True Freedom

True Freedom

(Written July 5, 2002)

My American Friends. I hope you had a good Fourth of July. And to those of you who are not Americans I hope you had as good one too, even though you did not celebrate a holiday.

On this day when many celebrate freedom and independence it would be a good idea to reflect on just what true freedom and independence is.

Unfortunately, illusion is increasing worldwide on just what freedom is and the dark clouds covering their vision is becoming so thick and so ubiquitous that the concept of false freedom is threatening to replace true freedom.

The two views of freedom are easy to state but hard for the masses to understand, yet the Lights must radiate the true principle to the masses or else the Dark Brothers will have their victory. The glorious vision of the New Age can only be manifested through the principle of true freedom. Without it, the coming age will be a mere repetition of the darkest of ages.

Just as there is Anti Christ there is anti freedom. The false view of freedom is as follows:

“I am becoming freer so long as my I have increased power to fulfill my desires, even though this causes a decrease in the freedom of others by forcing individuals or groups to forfeit their desired freedoms.”

True Freedom: “I cannot fulfill my desires at the expense of the freedom of others because I am one with my brethren. If the whole is diminished then the freedom of each individual is ultimately threatened. I can only enjoy true freedom for myself when the power I use does not diminish the freedom of the group or the individual. I take my freedom the day I allow freedom for all – the day that my use of power heals, not hurts; empowers, not diminishes; sets free and not enslaves. I am free only if my freewill increases the freedom of the whole.”

When one reads these two statements almost all will think they fit into the second category, but the true principle of freedom is so clouded by dogma and our own little desires that the majority fits in the first category in several areas of their thinking.

Abraham Lincoln understood these two views of freedom and was personally puzzled that so many otherwise intelligent people fell into the first category. Time and time again he heard southerners express the idea that they would lose freedom if they had to give up their slaves. Lincoln had difficulty having empathy for this idea since freedom in their mind depended on the slavery of an entire race and he commented on how faulty this reasoning was.

The idea of many in the Old South that fighting for the retention of slavery was a fight for freedom may seem odd to us, but it made sense to them within their framework.

They believed that their slaves increased freedom because:

(1) Their slaves did many menial chores and tiresome labor. The slave owner had more free time to work at enjoyable activities.

(2) The slaves normally received no wages so this gave the slave owner greater profits and more financial freedom. In fact it seemed that slave labor gave all the Southern States more financial freedom.

(3) They feared that if slaves were given their freedom that their own freedom would be threatened.

All of this was illusion. For one thing the North which had no slaves was richer than the South with slaves. The North also was not threatened by free blacks.

Then too, since the civil war we have been in an atmosphere of freedom where we have developed appliances and machinery that gives us much more freedom without slaves than any civilization had in the past with slaves.

It is interesting that all who seek to enslave the souls of humanity do so in the name of freedom. Even the most notorious of villains, Adolph Hitler sought to enslave the nations of the earth in the name of freedom.

Freedom for who?

Freedom for the handful of people who agreed with him, but to the great detriment of freedom for the rest of the world.

So now it is obvious to all of us that the first category is illusion – right?


Just like the people of the Old South were caught up in an illusionary idea of freedom, even so do the people of today do the same thing. The only difference is the focus has shifted.

“But no one in the free world supports the idea of slavery or totalitarianism today. Surely most people will support the second view.”

It would seem that way until one examines the new slavery which was prophesied by Isaiah:

“For thus saith the Lord GOD, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause. Now therefore, what have I here, saith the LORD, that my people is taken away for nought? they that rule over them make them to howl, saith the LORD; and my name continually every day is blasphemed. Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I. Isa 52:4-6

Here the scripture mentions the plight of the Israelites who were slaves in ancient Egypt, but in referring to the future he talks of a time when no money will be paid for the slaves (taken away for nought) and “they that rule over them make them to howl.”

Isaiah says that this slavemaster will be able to boast:

“I am prudent: and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have robbed their treasures, and I have put down the inhabitants like a valiant man:

And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.” Isa 10:13-14

So who is this latter day slavemaster who makes his subjects “howl?” Who is he who thinks he is clever in removing the “bounds of the people,” (restricting property rights) “robbed their treasures” (heavy taxation) and “put down the inhabitants like a valiant man?” (treated those he robs as criminals if they do not cooperate).

And what is the attitude of the modern day slaves:

“…there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.”

Unlike the ancient Hebrew slaves, who wanted a deliverer, these modern slaves do not move the wing, open their mouths, or make a peep of resistance.

How is it that our situation corresponds to slavery?

The answer is quite simple. The first most glaring response is:


The average taxpayer in the United States (all hidden and obvious taxes considered) pays over 50% of his income to the government. Other nations fare even worse.

Before the Revolutionary War the United States had no income tax and the whole rebellion was ignited by tariffs imposed by the British without the consent of the governed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the only tax we had today were a few tariffs? Instead of rebelling as did the Founding Fathers, most taxpayers would rejoice.

Another interesting point is that many of the slaves in ancient Greece, Rome and other states were allowed to keep 50% of what they earned and many eventually saved enough to buy their freedom.

What is the reasoning for this situation we are in where our tribute is higher than ancient slaves and often twice the amount of medieval surfs? The ancient slaves could buy their way out of their situation, but modern man is unable to do this at any price.

To understand this we need to look at the real cause of the rebellion of the Founding Fathers. The cause was not the amount of the tax itself, but there were two factors which very much concerned them:

(1) Taxation without representation.

(2) The fact that taxation could be increased without the consent of the taxpayer.

Unfortunately, we have this same situation today to an even greater degree with more arms of taxation than mere tariffs.

Many who pay taxes feel that they have no voice (representation) on how the money is spent.

On the second point few taxpayers feel they have any say or influence regarding continuing tax increases.

Why is it that the modern slavemaster (governments of the earth) continue to raise taxes to the strangulation level?

The answer is quite simple.

They feel that their main job description is to spend our money in ways that will please their constituents. Since it is in the nature and disposition of almost all people to perform their job well, the various representatives seek spend money in creative ways that will please the voters and pressure groups. In attempting to spend money on as many voters and pressure groups as possible they find there is never enough money to go a round. Therefore, they seek to continually raise additional revenue through an increase in taxation

This drift takes us toward a major problem which is becoming a threat to civilization as we know it. It is this:

As the powers-that-be tax the many and give to the few, the few become the many and the many want more and more from those who are taxed. Finally we reach a situation (as exists now) where the majority of the people are receiving benefits from the taxpayer from which they are making little or no contribution. We are also reaching the point where about half of the people in the United States do not pay any income tax with the other half paying excessive tax. Yet those who pay little or no income tax reap entitlements from the tax.

Consider this: If we have half of the people paying no income tax, yet reaping payments from the tax – how are they going to vote?

Because they pay no tax – will they be concerned about increasing the tax “on the rich” and not so rich?

No. This group will be happy to elect representatives who will increase taxes because they are free from the increased tax, but have increase benefits themselves.

This puts the taxpayer in the situation of the ancient slaves. The amount they are taxed is not determined by themselves, but by freeloaders who pay no income taxes.

Those who support representatives who are for higher taxes are therefore in category one mentioned earlier.

Let me repeat it:

“I am becoming freer so long as my I have increased power to fulfill my desires, even though this causes a decrease in the freedom of others by forcing individuals or groups to forfeit their desired freedoms.”

Remember when we applied this principle to the Old South and how it made sense?

But if we apply it to people today making the same error many will be offended. Even so, let us continue.

A hot topic of the day in the U.S. is free prescription drugs. Many who do not pay income tax (or pay tax and want their share back) want to become freer by forcing others (the taxpayer) to forfeit their desired freedoms to buy them drugs.

There are hundreds of government give-away programs where the same principle applies. Those who receive feel they are obtaining greater freedom and overlook the fact that this freedom is at the expense of the loss of freedom of many others.

They are like the Old South who felt their slaves made them free and had no desire to free them.

“But,” says a supporter, “many of the programs do so much good. People need prescription drugs, they need welfare, farmers need price supports, big business needs subsidies, the elderly need Medicaid, the sex life of the black beetle needs studied and so on. If we do not force people to pay for these programs through taxes then many will suffer.”

That’s what the Old South said when faced with freeing the slaves. “If we free the slaves, then all the benefits we receive from them will disappear, our way of life will change and we shall be devastated.”

But the slaves were freed and it was not long before they were more prosperous than ever.

Would the same thing happen if the modern slaves were freed and were able to give consent to the system of taxation? If we eliminated “taxation without representation” so the taxpayer could not be forced to pay tax by those who do not pay (or receive more benefit than they pay out), would our system collapse?

On the contrary. Things would get better. Much better. The economy would go through the roof, tax evasion would be reduced to a minimum because of true fairness.

The second way many of us are in a slave-like situation is:


Every year thousands of new laws are passed and virtually none of the old ones are repealed.

Each of these laws is a restriction of freedom. That is what a civil law does. It restricts.

What, therefore, should be our attitude toward law? Because law restricts freedom then to have the maximum amount of freedom we need the minimum number of laws.

Legislators should spend as much time figuring out how to eliminate laws as they do in making them until the nation works efficiently on only those laws which are essential to our well being.

If we were to educate the people on the right thing to do most of the laws could be dropped and society would be the better for it.

Thus we have briefly covered two principles in establishing maximum freedom. Do not increase the servitude of others so you can benefit and keep only those laws absolutely essential to our well being.

July 5, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Mastering Energy

Mastering Energy

Question: Could you clarify how the male and female energies achieve balance in higher lives such as the Masters?

