What God Knows

What God Knows

A reader quotes me saying:

“Therefore He cannot know anything. For there to be knowledge, He has to reflect Himself down to us. Knowledge is only available to us. He doesn’t even need it. When you think of knowledge it always involves some form, like Boise is the capitol of Idaho. The pure essence of God doesn’t need to know that. It has nothing to do with where He is going.”

Question: So you are saying that God knows nothing at all. He’s just a blob up there floating around space somewhere like that slug with no brain? Wouldn’t God need knowledge of the Plan He has, but apparently knows nothing about? Or God is only in essence up there and His mind is down here with us?

JJ: Let us answer using the Law of Correspondences. God, the One Great Life, is a composite of all the lives in the universe together. In other words, his body is the universe.

Now you, who are in the image of God, also dwell in a universe which are your own bodies (physical, astral, mental etc.).

You as an entity are comparable to an atom in the body of God. Now let us correspond this to you. Are you aware of what the carbon atoms are up to within your own body? You know nothing about them just as the Big Guy knows nothing about you. It is the carbon atom’s responsibility to find out about the body as a whole and merge with it, not the body’s responsibility to find out about the atom and pay attention to it.

Your life force flows through your atoms and when the atoms know themselves as one with you then in this sense you know your atoms.

The life of God flows through us and when we know ourselves then God knows us because we are gods, or in the image of God.

Comment: But much of the knowledge we’re going through, He has known.

JJ: The lives that are here know that. We are fulfilling the plans of God. In one way God knows everything and in another way He doesn’t know everything. Jesus said, “God knows when the sparrow will fall.” The reason He knows when the sparrow will fall is because the spirit of God is within the sparrow and the consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling. The consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling thus God is aware, because we are all a part of God. So God does know things. He knows everything you’re doing because you know everything you are doing since you are an image of God. That’s how God knows everything.”

Question: How could the lives that are here now know the past, present and future, if God has no knowledge of what is past, present and future?

JJ: God only knows the future as lives such as ourselves, the Masters etc know the future and none of us knows it perfectly.

When we together as the One Great Life jumped into creation we did so with a rough idea of what the end result would be – something like a painter has the end product in mind, but not always the exact picture.

Just as the painter does not know much more than a couple future strokes, even so do the lives of God have to figure out the strokes as they become available and unfold. This is what makes life interesting enough to draw the attention of God. If he knew all the details he wouldn’t even bother with the creation of the universe for there would be no fun in it. Would you want to even play Monopoly if you knew all the moves in advance?

Question: Obviously Jesus had a lot of the information about what was going to happen in the future, and which has happened. So did it only happen in the future because Jesus said it would? Or did the higher lives which are connected to God already live this existence, and therefore knew beforehand what was to be? That way, God would not have had any knowledge of this yet because the higher lives are still reflecting part of this Plan to Him?

JJ: True prophets have an insight into cycles. It is a true principle that history repeats itself. But we must add the caveat that it repeats with unpredictable variations.

Neither Jesus, prophets or the mystics predicted the events and products of our time in a specific way. Using symbolism we can roughly see some details, but nothing specific is given. Who for instance predicted the computer in any detail? Same thing with other inventions. In many ancient prophesies we can find some rough evidence that they will exist but no specific details.

Why were no details given?

Because they were not known.

Question: God knows everything we are doing, however God has no knowledge at all? How can God have made up the plan when He had no knowledge in the beginning from His reflection on that knowledge because we weren’t there yet?

JJ: God does not make up a plan, but sees what “must be” and participates in making it a reality.

Before there was a hydrogen atom God did not sit around and say: “I will create a hydrogen atom.” Instead he looked into the future and saw what must be and participated in it until the hydrogen atom came into being. The end product of the hydrogen atom could not have been changed, even by God. This was the only way that the foundation of physical creation could have been and there was no changing it.

Even so, it is with us. The end of the universe is a certain type of configuration and not even God can change it. All God or us can do is look into the future, see what must be and participate in it. Our free will only determines the time frame and method of approach. When we find that 2+2=4 there is no need to struggle in changing it, but instead we use it to participate in reality.

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

— Edward R. Murrow

March 11, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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