Calling and Election


Calling and Election

I was asked some time ago about more information about the third initiation of transfiguration. In other words, does one have to go through the Dweller on the Threshold and enter into the aura of the Angel of the Presence before he can be assured that he will continue on the path of light? When can he have that final assurance that we cannot fall toward the Dark Path?

The scriptures make it sound as if we need to strive for the light until such a time that God decrees that “our calling and election” is made sure and from that point on it is impossible to fall.

The truth is that any point of security in the light reached by us does not happen because of the decree of God, but because of our own decisions and efforts.

You and I will always have free will therefore as long as we have free will there will never be a time that we cannot choose the dark as well as the light.

Therefore, does this mean that we can never reach a state where our calling and election to the path of light is truly secure? Because we always have free will does this mean there is always a chance of choosing some demonic path?

Not a pleasant thought is it?

On the other hand, it is even less pleasant to consider a time when we may not have free will and instead function with robotic perfection.

Is there really then a 100% secure position on the path of light?

Fortunately there is not.


Yes, fortunately for if there were a 100% secure position it would mean that decision and choice is no longer possible. As long as there is choice the decision will be between two paths that lead (at least temporarily) in two different directions. As long as there are two paths one will be more beneficial (or good) to chose than the other. Two differing choices will never produce exactly the same results – remember the snowflake principle.

What does it mean then when some say they have obtained assurance from the Spirit, God within or Higher Self that they will not fall?

Answer: If a disciple has followed the highest he knows diligently in a certain lifetime then it is possible to receive a promise that you will not lose the ground that you have gained. The higher lives know the path ahead for you and all probabilities suggest that you will continue on into the light, yet if a temptation should arise greater than you may be able to handle your life would be taken so you can preserve the advances you have made. The preservation of advances made by diligent souls is the origin of the maxim that “the good die young.”

In the larger scheme of things there is never a plateau reached where a person cannot retrogress and there is never a plunge into darkness so deep that is beyond the will-to-save that is in the heart of God. The Dark Brotherhood have plunged so deep that their climb out will take millions, perhaps billions of years, but no matter how deep the bottomless pit, no matter how long the path, the way of deliverance will be there when a reflection of God decides to return home.

Even one who was Lucifer, a Kumara, a Son of the Morning of the Creation of Shamballa in and on the earth fell from his high estate and can no longer enter through the gates of the dwelling of the Great Ones. Some believe that he never had a body, but he had evolved through the human state in another planetary system before he came here as a celestial being with the Ancient of Days.

Taking all this into consideration – can anyone be trusted? Can we even trust the Masters in the Brotherhood of Light?

In answer to this one question we must always remember that there is only one thing that we can always trust and that is the Spirit of God as it speaks to us from within. One must only trust those who are without, whether it be a Master, angel or bank robber, if that which they communicate vibrates to the highest Spirit within us. If you do not feel a stimulation of the highest within you, then you are under no obligation to follow.

Even though we always have free will the disciple does reach a point where he is trusted by the Brotherhood to be a co-worker on the Path. This point is the Third Initiation.

Each initiation brings a greater trust of the Brotherhood toward the disciple, but the third is a crucial point because it is at this juncture that the disciple has close to 0% likelihood of going backwards, at least in this round.

After going through the first initiation the disciple learns to control his physical passions and can be trusted in on this level. Later he undergoes the second initiation and masters the emotions and is not controlled by either ego or glamour.

The interesting thing is that even though the seeker has gone beyond the ego he is still not trusted by the Brotherhood?


Because he can be deceived by illusion. As long as he can be deceived by illusion there is still a chance of him choosing the dark path. This dark choice often surfaces, not because the guy has horns and is inherently evil, but because he is deceived by erroneous illusionary belief systems. This illusion can be followed with the purest intentions of doing the right thing and by the time the choice between the two paths is clearly seen the illusion makes the dark Path seem very desirable.

Thus, when the disciple lets all his illusions go and seeks for pure truth no matter where it leads him he will face the Dweller on the Threshold, the final illusion. When the Dweller is finally passed he enters into the Presence weighted down with no illusion.

At this point he becomes a trusted worker because his choices will be made with the furtherance of the plan in mind without the influence of illusion and the chances of doing any great damage to the work of light is small. The chances of him undoing his choice for the light and choosing the dark path (in this cycle) is practically non existence.

When you know a hot stove will burn you will you touch it?

Not likely.

On the other hand, if someone can trick you by illusion to believe the stove is cool when it is hot then maybe you will touch it.

The third degree initiate cannot be tricked into thinking the hot stove is cool.

Testing Truth

I was asked top assess the truth of a teaching presented on the web.

We must admit that there is a lot of data in this writing, but data by itself is difficult to prove or disprove. If I say that there are six planets circling around Alpha Centauri how could anyone prove or disprove it? It is well nigh impossible unless you are a Master.

On the other hand, if there is, in reality, a lot of true data in a writing there will be revealed at least a hint of some underlying principle supporting the data. Therefore, the thing to ask here is: Is there any principle revealed here and if there is, what is it?

If a writing claims to be new revelation yet seems to copy old material this is an indication it came from some human or astral mind.

When true principles are grasped then a true teaching is easy to register and explain. Ask if you can relate the meat of a text in a short paragraph?

Is there any useful information in the writing?

Is there anything here that brings a flashing forth of the intuition or registers with the soul?

Are there unusual words or phrases that seen to make no sense but are written for effect on the astral nature?


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