Appreciating the Rainbow

Appreciating the Rainbow

There is a teaching in circulation that cause and effect is an illusion from which we need to escape, but without cause and effect what do we have? Nothingness. Not much to get excited about or look forward to.

In almost every post readers tell us of something that brings joy into their lives and the interesting thing is that all these things are related to cause and effect. I’ve never heard anyone on or off this group ever tell me something like this:

“I’ve had a great time today in the void of nothingness.”

In fact such a statement would be an oxymoron because there is no time or consciousness in the void.

A reader mentions that she:

(1) Had a great time in chat rooms

(2) Enjoys her dream state

(3) Saw a magnificent rainbow

These are all enjoyments from cause and effect.

I would say this. That if all of this reader’s enjoyments, as well as the rest of us, come from cause and effect that we are much too identified with duality to even consider any immediate departure.

Any release from cause and effect is pure theory that has never been demonstrated much less explained in any reasonable way.

If it were possible to escape cause and effect for even a moment you would disappear body mind and soul from this reality and the world would be as if you had never existed. I’m not sure about the rest of you but this path has no interest for me.

I suggest that we keep in touch with the reality of cause and effect to the extent that we can at least appreciate a rainbow.


I want to introduce you to one of the most mysterious teachings of them all. This is about Harry the causeless computer bug. He is one bug but is in every single computer. He is in my computer, your computer and Alonzo’s laptop in a mountain villa in Italy.

But Harry is a strange little bug, much different from other computer bugs that annoy us and cause our computers to crash and go crazy on us. Harry creates no cause and produces no effects. Thus Harry lives in all computers in a state of no-thing-ness and does nothing. He is not even Being because being creates a state of peace. He is not at peace nor is he in turbulence. He just is – in a state between cause and effect influenced by neither of them.

You would probably never know about Harry if I did not tell you because Harry occupies no space and does not live in time and only does one thing for all eternity.


That is all he can do because to do anything would be to create cause and effect and Harry has committed himself to do neither.

I am Harry’s representative and as such I wish to promote Harry’s lifestyle and urge you to join with him.

Here is what you do. Hold on to your computer and say OM-HARRY three times and concentrate on blending with Harry. If you are successful you will disappear from this illusionary world and become nothing with Harry.

I have already taught this to one other person who successfully made the change and that was Phil, the founder of this group. But as soon as Phil became nothing with Harry he became causeless and then it became as if he never was or that he never created the group at all. Now it appears that Rick initiated the group.

Now I am curious what would happen if Rick became causeless. Maybe Glenys would be the group initiator, or maybe there would be no Keys of knowledge discussion group.

Whatever the case if you are tired of seeing sunsets and rainbows… If you are tired of the sun at day and the stars at night… If you are tired of smelling flowers in spring and the breeze of the sea air at night… If you are tired of seeking happiness and joy through love and service – your troubles are now over. Just say OM-HARRY three times as you cling to your computer and you will cease to be – cease to have cause or effect and will become nothing with Harry.

Do I hear a question?

Yes. “How can you know that Harry really exists and that you can be one with him?

That’s kind of hard to answer because if Harry exists he will create cause so technically Harry does not exist therefore I cannot prove to you that he exists or demonstrate to you what it would be like to be one with him. The big advantage of being one with Harry is that you get to escape all the responsibilities of Becoming. No longer will you have to make any Decision or have any goal again for all eternity.

Does this not sound glorious my friends? Who will be the next to join Harry?


Members are certainly far from being causeless here to bring up this old subject of oneness and cause and effect again. Perhaps it has been too peaceful for some here lately for old timers all know that this subject does always cause heated discussion as has it has numerous times in the past.

A reader maintains that the body blinks in and out of existence 14 times a second. I do not know where this idea came from, but I am sure that no real scientist believes this and I am quite sure that he cannot produce any evidence of this concept.

A regular camera has a shutter speed of one one thousandths of a second and some high speed ones go up to 1/10,000’s of a second and still the solid form is photographed. Never, not once in millions of photographs has this void you speak of been photographed.

If there is any blinking at all it would be less than a trillionth of a second, much less. And even if there is blinking this does not eliminate cause and effect. The blinking itself would be an effect of some cause.

It is true that matter is mostly empty space and what appears to be not empty is composed of wavelengths. But the wavelengths that create all form are the effect of some cause.

Spirit is merely matter of a higher vibration and matter is Spirit at low vibration. Both are subject to cause and effect. Spirit causes impregnation of matter and effects life.

I agree that cause and effect is eternal. There never was a time when they did not exist. It is said by many that God is a first cause, but the truth may be the other way around. God may be an effect of the eternal interplay of cause and effect.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity does not negate cause and effect. Let us suppose Einstein’s theory is correct (I believe we will make corrections to it when we develop interstellar flight).

If we approach the speed of light we merely introduce a new cause that creates a new effect on time. Cause and effect are not negated, but used.

There is a challenge I made in that previous post she quoted which reads:

“I can show you billions of examples of karma (cause and effect). But can you show me even one example of anything that is real that creates no cause and effect? It takes a tremendous leap of faith to believe so strongly in that for which no example can be given. Why would someone believe in a place (Harry) beyond cause and effect if such a place cannot be demonstrated internally or externally??? You can in deep meditation attempt to withdraw into perfect stillness, but even this meditation (cause) has the effect of peace or stillness of thought.

I issued this challenge some time ago and no one has taken me up on it. Many come forth claiming that there are things that transcend cause and effect, yet can offer no example or teach the rest of us retards how to attain this place or witness.

If one is to teach about Harry he should be prepared to show us Harry, or at least a method of proving Harry to ourselves.

This teaching of transcending cause reminds me of the Church’s teaching of an Unknown God beyond our understanding causing its members to cease thinking and just blindly follow.

April 4, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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