Balancing the energies within you is a different thing from the energies in circulation within the physical, astral and mental worlds wherein there is form. Wherever there is form there is not a balance of energy because form is created by energy being out of balance. If all the male/female energies in your body were to suddenly be in perfect balance your body would instantly disappear no more to be found. All creation of form takes place through matter leaning to either the male or female energy, or polarization in one or the other.

When a Master achieves balance he does not end the polarization of the energy, but places his consciousness in the higher planes where polarization, as we see it, does not exist. He could theretofore be operating in a vehicle of strong polarization, either male or female, yet not be controlled by it because his focus of consciousness is in the formless worlds. He has just enough focus in the physical to function here.

We can see this principle at work to a lesser degree with geniuses in our history. Many of them are absent-minded because their focus is elsewhere. Einstein was so focused on the abstract that when he took a walk he often got lost and had difficulty in finding his way home.

I don’t claim to be a genius, but you can ask my wife about my difficulty in keeping my mind on driving, chores, or whatever in the mundane world.

Djwhal Khul tells us that the Masters are not looking forward to working directly again with humanity because it will be very painful for them to focus enough to function efficiently here. This out-of-balance male/female energy we have in the human kingdom is one of the main reasons for this.

Question: “Does he (a Master) receive an equal “fullness” from functioning in either energy?”

Whereas the humans function mainly in the astral (emotional) and physical, the Master functions mainly in the mental and spiritual. Therefore, the use of the male/female energies is largely mental. This would entail the giving (male) and receiving (female) of intelligence.

In the mental arena the answer is yes. When the cycle is flowing toward sending the greatest fullness comes from sending and when the cycle is in receivership the greatest fullness is in receiving.

Before the Ancient of Days came to the earth he was polarized in female energy as a disciple of the Solar Logos. But now he is here he is polarized as male or a sender for the whole planet.

Question: Earlier you taught about the two paths. One is the spiritual which requires that we go against the flow and the material were we go with the flow. How do they fit in with the flow of male and female energies?

There is a time to go with the current of strongest energy and there is a time (or place) to go the path of highest resistance. The two paths you mentioned are the spiritual and material. Because the material flow is by far the most powerful, the only way to ascend to the spiritual path is to go against the material pull. One must follow the still small voice rather than the noisy crowd.

This is a different situation than dealing with male and female energy for the two are at play on both the material and the spiritual path.

What one finds, however, when one ascends to the spiritual is that the spiritual energy is actually more powerful than the physical and dominates the whole. So in reality, finding the spiritual path is finding the path of least resistance from a wholeness viewpoint. We are merely deceived here in thinking that the material path is the easier, or more powerful, of the two.

A Master overcomes all things by finding the dominate energy, cycle, or point in the Will of God and going with its flow and assisting the completion of the cycle. Riding the male or female cycle assists in the fulfillment of the will of God and is associated with the Spiritual and not the material Purpose.

If you are strong in male energy you would be in a good cycle to fight a war. If you are strong in female energy you are in a good cycle to nurture as a peacemaker.

The highly polarized male would have much difficulty being the nurturer and the strong female difficulty being the warrior.

Question: If a Master came to this group would he be welcome, or would he throw off the balance of energy?

No, he would assist the energy. His physical body is polarized as male or female just like the rest of us. A Master has to balance the energies just like the rest of us. Because his consciousness is centered on the higher planes, he knows how to do it when working in the worlds of form.

When they are apart from humanity they do this by being male to their disciples as DK was a sender to Alice A. Bailey. The Masters are female to the Nirmanakayas, who are intermediaries from Shamballa. Technically they are female to Shamballa, for the Nirmanakayas are polarized in the female energy in the overall scheme of things.

Thus, by understanding and working with the flow of male/female energies they keep their molecules in working order.

If a master were to join a molecule with us on the physical plane he would still have to work with sending/receiving energies just like the rest of us. A master would help, not hinder the balance, providing he was accepted by the group.

A person becomes a Master because he understands the energies and directs them to the desired end in connection with the Will of God. He does not become a Master because his energies are neutral. If zero is neutral and five is the highest in male or female polarization, the Master is capable of being a five in polarization of energies flowing through the physical, yet directing those energies toward the desired end. His last life before obtaining Mastery is usually as a strong male so he has greater power to send forth his revelation. He is able to do this wisely because his vantage point is from the viewpoint of the observer from the neutral spiritual world.

You are not your car, but you have power to press the throttle and direct it to where you want to go. The Master knows he is not his sex, but he uses sending/receiving energy to obtain the desired result.

After the person has become a Master he can choose mortal incarnation a number of times again if he desires and if a female cycle is more advantageous he can choose this.

Christ could choose to come as a female. If he did he would be overshadowed by the Ancient of Days and speak as a receiver of one higher than himself.

Jesus spoke for one higher in his life in Palestine, but had to come as a male because a female messiah had no chance of being accepted. But he used his male polarization to start a missionary (sending) church… “go ye therefore and teach all nations.”

Question: As I understand it, members of a human molecule will be at all levels of progression, so the molecule could be composed of all kinds of atoms. How is this going to work out? Can we all just get along?

My book covers a lot of this. It will take a lot of gathering and sifting to create the first molecules, but after they are established extension will be much easier. People at various levels of spiritual evolution are capable of group soul contact if they can merely look past the personality and see the Christ in other group members.

All seekers must learn how to overlook personality flaws and be more inclusive and accepting of their brethren and sisters. This is actually as much of a science as it is an art on which we will put much attention.

June 30, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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The Masters and Sex

The Masters and Sex

A reader brings up the interesting question on female masters. Do they exist or are they hidden from view? Do even the Masters have a bias? She pointed out the bias of Confucianism that confines females to household work and supports of the male which still influences many in Asia today. Some believe that DK himself was Confucius in a previous life. If this is so then it took him an additional 2200 years after that life to become a Master. During this time period, I assure you he learned much about the female side.

A Master has learned to balance the male and female within himself and would treat the female with equality and graciousness when this point in evolution is arrived.

Note that Djwhal Khul’s two most widely known students (H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey) were female. Then too Helena Roerich, a female, was said to be a spokesperson for El Morya. In addition, there are many other females who have received teachings from the invisible worlds and they vastly outnumber the males.

But the question arises as to why we only find males mentioned in the Brotherhood of the Masters? Is there something to the fact that they are consistently called The Brotherhood of Light with no mention of sisters?

My answer will be somewhat controversial, but if the principle is looked for apart from identification with physical sex the truth will be seen.

As noted the human kingdom is polarized in the male and the deva (angel) kingdom (which is more numerous) is female.

The reason for this is that humanity sends more than it receives and the deva is motivated through receivership. The White Magician understands this and can perform magical work by understanding the symbols necessary to send to the devas. The devas in turn receive and act.

(For those of you who see angels as disincarnate humans please note that the devas from the Ancient Wisdom are not a part of the human kingdom. Devas are builders and sustainers of form, receiving instructions from other kingdoms.)

To understand the core principle behind male and female one must look on the two as manifestations of the one energy of Purpose rather than as physical male and female entities. The male is the sending energy and the female is the receiving.

We want to stay away from the argument as to which is the greater because in the overall scheme of things they are exactly equal in value for one cannot exist without the other. One cannot send without the existence of a receiver and the receiver cannot exist without a sender. Then too, all of us whether male or female have both the energies within us.

But the fact that they are equal does not mean they are the same. To send is a different function than to receive.

When one is polarized in the male energy the greatest fullness comes from sending and when one is polarized in the female the greatest fullness comes from receiving.

Each of us, no matter what our polarization, both give and receive, but we will always do more of one than the other and receive greater satisfaction from one than the other.

As we go through hundreds of lifetimes on the road to Mastery we go through cycles of polarization in the male and the female. During one cycle we receive and during another cycle we send out that which we previously received.

The last life before one becomes a Master is an interesting one. He has to not only balance the male/female energies within himself, but must demonstrate the balance and the use of those energies in his life.

As far as energy goes (apart from the physical) the first half of this last life will be female and the second half male in polarization.

During this female cycle the fledging master must receive from Higher Lives (male to the entity) a revelation that will elevate mankind up to a greater light.

Then during the second half of that life he must switch to male in energy and send out the revelation and assist others in seeing the revelation through the eyes of the Soul.

If he is then successful in vitalizing a molecule of humans with his vision then his human form can be rejuvenated for as long as needed for his line of service.

The Master does not have physical immortality as is taught in some circles, but obtains to power to extend and rejuvenate the physical.

The Master has attained the fifth initiation with two more to go in this earth scheme. There are nine altogether counting two additional that are taken in another solar system. The power of immortality is attained in the seventh initiation, but there is much more to this principle than is taught in the religions.

Because the progressing entity becomes a Master through a final surge of sending energy he will usually choose to have a male body because the male body is a better conduit of sending (male) energy. Taking the Fifth Initiation in a female body is a possibility, but much more difficult because the energy is polarized in receivership. It would be like swimming upstream. A strong swimmer can swim upstream, but it is more difficult and takes longer. Progression is much enhanced when one chooses the right energies to navigate.

Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and Roerich were all powerful female teachers, but the three took female bodies so they could be proficient receivers from the Hierarchy. But even though they had accomplishments that were the envy of many males they did not become masters in their lifetimes. When that time comes for them they will most likely take male bodies, but of course this is not written in stone. We do not have pictures of all the masters named by DK. It is possible that some of them are in female bodies or create a female Mayavirupa (projected body) when needed. Whatever the case a master is one who has highly balanced both energies so, energy wise, they are neither male or female.

