Using the Law of Correspondences

Using the Law of Correspondences

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-Eight

JJ: Somebody tell me of one of your favorite parables of Jesus.

Joshua: The, um . . . the wayward son. The prodigal son.

JJ: Yeah, the prodigal son. The father corresponds to God, of course, and he had two sons. One son decided he wanted to take his inheritance and go and have a good time and see what was out there in the world.

So he just took off. And then he spent his inheritance and wound up losing it all. Then he found out that he if he was going to survive, he’d have to get a job. And the only job he could find was feeding these pigs. He got paid such a small amount that he ate sometimes with the swine. As he was forced to eat with a swine, he thought to himself, “you know, the servants in my father’s house are a lot better off than this. I will return to the house of my father, and I will say I am no longer worthy to be your son. So accept me back as a servant.”

So he decided to go back to the house of his father. And he went back to the house of his father, and as he was heading back . . . does anyone remember the attitude of the father?

Curtis: Yeah, he welcomed him back with open arms.

JJ: But before he came back, what was the father doing?

Joshua: Well, he went to prepare a feast.

JJ: But before that?

Joshua: Well, he was looking for him.

JJ: Right. He was looking for him. When he was heading back, his father was yearning for his return. He was missing him, and he was looking for him. Then it says he saw his son returning a long way off. So he was he was looking over the ridge there thinking, boy, it’d be great if my son came back, and as he was looking, he saw his son coming back and his heart was filled with joy.

And when his son came, he said, “I am no longer worthy to be your son.” And the father said, “don’t worry about it. I love you. I accept you the way that you are. Let’s go celebrate.” So they went back to celebrate. They killed the fatted calf, and they had music. All kinds of fun and celebration. And the other son came and said, “what’s with all this celebrating?” And they said, “well, your brother was lost and now he’s found and we’re celebrating.”

And the brother came to the father and said, “look, Dad, you never killed the fatted calf over me and had a big celebration, yet this guy who messed around with prostitutes . . . you’re celebrating for him. What’s the big deal?”

And the father said to him “don’t worry, everything that I have is yours. So why can you be upset? Your brother was lost, and now he is found, and we should be happy.”

So that’s a great little parable. One of the best parables ever given in the history of the planet. That corresponds to the fact that when we came down to this reality, we separated from the Father’s home. We came down to this physical realm, and we squander our godly energies, and we forget who we are. Now it says in the parable that he spent his inheritance. But what that really means is that when we come down here, we were Sons of God. After arriving we forgot who we are, so it’s as if we do not have an inheritance because we lost our memory and we don’t we don’t know who we are.

And so things get so bad, after a while, that we get frustrated and, you know, we look at the heavens and say, “why God?” Or we may get a disease, or we may get into a bad marriage or bad relationships or may have all kinds of problems . . . and we think, “wow, there’s got to be something better than this.”

And so eventually we come to our senses, and we have this urge within ourselves. I feel that my home is not here. How many of you felt that before that this isn’t your real home?

I think Ed went to his real home. (laughter – as the audience sees Ed is dozing)

But how many of you felt like this isn’t your real home before? (Audience hands raised)

Yeah, you kind of feel that way, don’t you? This isn’t your real home. But we’re making the best of our situation here.

But this is what happens with the prodigal son. He eventually feels it’s not his home and that there’s something better than this. And we rise and we decide, “listen, I’m tired of eating with these hogs, and I want something better. You know, there’s got to be something better. And it’d be great if I could just live in the Kingdom of God, and even just be the servant there. So eventually we arise, and we come to our senses, and we decide to enter the path. And when the prodigal son decides to come home, he enters the path, what is called the path in all the esoteric writings.

And he enters this path, and he heads on the path thinking it’d be great just to be among other people like me and be a servant or whatever. But when we finally arrive home, to our true home, we will find that we are a totally accepted child of God, not partially, not a servant, but totally . . . even beyond just being a son or daughter, but we are one with God. We are one of the cells and God is incomplete without us. And He’s glad to have us back for He is there waiting for us to return so that He Himself can be complete because God does not feel complete without each one of us going back to our Source

So that’s a real beautiful parable, and parables are a great way to illustrate the law of correspondences. But you can use correspondences to find the truth in just about anything.

