Dec 15, 1998


If I were a representative of the Beast I would not be teaching you here, but would set myself up as the ultimate authority and would discourage your learning and thought while at the same time proclaim I am for free thought, learning and an open mind.

I see from your posts today that some of you have been subject to beastly leaders in the past. The sign of such a group is this. When you are in the group you just get a sense that you need to only give the answers that the leader wants to hear. If you give otherwise you will be “frowned” upon.

In the old days you were imprisoned or killed for questioning. Fortunately the Constitution that wounded the Beast plus the slow progress we have made in the rule of law gives us some protection in this age.

Even though standard numerology is not the key we are looking for I was looking forward to someone going into it. It definitely gives an additional depth and view of the various levels of interpretation available.

Glad to hear that some of you are looking into Strong’s Concordance. If you intelligently use this you can become a better translator than the scholars. Why? Because people on this forum have more common sense than most scholars.

Regular bookstores would have to special order this but almost all Christian bookstores have it. If you visit one they may tell you that Young’s or another one is just as good, but they are not. Strong’s has been the standard for many years. You can just imagine the work it took to create with no computer.

Then too you can order it from Amazon.

I have a computer program that’s supposed to have Strong’s on it, but they have edited it so much of the good stuff is taken out.

Another tool you may want if you desire to do research in the original language is Concordant New Testament. They also have about half of the Old Testament translated. Unlike regular Bibles, that are translated for easy reading, this version is painstakingly literally translated without regard to how it reads. Consequently, there is very little bias in it.

I’m surprised the publishers have not turned into New Agers.

You can order HERE

The text of the Concordant New Testament can be found here:


It is an interesting fact that a goal of the Brotherhood, in addition to promoting that which is good, is to take “evil” to a higher level. In the old days it was only mildly “evil” to kill a slave. Now here in Idaho if you kill as Jack Rabbit you are more “evil” than was the guy who killed his slave in the past. In other words, evil has been taken to a higher level.

In the free world (which is now the totality of the second beast) the evil beast has been taken to a higher level. When we offend the Beast now we just lose our job or get thrown out of something whereas in the image of the Beast (the non free world) they are still literally killed.

Dave asks: Are we even in this group subject to the Beast? Probably to some extent we all are. The reason we have spent so much time on the Beast is to make us aware of that which holds us back from the full truth. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

I take some risk in teaching you the truth about the Beast. Some may go the other extreme and feel they need to challenge me on everything.

One who has freed himself from the authority of the Beast however will test all teachers including myself with the God within, but once a teacher’s words have passed that test a challenging attitude becomes unnecessary. Nevertheless, never get lazy – always check all things through the soul and then question when necessary.

One of the problems with students is that when they go out of alignment with the soul they often think their teacher has gone astray while they believe they have now passed beyond their teacher. Jesus had this problem with the disciples of old to some extent and had to set them straight several times by reminding them to look within to discover the truth anew. All but Judas were able to do this. He refused to look within and his ego made him soar in his mind even higher than his Lord.

Now what could 666 possibly have to do with being under the authority of the Beast? You must also read the scripture very carefully. Notice in verse 17 that those who have the mark bear “the number of his name?”

Now the Christian world is waiting for some great dictator to arise with the number 666 tattooed on his head or something like that, but here we are told that the billions among the masses bear the number themselves? How could they do that?

Hint: What chakra does the Beast use to maintain his control?


The beast does not work through the Heart Center for he cannot comprehend spiritual love.

Solar Hint

Glenys and Kyle were on the right track by thinking Solar Plexus.

What could this have to do with the number 6 or 666?

Hint: The age of Pisces is also involved.

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