After the person becomes a Master he is polarized as a sender to the human kingdom. Therefore, if his main work is with the human kingdom he may keep his male body to facilitate his power to send. This is why masters generally appear as male to us.

On the other hand, the Masters are female in relation to Nirmanakayas, teachers from Shamballa, who send to the them. Do the Masters assume a female form when they receive from higher kingdoms? That may or may not be necessary as the higher one goes the less important is the form and the more important is the mastery of the energy itself.

The perfect balance of the male/female form is found in Shamballa and a great mystery is to be found there.

June 27, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Principles of Discernment

Principles of Discernment

Comment: You say that the Masters do not itemize which books we should read yet you itemized and rated a number of works. What’s that about?

JJ: Yes, it is true, I must be cautious about dissecting the teaching of other people but I think I am being consistent here with the principle I was attempting to put across which is this:

Avoid the declaration of absolute (godlike) authority in declaring a teaching to be true or false. This sets the teacher up as a beast of authority to be mindlessly accepted. Instead, I teach the principles around discernment so the seeker can find out for himself, independent of the teacher. This is one reason I do not present any teachings as absolute. As noted, others may have different opinions on the various ratings. Also note that I am not representing any supernatural being but am one of you, thus not presenting myself as having some infallible source.

In attempting to emphasize this principle of discernment you will note that no matter how inspired I feel internally, or what higher source from which my teachings may come, I consistently avoid throwing in some higher weight with the idea of convincing you I am right. Even my foundation book, The Immortal, is published as fiction – which drives many people crazy because they want a black and white declaration of truth so they do not have to discern for themselves. Because of this approach, even those who are attached to authority have to step back when they read anything controversial and ask:

“Is this guy for real or not?”

“This sounds strange. Maybe he just conjured this out of his imagination. I’d better check this out for myself.”

“This guy obviously is fallible so I’d better think on this.”

Unlike some teachers under the authority of the beast who are pleased with mindless acceptance and no questioning, I am pleased to see people thinking and questioning.

Of course the Middle Way must always be considered. To approach any teacher as if he is always right is the same error as approaching the teacher as if he is always wrong. The correct line of approach is to trust the words of a teacher as they resonate within the chambers of one’s own soul. The only way to do this is to listen afresh with an open mind on each new presentation while always giving some weight to earned authority or to previously discovered illusion.

You’ll notice the use of absolute authority is used on both sides of the equation. The religious teacher will claim that his teachings are from the word or mind of God with 100% accuracy.

Now if the student believes this it puts him in an awful situation – for who wants to go against God and suffer his wrath?

Numerous New Age teachers (many of which disdain the authority of the religious teacher) do the same thing. But instead of using God for their absolute authority they will use a channeled being or supposed Master who speaks from the vantage of knowing the mind of God because he is supposedly from the higher spheres where all is known.

This approach has the same effect as the first in that the believing student does not want to risk missing his leap into the fifth dimension (or some blissful translation) because he does not mindlessly believe and accept.

I therefore teach as one of you, claiming no higher authority than you have within you.

Concerning the latest philosophy under question (Ms Prophet) you will note that when I began talking about her I said these words in answer to a direct question:

“I’ll give you a few of my thoughts with this caveat. The only infallible authority is your own soul, so realize I could be wrong and check with your inner self to the best of your ability.”

Then instead of declaring in the name of God, Djwhal Khul, or St. Germane, that Ms Prophet is out to lunch, I presented an application of principles in relation to discovering the truth.

If I had said something like: “I had a talk with God (or some otherworldly entity) last night and he told me that Ms Prophet is totally wrong,” then I would have violated the principle I teach.

This is the same principle followed by Djwhal Khul and other true teachers when they avoid giving us a list of teachers to believe and discard.


They have all taught principles to pursue in the discovery of truth and will at times examine select teachings from a guru and examine them from the plane of the mind.

Alice A. Bailey, for example, pointed out some teachings both true and false that came from C. W. Leadbeater and others and Djwhal Khul once pointed out an idea from Ghandi that would have lead to disaster. In each case they gave the reasoning behind their criticism.

Even so I will from time to time give my thoughts (positive and negative) about various doctrines. This will not be to attack, but either because it fits into the topic at hand or someone in the group asks a specific question.

In summary, it would be good to review some criteria that will be helpful in the discovery of truth from an otherworldly source.

(1) Is there a strong claim of authority (subtle or direct) behind the teaching? If so double check with your own soul as well as look at the intent of the teacher and the direction the group is going.

(2) How did the revelation come? If it was by direct voice, or unconscious channeling, then chances are the entity involved understands higher principles no better than you do, even though it may present fanciful data.

If the revelation was received while the medium was fully conscious then this is a good sign, but by no means infallible. You must always run the teachings by your soul.

(3) Does the teacher seem to be stroking his lower self? That is, does he (or she) seem to be the center of much glamour and loving it? Does he dress in special robes and attire that sets him apart from the students? Does he spend a lot of money on himself gained from the sacrifice of the students? For instance, Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh had over a dozen Rolls Royces obtained from donations for the “higher cause.” Then there are others who charge thousands just to ask their channeling entity a question.

(4) Are principles received or just data? This is one of the most reliable tests once the seeker understands what a principle is and that the language of the soul is the language of principles. (See my previous writings on this).

(5) Does the teacher practice what he teaches? No one is perfect, but it should be obvious that the teacher is attempting to live his own teachings.

For instance, many gurus forbid their students from eating meat, yet eat meat themselves, forbid sex, yet are promiscuous, demand discipline, yet are undisciplined themselves, etc. They often feel they have special privileges because of their unique status.

(6) Do the teachings lead to exclusivity? Is the group 100% right with the rest of the world being the enemy? The true teacher will be open to the fact that he will have fiends in many camps and that there are many true revelations received by disciples and groups in various quarters of the earth. Even so, the true teacher will always put any purported revelation to the test.

(7) The supreme test is to run the teachings by your own soul. This is accurate as long as true soul contact is reached and successfully brought into brain consciousness.

If the person has not arrived at soul contact, and is deceived into thinking he has such verification, when he has only contacted the higher astral, he must still go with it because it is the highest he knows. As long as a person consistently follows the highest he knows, true soul contact and discernment of truth is an eventual reality.

A Master will generally work with conveying the principles to be understood through the science of impression or higher telepathy – often leaving the disciple with only the teaching, but not a knowledge of the teacher.

As a final note one must keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule, but the rules are good signposts.

We must always be open to all possibilities for even in the God of the Bible once gave revelation through an ass. (See Numbers 22)

June 29, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Discerning Truth

Discerning Truth

A reader gives an interesting challenge. That is if he picked some teachings from Elizabeth Clare Prophet and placed them side by side with DK’s writings, could we tell the difference?

I would be willing to bet that I could tell almost instantly for the writing style, thought process and depth would be significantly different in almost all cases.

A very marked difference is in the mantras given out. If you place a mantra by Ms Prophet next to one by DK the difference in depth will be obvious.

In fact one of the greatest evidences that Alice A. Bailey received revelation from a higher source is to compare the depth and style of writing in her books as compared to books dictated by DK. You only have to read a paragraph or two of her own writings to see that her own books (such as Consciousness of the Atom or From Bethlehem to Calgary) are written by a different mind than Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Healing and the others.

On the other hand, the depth of Ms. Prophet’s own words are indistinguishable from the masters who are supposed to be speaking through her.

Applying this power of discernment by using all the powers of mind and spirit is more important than we know. DK stressed that the development of the power to discern between truth and error, good and evil is a must in our development before the status of Master is achieved.

There is a reason, however, that none of the revelations from the Higher Lives give us a list of true and untrue, or accepted and non accepted writings. One of the main reasons for this is that a large part of the growth of a seeker is derived from sifting through and discerning the material for himself. In the beginning of the real search for truth the seeker will be taken in by many errors, but if his heart is sincere it will only be merely a matter of time before he drops the lower and moves to the higher.

Another reason we do not receive an endorsement list from the Masters is that even with the best teachings and writings the seeker will still have to use discernment, and there are two reasons behind this.

(1) Human error enters into all communications on the physical plane.

(2) Even if the wording of the teaching is as accurate as word can be the reader absorbs the knowledge through his own filters which can distort the original intent. Note, for instance, the many interpretations of the words of Christ himself in the Bible.

Rather than looking at the various claimed revelations as being 100% right or to discount them entirely one should examine them from the aspect of quality and ascertain the quality of light that emanates from the pages.

I can identify with Rick when he talks about the feel of a book he receives even before he reads it. I also get this and it often comes from just seeing or hearing of a title before I even touch the book.

For instance, Glenys talks about the writings of Helena Roerich. Even though I have never read a word of her writings, I pick up a high vibration with her and plan on getting some of her books in the near future.

If 10 is the highest then Djwhal Khul gets a 9.5, H. P. Blavatsky gets an 8 and I sense a 7.5 for Helena Roerich.

Other ratings would be>

Bible – Old Testament 5-9 Depending on section.

New Testament – 8.5 average. Writings of John 9.5

A Course in Miracles – 7.5

Scriptures and writings through Joseph Smith – 8.5

Aquarian Gospel – 8.5

Keys of Enoch – 6

Seth Speaks – 6

Numerous non channeled spiritual books – 1-7

Numerous other channeled works – 1-5

I receive all kinds of recommendations for inspired books that people want me to read, but only a small percentage register as important to my soul.

It was different, however, when I came across my first Alice A. Bailey book. I was about 21-22 years of age visiting a used book store, browsing in the religious section. The bookstore owner came over to me and pulled “Letters on Occult Meditation” off the upper shelf, handed it to me and told me that I may find it of interest.

