True Compassion

True Compassion

A reader quotes this statement made by me:

“Perhaps the greatest shortcut is soul contact. Then you will find heaven in the here and now and life on earth and off the earth will both be paradise.”

Reader response: And how can you be satisfied with the planet, when there are so many people suffering in the world. Do you have any compassion? Or maybe you are just not aware of what people are going through at this time of such unbalance and disharmony.

WOW! What a leap in making a conclusion. Because I find heaven while living on earth this means I have no compassion and am mean spirited?

Jesus taught about the kingdom within and often talked about his peace that he attempted to share with others. Paul talked about the “Peace that passes all understanding” which he obviously found.

Did these men have no compassion because they found heaven while dwelling on earth?

So do you think that the Masters and even God himself cannot allow themselves to feel peaceful or happy because others suffer in the material worlds?

There will always be suffering somewhere. Do you suppose that because of this all the advanced lives in the universe are doomed to not enjoy happiness and peace for eternity?

There will always be lots of suffering to go around in the universe for billions of years to come. Does this mean that no advanced life can enjoy any happiness? Indeed, that would mean there is no such thing as peace and happiness for decent people.

Makes no sense.

That’s like saying because plants do not think or move that we should identify with them and feel bad that they are so constricted.

All beings must enjoy the amenities of life within their own sphere and when they learn to maintain those accomplishments the lives can then move on.

For those who have discovered soul contact and beyond the greatest compassion they can show is to share the principles that bring it. When the kingdom within has been discovered then the discomforts as well as the comforts of the outer world have little impact or power to distract.

Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all that you desire will be given to you. Then you will find your desires have changed and that which you thought you wanted you will let go and that which you never considered; you will now desire with a spiritual passion.

The inner peace is always there waiting for us to accept it. Once the disciple learns to maintain his focus he keeps the attitude of the observer. He then identifies with soul and spirit, but observes all the rest that brings pain and discomfort as well as joy and happiness. An imperfect comparison would be a person attending a movie with lots of violence, like Silence of the Lambs, for instance. He observes it, but the pain he sees does not interfere with his enjoying his popcorn.

“But,” says one, “the movie is not real but people suffering is.” The answer is a movie is real if we identify with it enough. Pain is caused by people identifying too strongly with physical reality. Just as a realistic movie can cause a watcher to cry, if he identifies strongly, even so can life bring pain if we identify too strongly with the physical. When a person identifies strongly with the physical to the extent that he resists, then spiritual, pain is the result. Resistance of some kind causes all pain.

When the disciple learns to cease resisting spirit and higher will, then pain ceases and eternal life begins.

This is easier said than done for even the Master Jesus had a point of resistance that brought him pain. In the Garden of Gethsemane when he saw the path he was to take he resisted for a moment and asked that the cup be taken from him. This caused him great pain for a short period. It was the one time that we know of that he identified too strongly with something other than spirit and higher will.

In general though throughout the life of the Master, even during most of the crucifixion, nothing was able to take his attention away from the inner kingdom and he was able to keep his peace and composure throughout his life. This verse reflecs his general attitude:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

I have ups and downs and painful events occur just as everyone else, but it is rare that my internal peace is disturbed. I had a life and death experience a couple weeks ago that took me off focus for an hour or so, but I forced my attention back on track and all was as it was before. The key is to not identify with the undesirable experience, but to maintain the attitude of the observer at all times.

Many think we would have to block out other people of suppress to not feel their pain but the truth is just the opposite of what you suppose. When the inner kingdom is discovered, the disciple is more sensitive than ever to the needs of others. He is sensitive and aware, but does not identify or suffer unless he resists the impulse of Spirit when it prompts him to assist.

The key to peace is to follow soul contact once it is accessed. As the Master said, his yoke is easy and burden light – when the words of spirit are absorbed by the disciple.

Question: How is it that some have soul contact and others do not?

We are one body, but differentiated. Why is it that some are able to reason logically and others cannot? Why is it that some are creative and others are not? Even so, some have soul contact and some do not. The thing to realize is that all these accomplishments are part of a journey and logic, creativity and soul contact are available to us all if we put our attention in the right direction.

Comment: I cannot see how, even with soul contact, you can be at peace when there is so much suffering.

Why wouldn’t I be in peace? We have power to choose peace or disturbance. Why not choose peace?

Sometimes you just have to look at what works. If you try to figure out the process first you will most likely come to the wrong conclusion. You’ve heard of the engineer that looked at the black and white specs of a bumblebee and concluded mathematically that he could not fly. But the problem was that the bumblebee did fly. Later, others looked more deeply and sure enough the added knowledge applied proved that the lowly bee could fly.

The bumblebee knew he could fly all the time.

Those who discover the kingdom of God within know what works and does not work. Others will say it does not make sense until they have all the knowledge. Then they can step back as did the later engineers with the bumblebee and exclaim that it all makes sense after all.

No person of good will wishes pain, ignorance or discomfort on anyone, but these are all teaching mechanisms that each of us have to pass through. Without them the prize at the end of the path could not be achieved. School and learning can be painful but when the whole picture is seen no one would want to deny this to the students. The job of the disciple is to assist the students through the learning so they become masters of their situations and pain is replaced by joy.

It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them. Pierre Beaumarchais (1732 – 1799)

Feb 7, 2007

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