I thought I would make a few comments on the possibility of “Walk-Ins” that has been discussed lately.

As most of you knows a walk-in happens when a person become frustrated with his own life and wishes to leave. Then a goodly soul from the spirit world makes an agreement with him to trade places. The original entity then leaves and the other soul takes over and assumes all the memories of the original.

It was suggested that [USA Vice Presidential candidate, Senator in 2008] Joe Biden could be a Walk-In. He had one of the signs which was a near-death experience, in 1988 but he didn’t seem frustrated enough with his life to want to leave the earth sphere.

[USA Presidential candidate Senator] John McCain is the most probable candidate for a Walk-In. There are two possible occasions in his life that this could have happened.

The first was when he was taken prisoner in Vietnam. There he had a near death experience. His comrades all thought he was going to die. At that point his future didn’t look that bright and he would have probably been happy to change places with a walk-In.

The second time was when he was running for president in 2008 and was out of money, down in the polls and it looked like he didn’t have a chance of getting the nomination. It looked as if his dream of the presidency, or even making a good showing, was fading from him. At this time, it was a possibility that he would have considered moving on.

If a Walk-In occurs then there should be some change in the handwriting. The Walk-In would take over the memories and emotional body so the changes would be subtle, but should show up nevertheless, especially in the intelligence.

If I could look at McCain’s writing before and after Vietnam and before and after his last campaign downturn, I may be able to tell something.

There’s no chance that either [USA Presidential candidate Barack] Obama or [USA Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah] Palin are Walk-Ins as neither has shown signs of being that frustrated with any portion of their lives.

The handwriting of all four candidates shows they are intelligent in their own way. Palin shows the most intelligence directed in the executive direction, and ironically, she is the only one with executive experience as well as business experience.

A Walk-In situation is indicated by the following:

[1] The entity hits a roadblock in life that produces such frustration that the person desires to leave this life.

[2] The person often suffers a near-death experience where the change is made, but this is not always the case.

[3] The person then experiences a change of direction and sets his sights much higher than ever before.

[4] There will seem to be a change in intelligence even though his personality may not have that much change.

It may be of interest that there is one member of The Keys that shows a lot of evidence of being a walk-in. When I examined her handwriting over a period of time I noted a significant leap in intelligence that would indicate that there was a Walk-In experience.

Now keep in mind that rarely is a walk-in a master but is usually a fairly advanced soul that wants to serve humanity and wants to take advantage of every opportunity.

Just because you are not a walk-in does not mean you are not a disciple. I am not a walk-in myself.

However, people who are not walk-ins who are sensitive can pick up thoughts, ideas and principles through the Oneness Principle.

I mentioned the possibility that a group member could be a walk-in because of a difference that showed up in her handwriting over a time period. This comment is actually a repetition of something I said in the past. I previously pointed out that her handwriting indicated the possibility she could be a walk-in.

Also it seems that some have the impression that a walk-in has to be a very high level entity and this is not necessarily the case. A walk-in can range from merely an above average person of good intent to a master.

And it is true that walk-in does need to replace a person in a favorable circumstance for service in order to attract his attention. Let us suppose, for instance, that John McCain is walk-in, and made the switch while he was imprisoned in Vietnam. It would have been quite a sacrifice for that entity to enter prison, but worth the sacrifice if he saw the possibility of becoming President of the United States. I don’t know if John McCain is walk-in or not. I don’t see a tremendous amount of light coming from the man but he does have a desire for service and that makes the walk-in a possibility.

Other walk-ins could make the exchange, not with the hope of becoming president or something that lofty, but may be merely to help a family or two that has members connected to his inner group. Not every walk-in makes the exchange with the idea of changing the world but some may do it just to make positive changes in a much smaller sphere.

Do one thing every day that scares you.  Eleanor Roosevelt

Oct 5, 2008

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