Even though my religion at the time told me I should run from the word “occult” I knew I had to buy the book. As soon as I touched it I knew the book was mine and there was something important there for me.

DK tells us the Masters go a leap beyond this. He states that to absorb a book he meditates on it and a symbol appears before his eyes. When he then meditates on the symbol he not only gains an understanding of the content, but an insight into the mind and intent of the writer.

June 26, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Discerning the True Teacher

Discerning the True Teacher

A person may falsely claim to be in communion with the Masters (because of a desire motive) and yet teach many things that are true.

Teachers fall into five categories.

(1) Representatives of the Brotherhood of Light.
(2) Representatives of the Dark Brothers (some knowingly, others unknowingly).
(3) Those who have studied well and teach what they have learned with the concrete mind.
(4) Those who channel astral entities
(5) Those who channel their subconscious or a thoughtform.

Now the interesting thing here is that all of these teachers will make some statements which are true and some that are false.

Am I saying that a teacher of the Brotherhood of Light may give out false doctrine from time to time?

Yes, he may, because no person under the influence of the flesh is infallible. Even the true teacher may get over confident from time to time and give out teachings without checking with the soul first.

What then is the difference between the true teacher and the other four categories?

The Teacher of light may not be infallible, but his overall teachings will be very accurate.

A Brother of Light has purity of intent to teach the truth no matter where it takes him and will not consciously deceive. He (or she) will also give out many new teachings shedding a new light, expanding on new principles that can be verified by the soul of the student. He will speak words, eternal words that will not pass away. His words will stimulate the intuition in the student and from time to time bring a “flashing forth” of light within the mind making clear that which was previously obscure.

Teachers not in alignment with the Brotherhood may teach many things that are true, but will also have a mixture of many things that are not true.

Many of these teachers have no qualms about the use of deception to obtain their ends.

These teachers will use many fancy words and give out much data, but rarely will they expand on a principle by using words of simplicity.

They do not speak eternal words and their teachings will pass away in a generation or two.

Even with these drawbacks the sincere student can find gems of truth revealed by all teachers in a of the five categories above.

Let me give an example.

Rodney has a big ego and wants to make a name for himself as a great teacher. He realizes that Einstein was one of the greatest minds of all time so he studies him intently. After a thorough study he begins to wish he had thought up many of Einstein’s theories.

Then he does the next best thing and “borrows” Einstein’s teachings and changes the terms. Instead of calling his most famous discovery the “Theory of Relativity” he renames it “The Doctrine of Space/Time Relationships,” and writes much about it incorporating a rewording of the great scientist’s teachings.

Now let us suppose that Jim (who has never read Einstein) come across Rodney’s writings and studies them in the light of the soul. What will he find?

He will find as much truth in Rodney’s writings as he would have by studying Einstein in so far as Rodney reproduced them correctly.

Does this then make Rodney a true teacher? After all, Jim is learning some truth here.

No it does not.


Because the teaching begins with a deception – the deception that Rodney originated the principles he was teaching.

But Jim is learning something, so where is the harm?

Answer: The harm comes from several levels. Not only is Rodney operating from a plane of deception, but he is a thief, stealing a revelation that was not his own.

Now suppose that Jim is impressed with Rodney because of this theft and wants to be a student and learn more.

If the real Einstein were the teacher Jim would indeed learn much more that was true. But the real question here is where will Rodney take Jim now he has given out all he has taken from Einstein? Because he has no greater truth he now has to make them up and now he is relying purely on his imagination and the majority of what he teaches hereafter is false.

Unfortunately, there are many Jims out there who are impressed by a stolen truth and then trust the later imaginary teachings without running them by their souls.

This is a subtle manipulation used by the Brothers of Darkness and often their pawns have no idea of their participation therein.

I first took note of Elizabeth Claire Prophet when I discovered her book entitled “Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura.” This book caught my attention because it was supposed to be channeled by Djwhal Khul.

After reading a couple pages it became obvious to me that these were not the words of the Tibetan Master. It sounded nothing like his thought process and a number of items even disagree with what he gave through Alice A. Bailey.

I thought I had better give it a fair trial and forced myself to read the whole book. I found a couple passages I underlined but the material could not compare in intelligence to the real DK.

Then I checked out some of her other writings channeling several other masters. I was not surprised to find that all these masters sounded the same, use the same vocabulary, the same thought process with the same degree of light. I concluded that all the teachings of all these masters were the work and imagination of one person – Ms Prophet.

A reader points out that the book I gave reference to on Ms Prophet sounds like a hatchet job and this may be correct to a degree, but let me state this.

Any controversial teacher or leader will have both extremes written about him. There is no better example of this than Joseph Smith. I have heard that more words have been written about him than any other American including George Washington.

It is almost impossible to find an objective book about him for writers either seen to love him or hate him.

Those who accept him ignore any controversial material and whitewash his history. In fact the Mormon Church recently excommunicated a respected LDS historian who revealed documents indicating Joseph dabbled in magic, astrology and the occult.

On the other hand, the anti-Mormons go out of their way to dig up anything that puts him in a bad light and almost every sentence they write is drenched in hate and attack.

So what should the seeker of truth do here? Should he avoid reading what both sides have to say because of distortion?


He must read both sides and in doing so he will find many verifiable details on both sides which are true. He must then take these truths and put together a picture in his mind from an objective point of view.

The same is true of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. One must read both sides and then come to an objective conclusion.

In any study the greatest weight must be given to the actual words of the teacher. Are they borrowed from someone else or are they true revelation? If they are borrowed is proper credit noted?

When I first read Elizabeth Claire Prophet I noticed that much was borrowed from Alice A. Bailey yet no credit was noted. Then I checked the list of books the group offered for sale. Many books were listed, but the Bailey books were mysteriously absent. Could it be that Ms Prophet did not want students reading Bailey for fear of learning where much of her channeled material came from?

I haven’t checked their booklist for some time, but this was the situation at that time.

Even if Elizabeth Claire Prophet does not channel real Masters some good (as well as bad) comes from her teachings. Many have been stimulated her written words which are true or insightful and have been given encouragement to continue their search.

Question: The Bailey writings mention a handful of masters in the Hierarchy, but what about all the other entities I read about who are sending channeled messages? Are they masters also?

Just because someone claims to channel a great entity does not mean he really is doing so. As DK stated more than 90% of these communications are not from the Brotherhood of Light.

The only names one can be sure of are those verified through your own personal communion with Higher Lives or soul contact.

Many trance channels claim to be in contact with the Archangel Michael who is one of the Kumaras under the Ancient of Days (The Planetary Logos). The Kumaras under the logos do not teach mankind directly, but work with the Christ and his Hierarchy and in turn they teach us as DK has. DK is one of the members of Christ’s inner circle, or Molecule.

Djwhal Khul represented the Hierarchy in giving out foundation teachings for the new age. This was the major revelation of the 20th century. We are told that the next major revelation of esoteric teachings will be given out starting around 2025. These advanced esoteric teachings will be given out again by Djwhal Khul but through another agent besides Alice A. Bailey.

He calls the period we are in now as “revelatory.” This is a period in which higher principles are revealed, understood and promoted. It is also a period to obtain greater insights and understanding of that which has already been revealed.

DK envisioned teaching and expounding esoteric philosophy through the media after 1975 and hoped that by now the teachings would have received much larger circulation. Disciples are behind schedule and we must make up for lost time over the next twenty years.

Concerning our current time he wrote:

“In the next century and early in the century an initiate will appear and will carry on this teaching. It will be under the same “impression,” for my task is not yet completed and this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run.” Rays and Initiations, Page 255

The need of the hierarchy right now is not to prepare for space aliens or to enter a fifth or fifteenth dimension, but to shed further light on what has already been revealed and add light on the understanding of principles. The Oneness Principle, for instance will be of extreme importance for seekers.

I was asked if I had an understanding of the Merkabah.

The Merkabah was an obscure concept presented in some Kabballa writings and made popular and expanded on by J J Hurtak in the Keys of Enoch.

His explanation of the Merkabah is very ambiguous but basically seems to be something like this.

The Merkaba is a vehicle of light created by the mind of God that connects the highest universe and lives with the lowest creation and lives.

Hurtak gives a lot of detailed information on the Merkabah using technical and obscure scientific terms and has given rise to much channeled information surfacing in recent times causing many to believe they are going to either ascend or go to some higher dimension in the Merkabah. So far 100% of the predictions concerning this type of thing has not transpired.

Even if the true Merkabah fits Hurtak’s description, it does little good to go into endless details beyond the ability to prove or verify. This technical approach was more the method of the first solar system where the third Ray was perfected.

In this present solar system the goal is to develop consciousness more than knowledge of technical details.


Because form was perfected in the previous system and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All knowledge of form and vehicles is already programmed within us and as we raise up our consciousness the latent programs will begin to run. There is no need to rewrite the program – it is already there waiting for us to press the button with our consciousness.

I therefore, do not attempt to teach (or even learn) the technical details of the Merkabah, but seek to understand and teach the principles of linking lower lives to higher lives. When the principle is understood and applied the science will take care of itself.

I will say this. There is much illusion floating around on this subject as well as the idea of activating DNA.

June 23, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Soul Energy

Soul Energy

Question: Is the intuitive plane, the home of the soul?

Soul contact allows us to open the door to the intuitive plane and above.

Remember that soul energy is the result of interplay between spirit and matter. When one tunes into this energy of interplay then he opens the door to the higher worlds.

