Playing John


9 Nov 1998

Playing John

I thought the group may enjoy an interplay where you have to answer questions like my interaction with John from the book

Here’s the question. Not counting the Song of the 144,000 what is the most important revelation or teaching of The Immortal book (counting Books I and II as one Book)?

10 Nov 1998

Playing John – Hint

The answers given thus far are very good. Here they are.

“There are so many teachings that spoke to me. But the admonishment to always live according to the highest Truth I’ve been given was a timely reminder to me. It’s very simple when you say it fast but a profound spiritual principle when you think about it.”

“To me the thing I learned most useful was that we can become one with Joseph, John, Jesus and also God when we tap our inner self.”

“The most important revelation would be that we should confirm all truths and revelations with our Spirit (that still small voice).”

“The Key is the most important to me.”

All of these are extremely important but what we are looking for is a very important principle that has not been revealed in fully in any other book I know about that was taught in both books I and II that may be more important than the first key itself.

Here is a hint in the form of a riddle.

Now pay careful attention to the wording in the riddle because you have to answer a question at the end. RIDDLE There’s this bus making the rounds that has 6 passengers on it. It makes the first stop it picks up 3 passengers and lets out 2. On the next stop it picks up 4 and lets out 3. The next stop it picks up 1 and lets out 2. The next stop it picks up 4 and lets out 2. Then it picks up 1 and lets out 2. Next it picks up 5 and lets out 3. Then on the final stop it picks up 2 and lets out one. Scroll down to the question.

Question: How many stops did the bus make??? Not the question you expected, right?

An extremely important teaching is presented in the book that is just as easy to miss, but you might have to step back to see it as such.

11 Nov 1998

Another Hint

My Good Friends,

Your answers to the question about the important revelation are so good that I would feel wrong in saying that you are wrong. Rather that say anything that would discourage you in any way from contemplating any of the teachings I will say that the teaching we are looking for is an extremely important one. When it is revealed you will all remember reading about it in both Books I and II. It is not a teaching you need to search for because it is clearly in your memory and consciousness, but you need to change your thinking to find it. Do not let your mind go in the obvious direction counting the number of people on the bus, but look at the bus itself.

We’ve only been at this pursuit a couple days. You can imagine the patience required to wait a week between hints.

12 Nov 1998

Another Hint

I thought Samu was going to get the answer when he said:

“First thing to cross my mind is quite simple. Pay attention to what’s going on, not where things *might* be leading.”

But the mysterious teaching has not yet been found.

13 Nov 1998

Another Hint (Getting Closer)

The important teaching we are looking for is taught more often than any other teaching in the book. And is even described and named in the book.

There are also hints in the latest postings of Belle and Samu where they give their answers.

14 Nov 1998

Belle Rings the Bell! (The Answer)

Congratulations Belle!

I thought I was going to have to give another hint or two.

The answer is the “intuitive principle” the same teaching method (of questions and answers) that we have been using right here and that was used throughout the book.

Now here is another question or two for the group. Why is this an important teaching? Why was it so difficult for us to realize that this also was an important teaching?

If you review the answers given to the hints over the past few days some of the importance of this principle becomes obvious.

I will comment more on this principle when I get a few moments.

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