Applying Principles

Applying Principles

Many of the principles of discovery we have discussed are useful in examining any new teaching presented to us.

This one is particularly pertinent at this time:

“Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.”

You will remember that I have stressed the difference many times between principles and data. Data can be easily made up by anyone with a good imagination or obtained by any trance channeler, but principles can only be discovered and taught through the soul for principles are the language by which the soul communicates.

This principle alone would keep me from plunging with belief into a new member’s teachings for he has only given us data and data is easy to fabricate by anyone with an imagination. He who believes because of data alone, merely because it sounds fanciful, will continue to tread the path of glamour and illusion.

Nevertheless, let us be open minded no matter how far removed a new member may be from some of the teachings we have presented here and give him a chance to prove himself.

Prove himself? That’s blasphemous, some may say in the new age community – many of whom never look at evidence.

On the other hand, the scriptures tell us to “prove all tings.” That is indeed good advice and one that is encouraged by the Masters of Wisdom.

I’ll ask our new member a few questions and maybe we can throw enough light on his views and sources to aid us in making an intelligent judgment.

(1) What is the name of the group of which you are a member and who is the main person that you rely on for revelation and teaching? How many current members are there? For instance, who revealed the data about the 24 cosmic angels, that Peter is Lucifer, that the Earth will rejoin the Cosmos in the fifth dimension, there is no free will, that Yahweh has been recalled back to the Cosmos along with the Archangels, that one entity can incarnate in 15 places at one time etc?

(2) Does your group receive data from the other worlds through trance channeling, sometimes called direct voice? If not, how is the information received?

(3) Do you teach of a way to discover whether or not your teachings are true?

(4) Have you or any of your group come up with a new principle that is not readily taught in metaphysical books? (If you do not know what I mean by “principle” you can search the archives for the word and that should bring clarity.)

(5) You say that you met Mary, the mother of Jesus. Is this a regular person living a current life who you believe to be Mary? If this is so, why do you believe this?

(6) For what purpose do you proclaim yourself as the apostle Andrew?

(7) You say that the disciples are now all cosmic angels and that you are a disciple (Andrew). This would make you a cosmic angel. As a cosmic angel how are you different from me, Glenys, Claire or anyone else partaking of regular mortality?

(8) If you do not believe in absolute truth then I take it that you are not absolutely sure of the teachings you present including the possibility you were the apostle Andrew? Is this assumption correct?

(9) Do you have a date for the second coming of Christ or do you think he is already here?

(10) Perhaps you would like to relate to us a couple predictions your group has made.

Lifting Negativity

I received a personal e-mail asking for elaboration on a comment in my post on dark attacks;

JJ Quote: “When he then discovers the person(s) who is affected the disciple must then work with him or her with the utmost of patience, love and communication to neutralize any negative effects. How that neutralization is to take place is varied and cannot be covered in full here.”

Where can I find more information on the above paragraph?

You can’t find it anywhere that I know of, but I will make a few comments that may help.

One of the most difficult lessons for the disciple to learn is to accept his own limitation, especially as it relates to the free will and abilities of others. If we see a needed step in our own lives all we have to do is to decide to take it, but if a needed step is seen in the path of another we are limited by the person’s willingness to act.

Even so, there are some things you can do. If the associate is truly being manipulated by the Dark Brothers he will often be operating outside of his normal perimeters of common sense and your words just might awaken him back to his normal thinking state. This is especially true in extreme cases where the person may be depressed or suicidal.

If the person is being influenced by a negative outside force it is sometimes helpful to tell him your thoughts on the matter. Other times this may enflame so you must use judgment.

As a member said, love is a powerful ameliorative force here. A person under the influence of negative force will be much more argumentative than usual and sometimes even hateful. You must let this negativity go through you as if it dos not exist and show love in return. Sometimes love will enflame a person under influence to an even greater state of negativity, but if you keep it up you will wear the dark energy down and light and love will replace hate and darkness.

To become the greatest possible help to others who are under negative influence it is important to develop your sensitivity to the feelings (and sometimes thoughts) of those within your aura of concern. As you put your attention on the inner voice your power to register will increase and eventually you will become aware of when someone close to you is in distress. When this sensitivity is arrived at you will often be told by the inner voice what your plan of action should be. If you follow when you are told you may be amazed at the positive change that will result.

The important point to absorb is to do what we can and accept whatever follows with self acceptance in the realization that you can help others at times, but not always control their destiny.

May 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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