Soul contact is represented by the two interlocking triangles in the Star of David. The lower Triangle represents the three worlds of matter, or form and the higher triangle represents the higher Triad of worlds of Spirit – Atma-Buddhi-Manas. These six originate from the seventh point, or higher correspondence to soul contact called the Divine Plane or Plane of Adi

Concerning the principle of election, in relation to business, it sounds like the general consensus is in harmony with what I have written in the Molecular Business.

I do not see much difference in applying the principle of election whether it be in spiritual matters, in politics or business.

Most of my life, save a few years, I have worked for myself. I have largely been motivated to work for myself, because in the small amount of time I have worked for others I have found employment to be more restrictive of my freedoms than perhaps any other thing in life. The larger the company you work for the more restrictive it normally is and the more dangerous it is to speak your mind, if critical, to an authority.

I believe that the principle of election maximized in a business, especially the larger businesses would force those in charge to be civil to those under their authority and to at least make an effort to listen to their suggestions.

The principle of election in business would enhance, not hinder free enterprise.

Larry made a good statement as far as election and business goes:

“Actually in a true free enterprise economy the greatest check and balance is election. That is the “election” that people make when they vote for one product over another by opening their wallet and buying it! ;)”

There has been considerable discussion about the use of soul contact in the spiritual Molecules.

First let me stress that what I’ve done in applying the principle of election to politics and business is to create a practical application to the lesser spiritual areas of life where soul contact may not be understood or applied.

As far as the Spiritual Molecule goes, no matter how selective we are various members will go in and out of contact. Some members will definitely wonder about the spirituality of other members as the molecules move forward.

It will be important that the leader of each molecule is capable of “keeping his mind steady in the light.” If this is the case then he can direct the consciousness of the group toward the soul. If all are capable of soul contact, but move in and out of the light in their daily activities, then they can be brought back to their center when they meet as a group.

It would be impossible to depend on soul contact alone to keep any organization in the light because sooner or later a leader will surface, not centered on the soul, but the personality, especially if selection is by appointment.

This is why the principle of election is so important. When one with soul contact challenges the leader and speaks to the souls of the group, he will generally be elected.

If the election process is set aside in favor of appointment then it will not be long before the majority of the group will not have soul contact and when this occurs an enlightened one will not be able to be elected even if he speaks from the soul, for he will not be heard .

For instance, if I were to speak from the soul to any orthodox group of Christians you may rest assured they would not vote me in as their leader.

The life of the spiritual molecules will depend on the group reaching oneness through the soul when they meet together.

When this is achieved in three or more molecules a firm link will be established between heaven and earth and the chance will be strong that the new Tree of Life will grow and mature on its own, never to be overthrown.

Question: how do we tell if a claim of being I contact with the Masters is true or delusion?

The line between good and evil is very subtle because the dark side does not represent their true philosophy to the public or to most of their earthly representatives.

Instead they attempt to make people believe they are on the side of light and love.

Actually Djwhal Khul tells us that more than 90% of communications claiming to be inspired or from the Masters is delusion. From my studies I may say the figure may be higher than that.

I did not realize Ms. Prophet used the term “guardians” for the masters. Interesting

I’ll give you a few of my thoughts with this caveat. The only infallible authority is your own soul, so realize I could be wrong and check with your inner self to the best of your ability.

The first thing to look for is the use of authority. Elizabeth Claire Prophet exerts strong authority over her group and has trained no one to replace her. Whenever I have talked to one of her followers they come across like Jehovah Witnesses unwilling to even listen to anything that may contradict Ms Prophet.

False prophesies: She has made numerous predictions which have not come true. She took her group to Montana to prepare for a disaster which did not occur, for instance.

The Masters are lining up to speak through her. A high disciple is fortunate to have one Master to work with them. They have better things to do than to stand in line to channel through any human teacher.

Contradictions. Djwhal Khul indicated he would not speak again to humanity until 2025, yet Elizabeth Claire Prophet claims he channels through her regularly.

Direct Voice. Elizabeth Claire Prophet channels through the process of direct voice which the masters do not use, with very rare exceptions. Instead the Masters use telepathy or the science of impression. A direct voice channel is evidence of the presence of an astral entity.

A true teacher will give out new principles. Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s teachings are a rewording of teachings already in circulation. I have found nothing new in them. The masters do not like to repeat themselves.

Is money a motive? Elizabeth Claire Prophet lives pretty high and wears a fortune in Jewelry at all times.

I do not think she is a dark magician or works consciously on the dark side, but because of self deception she has been used by them.

There are several books about her that can be found at Amazon.

June 13, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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The Power of Election

The Power of Election

A reader comments on my teachings concerning the principle of election as it will be used in the Molecular Relationship and the Molecular Business. He thinks it may not work much better than the present system.

In the Molecular Orders the leaders are selected by an election of their peers, but once the leader is in position he or she has power to make appointments, assignments, instructions, etc. The benefit of the election ingredient is that this prevents the leader from abusing power because if he becomes too authoritative he can be challenged and replaced through a new election. This situation forces the leader to conscientiously take counsel from the group so each person becomes a part of the creative process.

So long as the molecular leader is in place through election he or she then has power to appoint people for certain tasks or call for volunteers similar to what I have done in relationship with this group.

However, permanent positions of leadership will be achieved through either election or initiation. Initiation is the method when a new group is being established. If you, for instance, were to create a Synthesis Group in your area as a Molecular link, no formal election would be necessary. You are the natural leader, for the group elects you by joining with you. But if you later decided to move to another area where there is another group there would need to be a formal election if the leader is to e replaced.

The reader continues: “You have also stated that there are good and proper uses of authority. I would suggest to you that the same thing is true of appointment. There are both good and bad uses of appointment.’

JJ: Yes, there are many good ways to use the power of appointment, but those who have a lengthy authority over you should maintain that power through election, or free will of the subjects. There are many temporary situations where an appointment or volunteering is the most efficient.

The reader continues: Oddly enough Joseph Smith said that , “The heads of the Gods appointed one God for us”(DHC 6:476). I would presume that was a good use of the power of appointment? I would especially presume that since you described these entities themselves as being in molecular relationships to which the first human molecule will link sometime in the future.

JJ: The Planetary Logos could not be elected by human souls or other life forms for they were not yet self conscious units when he came here 23 million years ago.

Before he came there would have been a Molecular meeting and the earth project would have been discussed. Volunteers would have been called for. If there were none then one would have been suggested by the head member and discussion pro and con would have followed. The final one selected would have voluntarily accepted the position. In other words, this entity would be one who through freewill would initiate a part of the plan on planet earth.

DK makes further comments on this indicating that the Ancient of Days is here through his own initiative, yet fulfilling the will of greater lives.

The leader of the greater Molecules would have obtained position by either initiation or election and sustained by the freewill of the group.

A lesser Molecule here on earth would have its leader selected by either election or initiation and would also have many projects. A comparable illustration on the human level would be the discussion of extending the Molecular Order from a location in the United States to Peru. Volunteers would be noted and one would be selected to head up the project. There is no one yet in Peru to elect him to a position of authority, but as the work progresses those who join with the initiator will do so by electing to join with him.

The basic principle is this. The Brotherhood of Light operates through a maximum use of free will and all long term authority must be sustained through free will or the power of election.

Appointment must be limited to projects where free will is not infringed or election is impractical.

You are right that a big problem is business today is too much government interference, but that is a problem separate from the internal efficiency of the company. Even with no outside governmental controls there are many problems for a business to work out and the leaders can still become a beast of authority to the employees. The principle of election can solve this problem for those who wish to rise above the power of the beast.

Alternatives to Election

It is true my friends that the election process is not perfect and all notice in our political system that elections can be manipulated. The thing to consider is that no governing or selection process is perfect as long as human error enters into the equation.

But what is the alternative to election?

There are three alternatives for an existing nation, group or organization.

(1) Appointment

(2) Seizure

(3) Birth

The main problem with these is that the people subject to authority have no power to remove the leader.

For instance in Communist China the chairman is appointed from the top and the people have no power to vote him out.

Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba and again the people had no power to remove him by any available process. Saddam Hussein did the same thing.

Some of the worst kings and emperors in times past obtained their rule through birth.

It is true that the election process in the U.S. has given us imperfect presidents such as Nixon and Clinton, but would you have rather lived in this country during the Clinton years or live in Iraq with no freedoms under a tyrant?

To throw out the principle of election because of imperfections opens the door to tyranny. Hitler didn’t like the idea of election and talked his people out of the principle and look at what they received as a replacement.

All a person has to do to see the benefit of free elections is to compare countries who choose by election compared to those who rule by appointment or seizure.

The point is that if we do not chose authorities by election then we are faced with an alternative with much greater imperfections.

The imperfections that we have witnessed in the election process comes from four main causes.

(1) A lack of accurate knowledge disseminated to the public.

(2) A manipulation of public opinion by those who misuse power.

(3) Encouraging people to vote who know nothing about the issues.

(4) Having so many candidates that an extremist can be elected with a minority vote.

The first two can be solved by an accurate and fair presentation of the facts. The third can be solved by requiring voters to obtain at least a basic knowledge of what they are voting on. The fourth can be solved by having the final vote reduced to two people. This principle was recently illustrated in France when Le Pen (considered an extremist) was defeated by a wide margin in the final run off of two candidates.

As I said there is a time and place for appointments but for those who will have long term authority over us there must exist the power of the governed to hold them in check and remove them periodically. In the molecular relationship, however, decisions may be made by individuals or the group as a whole.