I like the statement that D.K. makes in introducing his books. He says, (paraphrasing) “I don’t want my books to be introduced with any claim of authority. But I want you to use the law of correspondences. If you use the law of correspondences and find that what I say corresponds to truth, then go ahead and accept it. But if you think it doesn’t correspond, then feel free to reject.” And I always like that statement that he made in all of the Alice A. Bailey books. That’s one test you can give anything you read . . . does the higher correspond to the lower.

So a problem many teachers have with the law of correspondences is that their teachings do not correspond with other accepted  revelations or even their own previous teachings. A lot of these people that channel stuff find tgeir teachings violate the Law of Correspondences. Then in the Mormon rebel world, one revelation often doesn’t correspond to another revelation.

There’s a lot of disagreement. But if it is true, it should correspond for truth does not disagree with truth. The trouble is, a lot of them just give out data. Now data is often unprovable. So let’s suppose somebody gets a revelation that around the star system of Sirius are thirty different planets. And on two of the planets, there’s some advanced star beings. Okay.

How are you going to prove that? You know, you can’t prove it, and you can’t disprove it. You can’t use the law of correspondences except to indicate that there are most likely some type of planetary orbs  within the system.

Joshua: Well look, with the spaceship . . .  the secret cult that I’m a part of has buried under the Sphinx . . . We’re going to prove it J.J. in the next five years. In 2025 the proof is going to come.

JJ: Oh, right, right, you’re talking about the  prophecy of  their being a spaceship hidden in the sphinx?

Joshua: Yeah.

JJ: Right. (laughing) Yeah, that would be something.

I read something aa while back, let me see, I think the author’s name name was Gary Renard, he was presenting the idea that there was a bunch of these beings in the Pleiades. He said he was taken aboard a starship that’s owned by the Pleiades. Well, I did a little research on that, and the only problem with that is the Pleiades Star Systems is only 100 million years old. That’s not even as old as the dinosaurs. Now the Earth is over 4 billion years old. The Earth itself is 40 times as old as the stars in the Pleiades.

Now, a star system in the Pleiades if it’s only 100 million years old, that means it’s composed of almost all hydrogen gas, and any planets circulating around them would be gaseous, light gas, not even heavy gas, but fairly light gas. So there wouldn’t be any advanced star beings living in Pleiades. Same thing with Sirius. Sirius is, I think, only about 400 million years old. So they’re not going to have beings on Sirius like we have here.

We’ve actually got a fairly ancient sun compared to a lot of them out there. Our sun is like 4.7 billion years old, whereas Sirius is fairly young, even though it’s very bright. The thing is some of the brightest stars are very young because they have a lot of hydrogen in them that is converted to helium, producing fusion power.

They produce some of the brightest stars are some of the youngest stars out there, which is kind of interesting. So, there is some checking you can do with these revelations that come out. So when somebody says there are spaceships coming from a young star system, that’s not very logical . . . that’s not very likely to happen unless they’re gas people or from a higher plane  within that system. In that case they wouldn’t have physical bodies like ourselves.

But when you give facts like this to the Channelers, they really don’t like you at all and all those facts. But yeah, the nearest . . . some of the red dwarfs out there are very ancient. They could have some actual people on their  systems that have evolved and there’s quite a number of stars like ours that is as old as ours.

But I think one of the nearest ones, Vega, I think, could be a possibility. When, when these people come up with all these revelations, you can use science to disprove some of the facts. But a lot of the things they come up with you cannot prove or disprove if it’s just data. Like if they say around the Vega system, there are 12 planets and there’s an advanced civilization there and they’ve been communicating with me.

Okay, well, how are you going to prove or disprove that? You just can’t one way or another. There’s nothing to use with the law of correspondences, but then if they talk about principles, then you can start using it.

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