Voting is important my friends, even if it is for the lesser of two evils. If we keep making the right choice someday we will have the choice between two good candidates all around.

I felt impressed to write a short note of encouragement. There is a plan by the Brotherhood to introduce changes in our system, to give the people more power and bring us closer to a true Democracy, yet retain the benefits of a Republic. It does not involve creating a new party, but working through the two main parties we already have. It is premature to present the idea now because we have very little power to act at the present. But the time will come that I, or another disciple will initiate creative change and the people will be truly represented as never before.

Unfortunately, there are those even in this country who would like to move toward more central control and even a dictatorship. Some people even talk about a benevolent dictatorship, but there is no such thing. The lights must always be vigilant toward the cause of freedom.

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