It might be of interest to look at some quotes by Thomas Jefferson on this principle. I particularly like the first quote:

“Where the law of the majority ceases to be acknowledged, there government ends; the law of the strongest takes its place, and life and property are his who can take them.” –Thomas Jefferson to Annapolis Citizens, 1809.

“The only way a republican government can function, and the only way a people’s voice can be expressed to effect a practicable control of government, is through a process in which decisions are made by the majority. This is not a perfect way of controlling government, but the alternatives–decisions made by a minority, or by one person–are even worse. Rule by consent of ALL the governed is not practicable, since it would mean that government would be paralyzed on controversial issues. To be just, majority decisions must be in the best interest of all the people, not just one segment.”

“The first principle of republicanism is that the lex majoris partis is the fundamental law of every society of individuals of equal rights; to consider the will of the society enounced by the majority of a single vote as sacred as if unanimous is the first of all lessons in importance, yet the last which is thoroughly learnt. This law once disregarded, no other remains but that of force, which ends necessarily in military despotism.” –Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, 1817.

“The will of the people… is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.” –Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Waring, 1801.

“The fundamental principle of [a common government of associated States] is that the will of the majority is to prevail.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Eustis, 1809.

“Civil government being the sole object of forming societies, its administration must be conducted by common consent.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia, 1782.

“It is the multitude which possess force, and wisdom must yield to that.” –Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816.

“I subscribe to the principle, that the will of the majority honestly expressed should give law.” –Thomas Jefferson: The Anas, 1793.

“Every man, and every body of men on earth, possesses the right of self-government. They receive it with their being from the hand of nature. Individuals exercise it by their single will; collections of men by that of their majority; for the law of the majority is the natural law of every society of men.” –Thomas Jefferson: Opinion on Residence Bill, 1790.

“The Lex majoris partis, founded in common law as well as common right, is the natural law of every assembly of men whose numbers are not fixed by any other law.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia, 1782.

“The fundamental law of every society is the lex majoris partis, to which we are bound to submit.” –Thomas Jefferson to David Humphreys, 1789.

“The people of [a] country [that have] never been in the habit of self-government [will] not [be] in the habit of acknowledging that fundamental law of nature by which alone self-government can be exercised by a society, I mean the lex majoris partis. Of the sacredness of this law, our countrymen are impressed from their cradle so that with them it is almost innate. This single circumstance may possibly decide the fate of [a nation].” –Thomas Jefferson to James Breckenridge, Jan. 29, 1800.

“If we are faithful to our country, if we acquiesce, with good will, in the decisions of the majority, and the nation moves in mass in the same direction, although it may not be that which every individual thinks best, we have nothing to fear from any quarter.” –Thomas Jefferson to Virginia Baptists, 1808.

June 8, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Planet X and the Desire to Gather

Planet X and the Desire to Gather

I received a post from a reader criticizing me for not taking the predicted encounter with Planet X more seriously. She thinks there is all kinds of evidence it is approaching and will wreck havoc on our planet so I should sound a warning voice.

I am sure there are a number thinking along similar lines to this person so this is a good point to bring up.

I am not making a judgment without reading the book she mentioned, so to speak, for I have read most of the details of the prophecy on the internet.

The excitement around Planet X (called Nibiru) centers around the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. Now the interesting thing is that the prediction of the appearance of Planet X, supposed to come around Spring of 2003 is not made or supported by Sitchin. He thinks the planet will show up someday, but not sure when.

A person making the prophecy is Mark Hazelwood who claims that Planet X is a brown dwarf that will visit is about a year from now (J writing in June 2002).

We do not need soul contact to be assured this will not happen.


Because a brown dwarf is much larger than Jupiter, up to 48 times as large, and is likely to still be emitting light of its own. Anything this large would be visible to the naked eye for about five years before its supposed approach to the earth.

The prediction is that Planet X will arrive in Spring of 2003, less than a year from now. At the fastest possible orbiting speed from an elongated orbit this planet would now have to be closer than Jupiter to have a chance of getting here within a year.

If then Planet X were within the obit of Jupiter it would be the brightest object in the night sky, over 20 times brighter than Venus the brightest object in the Sky, next to the moon. If it was a brown dwarf with residual light of its own, it could be a bright as the moon.

Because we look up in the sky and see no such object, then the only conclusion is that there is no brown dwarf within harm’s way for years to come.

Some have seen the discovery of new asteroids as evidence of Planet X, but Planet X has been described as something much larger than an Asteroid. Asteroid 2000WR106 was thought by some to be evidence of Planet X, but this was only about 10% the mass of Pluto and since it is about 4 billion miles from us, it poses no more threat than any other orb in our solar system.

I believe that Emmanuel Velikovsky is much closer to the truth than Sitchin. He shows evidence that planets have shifted out of their orbits and have visited the earth in the past. Such is a correspondent of planetary sex which gives birth to a new life form of some kind on the earth. The creation of the Molecular Relationship (a new life form) has the potential to invoke a planetary visit.

The thing to keep in mind is that such an event just does not happen at random with no purpose other than to destroy. A true planetary visit is part of the creation process in the universe which enhances life while destroying the obstacles to life.

One thing the gathering has accomplished is that it has gotten a number of people enthused about getting together. Everyone enjoyed each others’ company so much I see a number of you are contemplating the possibility of moving closer to each other or establishing gathering points or whatever. There are a number of ideas floating around on this so I thought I’d make some comments on it.

The first thing to remember about the gathering is the principle itself. Gathering is an actual principle behind evolution of all things. For instance, atoms gather and produce molecules. Molecules gather and produce amino acids and the gathering of life forces produce cells then cells produce organs and so on. Thus the purpose of the gathering is to stimulate evolution. Thus it is with humanity. When people gathered; when tribes gathered together, they produced kingdoms, which was a greater organization than the tribe. All the people gathered out of the kingdoms and came to America and produced a better form of government with greater freedoms available to all. And so it is with the next gathering. The purpose of the next gathering will be to stimulate evolution again; to be able to gather the lights from throughout the Earth and create a system of living that will be new and different and better and improved over and above anything that’s been done before. When this happens, the rest of the world looks at the improvement and says, “We want to copy this. We want to be like the people of this group.

So, in order for a gathering to be successful it must produce a society better than anything that’s been done before. There have been a number of gatherings attempted by various groups, mostly religious oriented, that have failed. Two basic things have caused failure. Number one is too strong of an authority. That is they gather around some charismatic leader and they blindly obey. The second cause of failure is no authority at all. This is the situations like communes, hippies and so on where everyone just gets together and follows whatever comes along. These don’t succeed either. Authority, organization and law have to be applied according to the middle way, just like everything else. Every extreme turns out to be detrimental in the end. So, to produce a successful gathering the extreme of too much authority and the extreme of no authority have to be avoided and a balance has to be achieved.

To have this balance we can’t swing over where we have the mark of the beast and don’t think for ourselves and just do what we’re told without thinking. On the other hand, we cannot be a law unto ourselves. If a person is a law unto himself he is heading toward a kingdom where he has no glory whatsoever. All kingdoms must be governed by law but there must be just law. To this end I’ve written the book that many of you are familiar with called “The Molecular Relationship.” In that I describe how an association can be built up where people can think for themselves yet you don’t have the inertia of a group thought form holding progress back. Both the individual and the group will have the authority to exercise its initiative. Matter of fact, people will move ahead in the molecular relationship by exercising the initiative to be an initiate.

The basic idea behind the molecular relationship applies on several different levels. One is the spiritual level and this is the one that most of you are excited about because it will produce a greater life form, so to speak. But the basic laws and principles behind it can be applied to business, politics and other types of environments that are not so much spiritual that will just produce an effect of efficient management of the endeavor. Now, with the molecular business the business has to be a fairly substantial business before the Molecular Relationship will be effective in it. It wouldn’t work with a one horse type of operation. Preferably you’d need a business with over a hundred employees to really make it work accurately or effectively. Larry kind of doubts whether or not the election process would work in it. With a small business it wouldn’t work. It would have to be a larger business, like HP or something like that. I believe it would work very well. You would have people working in groups naturally then they can elect who their leaders will be.

Susan was talking about how a janitor can become president and that is true but it wouldn’t happen in one leap. There are several levels he would need to progress through. Say, his first group is composed of 12 people. He can challenge the guy above him for his position if he desires. However if the person is only trained to be a janitor and he’s working for a large company there may be 12 janitors with a manager among them so he’d be challenging the lead janitor for his position, not somebody that’s out of his realm of expertise. Nobody is going to elect him to be the head of a group of engineers if he has no engineering ability. The reason election will work so well in business is that the people will make money in the molecular business according to how well their group and the whole business is doing. So if they can elect a person who is actually going to make the business more efficient then everybody will make more money so employees will have a strong incentive to get the best guy as their leader.

Larry mentioned that there are a lot of details I haven’t covered that will have to be worked out and that is true. It’s like I’ve said many times, you cannot establish perfection by making everything perfect right at the beginning. It’s the same when picking something like the molecular business. We will have to experiment and keep what works and discard what doesn’t work. We’ll have to approach the things we’re doing from the scientific angle. Now, this is one big advantage we’ll have over other people who are into spiritual beliefs because the typical group in spiritual philosophy will say, “I’ve got this revelation and since it’s from God it’s perfect. We have to follow it.” Then there are no changes to be instituted. Any such project is doomed to failure because you can’t start out with perfection, even if it’s a revelation from God. God will give you the basic principle then you have to work out the details.

