Astrology – The Science of Relationships

Astrology – The Science of Relationships

Question: What is the validity of numerology on names that are spelled with the letters of a foreign language (English is the foreign language in the case of DK).

The numerology of Djwhal Khul’s English name (see previous post) would have meaning as he relates to the readers of his books. He would use a different set of numbers for his name as it would be used in his native language. Any time you change your name a new set of numbers is produced and different vibration set up. This happens to females when they marry and take their husband’s name. Even though some modern females rebel at this idea, the practice has a good foundation in that a couple with the same last name will tend to have an advantage in harmonizing with each other with their numerology. Technically it would not matter much who switched names.

Children who assume the last name of an adoptive parent will naturally feel closer to them because of the harmonious vibration.

Now the reader lives in Israel and speaks Hebrew as well as English. Using his name in Hebrew would produce a different set of numbers and create a different influence than we sense from him here where he spells his name in English.

Many famous people who have a strange spelling to their name changed the spelling of their birth name on advice from a numerologist so the vibration would be more favorable to their career. For instance, you might see a spelling of Dyan rather than Diane or Rahn rather than Ron. Odd spellings like this, especially by celebrities, often are the result of advice by a numerologist.

Question: “Many scientists give the following as a reason they do not accept astrology:

“The gravitational influence of Mars or the other planets on the earth or a person on it is just about zero, so the idea that Mars could influence a person on earth is preposterous.”

“Where is the flaw in this argument?”

It always irritates me when I see a scientist interviewed and he states that astrology could not be correct because of the weak gravitational influence of the planets on any one individual.

This is a silly illogical argument coming from one who makes his living dealing with logic and I never see anyone calling scientists on this distorted argument, even when an astrologer is being interviewed at the same time.

A reader gave a good analogy when he stated that I (living in Idaho) can have a great influence on him (living in Texas), even though the gravity or warmth of my body is not even detectable by him.

Even so it is with the planetary bodies. They are living entities and the true science of astrology is built around the science of relationships. The principle is this. One living being in relationship with another living being will influence that entity.

The relationships we have with each other and the influence we wield is a display in miniature of the influences of the planets and other heavenly bodies. You may have a friend living 1000 miles away whose physical body has no effect on you, but as a living entity has a significant one.

Next objection: “God commands that we are to worship Him, not the stars.”

I do not know where religious zealots get the idea that astrologers worship the stars. The worship of heavenly bodies is not mentioned in any astrological manual I have read.

Such an accusation is just another deceptive attempt to portray that which is harmless as being an evil of some kind.

An astrologer does not worship Mars for having an influence on him any more than he worships his next door neighbor for doing the same.

Some also accuse believers in astrology as detaching themselves from the will of God, thinking they are controlled by the planets. This is not the teaching of this ancient art. Astrological configurations create influence, not control. Again it is like your next door neighbor or your friends. They influence you, but unless you have given up independent thought they do not control you.

A final objection of religious fundamentalists is that astrologers look to the stars for guidance rather than God.

To these people I ask – how does one look to God for guidance?

None of us have such a direct pipeline to God that we are told what to do at any given moment. In fact most who do feel they are getting guidance from God feel they are getting it from the scriptures. What are the scriptures? They are signs put into letters and words that give us guidance.

And what are the heavens? They are the “work of his fingers” (Psalms 8:3). In other words, the heavens are also the handwriting of God, but on a different level.

How many of these critics get advice from their friends, their family, stock broker, real estate agent, books, television etc.? None of these sources of advice is any direct link with God. To seek advice from the language of the stars is no more of a departure from the will of God than is to seek advice from a marriage counselor.

To seek to understand the knowledge that God has placed in a cell or DNA is not looked on as forsaking God. Even so using the stellar orbs to “let them be for signs” Gen 1:14) is actually in harmony with the scriptures.

Copyright By J J Dewey

Feb 12, 2002

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3 thoughts on “Astrology – The Science of Relationships

  1. Hello Nathan,
    I’m a newcomer to this site, but not to Astrology: I’ll try to give you a simple view of how Astrology actually “works”, hopefully in complete harmony with what this site exposes.

    Try to see every Planet in our Solar System as the emitter of a single, different, light color. With their regular but asynchronous movements around us, the overall color the planets cast on us is continuously changing, and never quite the same.

    Considering that colors have a definite influence on our mood, every moment has its specific influence on us: every new Creature will have the “imprint” of the color existing at the moment of its birth, and the light coming on it later during its life will blend with it — harmoniously or not!

    In ancient times there was no difference between Astronomers and Astrologers: it was obvious to all, then, that every fact happening around us has an influence on us and on everything.
    The interest in planetary movements was actually driven by the search of greater astrologic knowledge. Only the nineteenth century’s Illuminism changed all this: the celestial bodies were no longer seen as living Entities with very precise characters, but just as inert lumps of dead substance; and people (like yourself) began to be “educated” that way (!).
    Astrology is the observation of how our character relates to that of our Solar System in any given moment. If you’re in doubt, why not give it a deeper look? All the best!

  2. I don’t see how that comparison works. A person can have far reaching influence because they are capable of decision making and acting on their own accord in ways that influence. In what way do the planets and stars do this? They move in their orbits and have predictable patterns that can sometimes match with the patterns of other things, but beyond that what is there to give astrology credence?

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