Back to the Beast

Dec 3, 1998

Back to the Beast

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the Beast: And they worshipped the Beast, saying, Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Rev 13:4

I believe someone asked about the word “worship.” It comes from the Greek PROSKUNEO. Literally translated in today’s language it means “to kiss ass.” In more sensitive language it would mean to “fawn over someone that you see as your boss or master.”

So do you know anyone who “worships” in today’s world, that is, worships someone other than God? I think you will agree that we live in a world where almost everyone is sucking up to someone else. This worshipping the Beast today is probably even more prevalent than it was in ancient Rome.

Someone said the statement “Who is able to make war with him?” is like the statement “You can’t fight City Hall.” There is a similarity, but there are many city halls.

Remember earlier we asked where the Beast was in the political world? Perhaps the question would be better phrased if we asked where is the city hall in politics?

Two of the city halls in the United States are the Democratic and Republican Parties themselves. Often times we elect someone who seems to be very sincere about doing a good job and voting his conscience. Then, after the guy spends a little time in Washington, he seems to change, and his vote becomes very predictable along party lines. Why? Because fighting his party leadership is like fighting City Hall. If the party leader says a certain thing is an important issue for them and if the guy’s a team player he’ll vote with them. The congressman soon learns that if he doesn’t play ball then many problems will develop and leadership opportunities just dry up. In addition, he will be shunned by other faithful party members.

In addition, there are other city halls like pressure groups, polls, and the press. A person just about has to be a saint to be free from the Beast in politics today.

How about medicine? Where is City Hall or the Beast there?

During my first marriage we had a family doctor who seemed like an intelligent sincere fellow and dabbled a little in natural medicine but was no fanatic by any means. Overall, he was pretty much establishment.

But then one day he criticized another doctor’s diagnosis. This other doctor happened to have a lot of authority in the hospital and trumped up a charge against our doctor and had him barred from the hospital. Since this was the only hospital in town, this was a great inconvenience for our doctor and he was barely able to make a living. Nevertheless, we continued to go to him because he was the best doctor in town.

Then I met a guy several years ago when I was in Real Estate. He had a gold mine he wanted me to sell. He looked like an old prospector and had quite a story to tell. I won’t relate it all here, but the guy spent quite a bit of time in jail because the Beast, or City Hall of medicine, would not let him cure people of cancer, even though his cure, right or wrong, never hurt anyone.

If you work for a large company and you have an idea of how to streamline things to make work easier for the average employee, maybe after talking to several people about it you find subtle messages delivered to you that you need to “cool it” or you won’t get that promotion. Maybe you fear you may even get fired.

Tom Hanks, the other day, was reported as saying that he regretted donating to the Clinton Defense fund and would not do it again. Then several days later he said he was misquoted and may even buy the president a house when he gets out of office.

Did somebody get to Hanks? Did someone make it clear to him that everybody who is anybody in Hollywood supports Clinton and he’d better play ball or his work will dry up? Did Hanks discover a city hall he did not want to fight?

To succeed in this world within the organizations of the Beast you have to kiss up or worship someone, because who can make war with the powers that be?

Verse 5 tells us that the Beast continues for 42 months. This time period is a symbol repeated over and over in the Bible. 42 Months is three and a half years. Sometimes it means three and a half periods of time, seasons or generations. Other times, instead of 1260 days (See Rev 12:6), it can mean 1260 years.

If we subtract 1260 years from 1776 (the time of the wounded head) we get the date 516. This was shortly after the fall of Rome when the seventh head of the Beast started to form politically.

Verse 6

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Questions: What are these blasphemies? How is the name of God blasphemed? Hint: What did God say about his name in The Immortal?

How does the Beast blaspheme those in heaven?

What is God’s tabernacle?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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