So in all the things that we will do in the molecular orders we will do a certain amount of experimentation but through soul contact we will be able to sense that certain principles are valid. For instance, the principle of election is a very powerful principle that many of us can see how it can work and benefit mankind. We have to fine tune it as to the different avenues that we can use it but wherever there is a possibility of using it to enhance things we should go that direction because the power of election is a tremendous power that will be here to establish the new age to come. Let’s say a person is in a gathered situation and he has a business where he has just two or three employees. This wouldn’t be practical to apply the principle of election here. Not until the business got bigger. It would need preferably about a hundred people to bring in the power of election and make it function well. The power of election will make a big business function with the efficiency of small business yet it will retain all of the advantages of a big business.

Now, when the lights gather there will be several things we will do different than the gatherings in the past. One of the problems in many of the past gatherings is too much authority or no authority at all. Where there is too much authority the slackers tend to try to escape authority and try to escape work and doing their share. Where there is too little authority the slackers have the same problem. So, what any organization needs in order to work is individual incentives. When we are in a gathered situation we’re not going to have a situation where we’re just going to leave it up to people to get the grunt work done. There are certain jobs more desirable and certain jobs less desirable. In our current system the less desirable jobs, like garbage collection get done because people make reasonably good money doing it. The same holds true when we’re in a gathered situation. The less desirable jobs will get done because people will get paid to get them done. So, in that aspect it won’t be that much different than today except all of the businesses will be united through a molecular relationship of some type. It will be a little different than the spiritual molecular relationship but it will be as closely knit as possible.

The businesses of the new age will be geared, not only to, say, manufacturing and getting a job done but also to help establish relationship where maybe people have an hour break to go and attend a class or get some relaxation.. We’ll be using our imagination to make our work part of our enjoyment as well as a means for making a living for ourselves. Eventually humanity may reach a stage to where they have an inner incentive to do what is right and effective in their jobs but right now most of us are not there and we need some individual incentive. This is why capitalism works so well; because people have individual incentive to get ahead and succeed and make money. A certain amount of this incentive needs to still be here for some time to come until we reach a point where we will automatically do whatever job it is we’re supposed to do. When we eventually reach that stage of society then there can be an area of tremendous abundance and spiritual outpouring of gifts.

Some are talking about maybe moving together; maybe coming to Boise or Seattle or Manti, Utah or even Texas to gather together. This would be fine. Everyone is a free agent. Like Diane said if everyone wanted to move to Boise there is nothing stopping them. For those who might be considering moving to Boise though, I won’t be prepared for awhile yet to spend any significant amount of time with anyone who might move here. If I had a couple dozen people now in Boise call me up on a regular basis it would be more of a distraction than a help. Later on it will be more of a help than a distraction.

I want to emphasize that I’m not against gathering now or in the future. The whole purpose of everything I’ve done is for the purpose of gathering but the gathering has to be done right and in order for it to work. It’s like Jesus said, “If you want to build a tower make sure you have the capacity to finish the tower or else you’ll get half done and leave it unfinished and everyone will laugh at you.” He said, “So it is with the kingdom of God.” You must take stock of the goal in mind then ask yourself if you have the ability to finish it. This is my situation. I have to look at what I can do and take those steps. Eventually what I can do will be increased and the amount of free time I have will eventually be increased.

There will come a time when a call will go out for a general gathering of the lights. That time is not yet. Until that time comes, people will gather together, first of all into synthesis groups in various towns from Houston to Dallas, from New York to Los Angeles. They’ll gather together in groups and establish them in the local area. Then there may be certain areas where people will want to gather in larger numbers. Maybe they might want to gather in Manti or Boise and they’ll come and gather in these various locations. Some might want to go build a community in the woods somewhere. Others might want to stay in cities and have gathering together in group activity once or twice a week or whatever. Those that do gather in significant numbers will be encourage to start businesses and work together and make money as a group.

So there is a lot to look forward to and we’re going to have abilities to gather in ways, even when we’re apart, that we haven’t had in the history of humanity before. Larry made what I think is a very accurate statement about the gathering. “There will be many stages; each building on the pervious stage. The more I think about it the very first step necessary will be people moving into some type of proximity to each other. That doesn’t require someone to come up with a business in which everyone can participate.”

That’s true. It doesn’t require a business. It would be nice if there was a type of business where if we want someone to move over here we could say, “Hey we can put you up with a job.”

It was nice at the gathering to meet some of you old-timers that I haven’t met in person before and also many of the new people. Some of the new people I think are joining the group. Some people we’ve known awhile but haven’t met in the flesh like Marylin who reminded me a little bit of my sweet mother. Keith seemed like an old friend. It’s great to meet Diane Linen and the fact that her health is improving and Melva, Assaf and a number of the others who have been in the group for some time.

I feel that this gathering was a turning point. It seemed to create an energy that made the vision of what it’s like to be in the company of like-minded souls that are seeking after greater light and truth. For some it seemed like coming home again. I think many people in the group have known each other in previous lives.

June 4, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Seeing the Christ Within, Part 2

Texas Gathering, Part Twenty-Three
Seeing the Christ Within, Part 2

Audience Question: If you are married to somebody who is the least of your brethren (laughter) is it better to stay there and overcome the irritation in order for growth or would it be the highest that you know?

JJ: Just because he’s the least of your brethren doesn’t mean you have to stay with him. You have to obtain contact your soul on that. It’d be hard and even wrong for me to advise you one way or another because that’s something you have to search internally. If you decide it would be best for your individual progression to leave, that’s not hurting his free will in any way.

Audience: How long should we-I mean in talking about being with someone that’s really irritating-in order to overcome that we need to work on it. If you come across someone who is irritating should we try to work on it or should we just go the other way?

JJ: Well, in a relationship, if you figure the relationship has nowhere to go then I personally would end it and find a better relationship. But that doesn’t mean that the next relationship or the next person you work with or the next kid that you have is going to be a piece of cake to work with. You’re always going to have someone in your life who’s difficult. So if you get rid of your spouse and get another spouse your troubles aren’t going to be over. Sometimes the next spouse may even be worse. Even if your spouse is the greatest person on the Earth there are other difficult people you’re going to meet.

Audience: What if you meet someone a friend or whatever who is just an irritating person. Should you run away from them or do you stand there and try to calm your feelings about that.

JJ: I try to avoid people who irritate me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But if there isn’t any way to avoid them I try to look upon the Christ within them and say, “This person has the Christ trying to manifest.” I’ll treat them nice and kind and like I would with somebody I really liked but I’m not going out of my way to spend time with them, only the time that’s necessary.

Audience: I had a husband who was the least of my brethren and I read the Course in Miracles where it said that you can love anybody regardless of how they treat you so I tried so hard to love him even though he was really mean. I said, “It’s okay, you can say those horrible things to me and I’ll love you anyway.” The Course in Miracles caused a dichotomy in me because it’s not really right to stay in a hostile environment. If you’re in a hostile environment and you’re constantly saying, “I love you. OUCH. I love you too. Ouch.” It’s not going to work. What I finally came to the conclusion of is I will love you from a distance. I still love him. He’s a good guy. I see the Christ in him from a distance. You stay there. I’ll stay here.

JJ: Even Hitler had buried within him a soul where the Christ dwells yet we certainly didn’t want him to win WWII so he could be over us, did we? The best thing to do was to get him out of the way where he was harmless. There is nothing wrong with avoiding people that irritate you or that are awkward to deal with. This is the principle behind the gathering. Those who have a high state of consciousness enjoy being with others of like minds. Like gathers to like as the scripture says. When like gathers to like there is greater joy and peace but there are times when light must go with darkness for a period of time. When this happens the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. So among your friends who are dark you may be a light that shines among them and they don’t see you for awhile for what you are but you see them for what they are. You see that they have a soul that is covered with darkness and it needs to be manifest.

Audience: It may not be your spouse. It may not be someone you can just walk away from. It could be one of your children.

JJ: That’s true. It could be anybody. It could be your boss. Again, the key is to see the Christ within them. Realize there is the Christ within them and focus on the Christ within them and let the negative energy that they send to just pass through you. Just visualize it passing through.

Audience: That and your children aren’t going to hurt you. When you’re getting away from somebody because they’re hurting you and you’re in a hurtful relationship, harm is one thing. Irritation is another.

JJ: Have you watched these talk shows lately? I saw one the other night where a little 12 year old kid was beating up his mother all the time.

Rick: It’s one thing to love your puppy dog but you don’t have to like it when he piddles on your carpet.

JJ: I saw a bumper sticker awhile back. It said, “The more people I meet the more I like my dog.” The great part about a dog is when you open the door he is happy to see you no matter what type of personality you have.

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: Right. Hitler had dogs and his dogs probably thought he was the greatest guy in the universe. I bet the dogs were all over him when he got home. They probably even melted his heart. He probably patted them and thought his dogs were great and treated them good. The dog is kind of a symbol of looking on the soul. The dog sees nothing wrong with you. He only sees the good part of you. If we could take that to a higher level and just concentrate on seeing the good part in each individual it would be amazing how much better response we’d get out of them normally but not always. Sometimes when you look upon the soul of another person and this person is just determined to aggravate you, it’s like there is a handful of people who react negatively to love and acceptance. To this handful of individuals, the more you accept them and look upon the pure love of Christ and don’t respond negatively to them the more they will come at you and attack you. They will get more and more fierce until you have to get out of their presence. Have you ever met anybody like that?

