keep in mind that when the situation is faced again it will usually be more difficult, not less, so we might as well face our problems in the present rather than delay and later face greater problems.

(3) If the entity has finished his life’s purpose.

Jesus gave the example on this. After he declared that his mission was “finished” he yielded his spirit up to God rather than endure further unnecessary suffering.

I’m sure that someone who has endured a lot of suffering and has been at the brink of death would be upset if in a future time some do-gooders kept her on life support for years while she suffered in agony.

I know if this happened to me I think (after I died) I would wait for these perpetrators to pass over and give them a piece of my mind they would never forget. I would ask them to not do me any more favors.

Question: So what do you think? Should we keep a person alive on life support at all costs? How about the lady in Florida who is in an immobile state? Her husband has been fighting to get the feeding tube removed. Is this any way to let someone die?

“To feel a thing intensely, and then rest confidently that it is, makes the thing felt appear within your world. “I shall stand upon my watch and see the salvation of the Lord.” I shall stand firmly upon my feeling, convinced that it is so, and see my desire appear.” Neville

Feb 15, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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