So with some people giving love and acceptance is like throwing water on a vampire. It enflames them and gets them all bent out of shape. But to the average person who has had some contact with his soul it will completely change him around. I remember I was selling advertising one time – I used to sell advertising on the phone – this guy answered and he started chewing me out for calling and he was really rude. I was really pleasant and said ok. I hung up and five minutes later he actually called me back. He said, “You were so nice to me that it made me feel terrible that I treated you so rotten. I’ll buy an ad from you.” We don’t get calls like that very often. Sometimes it does affect the other person when you see the Christ within them and see the best within them. The funny thing about people is everybody thinks they are a decent person. Lorraine talks about her ex-husband and he’s the most irritating guy she can imagine yet how do you think he looks upon himself? He thinks he’s a nice person.

If you’ve ever read the book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People, it starts with an interesting story about a guy who was on the most wanted list, two-gun Willy or something like that. The police were chasing him and they had him cornered and he was perhaps the most wanted guy in all America and the most hated guy in the country. The papers portrayed him as the most evil character you could imagine. When they had him cornered and he just had a short period of time before he was captured he started writing a letter just in case he was gunned down. He wanted the world to know something. He wrote in this letter that he thought he was a good person, he never wanted to hurt anybody and he only wanted to do good all his life. The way he wrote it he portrayed himself like he couldn’t see anything wrong with himself. Yet he was the most hated man in America at the time.

Dale Carnegie pointed out that this may sound odd to us to hear this letter from this killer, this most wanted man that everyone hated but he said everybody feels that way about themselves. Almost everyone feels that they’re a good person. Sometimes we put ourselves down but inside we think we’re really pretty good. Most people feel that. He says everybody, no matter how bad they are, no matter what they’ve done, they think they’ve done the best with their life that they could’ve done. Therefore, he said, you must be very careful how you criticize or how you look upon the other person because they think they’re OK. He said if you want to win friends and influence people we must play upon that idea. Play upon the idea that they are a good person. Look upon them as a good person then they will start responding as they are a better person.

From my experience I agree with Lorraine. It may not work with everybody but it will work with a large percentage of people. There is a small percentage of people that make a science out of being aggravating and take joy in aggravating people. When I worked as a fireman for a couple of years one time a fellow worker kept doing these really aggravating things. I just kept ignoring him. We had a kitchen where we made our meals and he’d tip over my plate. I’d say, “What’s your problem?” I’d pick it up and be very patient with him. This went of for 3 or 4 days and I kept thinking, “What’s this guy’s problem? He’s doing such weird things around me.” Finally he came up to me and said, “I’ve been doing an experiment with you. I’ve never seen you get angry at anybody. I wanted to see if you could get angry so I’ve been doing everything I can to aggravate you. You ignore it. I don’t understand it.”

I said, “I didn’t realize you were trying to make me angry. I thought you were being a little weird.” That made him more irritated still. He was irritated that he didn’t make me angry but where he failed my first wife was able to succeed. (laughter)

So it’s interesting that there is always somebody who can irritate you. Every once in awhile somebody can say those certain right words that make you feel like strangling them. When you hear those words, that’s the time of the real test. That’s the time to really examine the person’s soul.

We have a great group here. I feel like I can look on the souls of anybody here. Everybody is a good decent person. Perhaps if we knew each other well enough it could be difficult for us. Perhaps I may be difficult for all of you if you knew me very well and knew all the quirks of my personality. That’s one thing about meeting in this way. We don’t have a lot of personality to overlook. One person I knew years back told me I had no personality so maybe I’m easy to overlook. Who knows.

Audience: What about the concept that the people who irritate you the most are the people you need to learn lessons about yourself from? People are mirrors of you. The aspects of people that are the most irritating to you, if you really look inwardly, it’s irritating to you because you see yourself in them. So they’re really a good lesson.

JJ: That’s a really good point. This is a reason we should be very cautious about being judgmental. Oftentimes when we’re judging another person we’re only seeing a reflection of ourselves. Lorraine, you’ve openly admitted that you’ve had a difficult marriage. Did you find quite often that when you were criticized it seemed that he was describing himself?

Lorraine: You know, I have a degree in Sociology, specializing in counseling, so I’m the last person who wants to admit that I have made this mistake. I have a degree in counseling so I analyzed this man upside down and every way I possibly could. I don’t think he fits into the regular mold because he was the one who would only be happy if I was irritated. His MO was to find whatever weakness I had and just keep hurting me until I was hurt. Then he could be happy. But I can say that it is true that we do hate in other people what we despise in ourselves. That is true but he was more than that.

JJ: There are some people like that. Misery loves company is a true statement. There are some people who are miserable and they’re not happy unless they make you miserable. Then when they make you miserable they seem to have a little gleam in their eye. It’s kind of sad. There aren’t a lot of people that way. Maybe 5 or 10 % of humanity will go that route. Most people are pretty decent people.

It is true about the reflection. This is why we must be careful. Oftentimes you as an observer dispassionately look at two different people, and they’re complaining about each other, oftentimes you’ll see that they’re complaining about something that’s inside them. That they’re really projecting. This happens again and again and again. I’ve known many people who criticized me for different things and I think, “I don’t think I’m that way but I think he’s that way.” We see this quite often. I would say 50% of humanity fall into this trap of taking that which is within them and criticizing it within others. This is an important thing to overcome. The question is how do we know whether or not we’re criticizing because of the reflection of because it’s really something in the other person.

The key to it is developing the power of discernment through the mind. Remember the emotions do not know how to control and regulate themselves. The lower has to be controlled by the higher. The emotions, when they are controlled by the mind, can then use the discernment to know whether or not he’s seeing a reflection of himself or something that is real. Then the mind reflects the soul energy. It takes the soul energy to regulate the mind so the mind can be accurate. Each lower sphere has to be regulated and controlled by the higher. Any more questions on this?

Audience: To me part of the intent of seeing the goodness in others or the Christ in others is so you yourself can see and love yourself and see the Christ within you. If you can see it in others it’s easier to see it in yourself. Self love is what lifts us up to be able to truly love God.

JJ: There’s a lot of truth in that. You can’t see it in yourself unless you can see it in others.

Audience: I have a comment to make. It’s true. I used to say I wasn’t able to love another human being until I was first able to love myself. I swore by that and gave many a seminar on it but I’ve changed my mind since then. I think now it’s only possible to love somebody else if I have truly been loved. If you think about it you don’t know how to love until you’ve experienced it. Once you’ve experienced being loved, then you know how to do it because you know what it feels like and you know what it looks like. So I don’t think it’s true anymore that you have to first love yourself because you won’t know how.

JJ: The answer is found again in the middle way. It depends on where you are on the balance. If you’re in the balance where you’re just giving all the time-there are some people who are always giving and they never take care of themselves. These individuals need to step back and say, “Wait. These other people are important but I’m important too. I’m one of the sons or daughters of God so I need to take care of myself too.” That person needs to step back and love himself also and realize that he needs his needs taken care of as well as taking care of the other person’s needs. We’ve all known people like that. They’re always running about helping everybody else and everything in their personal life is shambles. This is one extreme that needs corrected by self love.

On the other hand, the bigger and more common problem occurs as most people have too much self love and they’re not running around helping their neighbors. They’re only looking after themselves. If we balance more in this direction then we need somebody to come and love us. Eventually a person loves us that will stimulate us and make us think, “I need to look beyond the self and be loving and giving like this person.” It depends on which side of the spectrum we’re on. We’re all a little more one than the other. None of us are in perfect balance. If any person on the Earth reaches perfect balance with all his energies, do you know what will happen to him? He will disappear. He won’t even be here anymore. So if anyone tells you they’ve achieved the perfect balance of energy ask them why they’re still here.


Since we’ve said so many OMs we’ll just say one OM at the beginning and one OM at the end. Leave a space of silence in between as you visualize what’s been said.


We thank you Father that you have revealed to us your protective universal light;

that within this light is complete protection from all destructive forces;

that the Holy Spirit of Your Presence permeates us in this light,

and wherever we will the light to descend.

JJ: Visualize the light manifesting. The light is universal and is everywhere but we don’t always perceive it so we visualize the light manifesting to us. Then you can visualize it descending to those you love and know who are in need of greater light and guidance. It may be your family, your children, your friends as you say wherever we will the light to descend. Finally you visualize it descending wherever there is a need for greater light, wherever there is a receptivity for it.

We thank you Father that you fill us with your protective fires of Love

that within this love is complete protection from all destructive thoughts and feelings;

that the consciousness of Christ is lifted up in us in this love,

and wherever we will the love to be enflamed.

JJ: Notice that when we say ‘the protective fires of love’ oftentimes in relationship you feel that you are distant to love. When a relationship becomes difficult and you say this stanza you will often feel the protective fires of love beginning to burn within you again. If you say it with the person you’re having difficulty with he or she will experience the same thing and you can be one in the soul again. You can visualize this love descending upon all those who are willing to receive it.

We thank you Father that you are in us and we are in you;

that through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of power;

that Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven;

that through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.


It’s been great to be here, my friends. I remember when we first started talking about this Robin wrote me and said, “There’s only three people signed up. I’m really nervous.” I said, “I think they’ll show up.” We’re glad you all came. Robin is no longer nervous. She’s just tired now. (laughter) We’re going to go eat then when we get back anyone that wants books or cups can get them. We’ll just lounge around the rest of the night and enjoy each other’s company. I enjoy watching you guys associate with each other. It looks like you’re really enjoying each other. Little groups gather of 4 or 5 here and 4 or 5 there. Artie just pointed out that several are enjoying each other too much. (laughter) So we’ll go eat and meet back here to enjoy the rest of the day. Artie and I are taking off first thing in the morning so we’ll probably have to say our good byes this evening unless several of you are up very early.

Thank you very much.

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Sunday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly, Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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