To Sing Again

Nov 17, 1998

To Sing Again

Just talking about the “beast” has caused a “disturbance in the force” so to speak, but I feel it is important to at least cover the essentials here. In order to prevail in this life the People of Light must understand the enemy that has overcome them time and time again in ages past.

I would like some comments from the group as to whether you would like the long version or the short version in studying Revelations Chapter 13. Meanwhile, let us shift our attention to a most positive subject, The Song of the 144,000.

I would advise everyone who is saying it regularly to memorize the song so the right words will come out without even trying to remember. That way you can put your full attention on the meaning.

There is one more important thing you can do to heighten the spiritual vibration and that involves using the OM. This is not yet mentioned in the book because it was written to appeal to all belief systems. Some standard Bible believers are prejudiced against Eastern terms just as some New Agers equate the Bible with television preachers.

Before you say the song, sound one long OM as long as your breath lasts and is comfortable. Sound it on a note that seems to feel right to you. This alone will heighten the vibration.

If you have plenty of time, do the following: after sounding the long OM, sound 12 short OM’s right afterwards. Do not count the number, but sound it in what seems to be about twelve times. Extend the last OM to as long as is comfortable.

Between each of the three verses sound the OM again and visualize the group and the fulfillment of the words just spoken. When you finish the last verse sound the AUM in three breaths as follows: First Breath—AAAAAHHHHH Second Breath—OOOOOOOOO (as in Moon) Third Breath—MMMMMMMMM.

As you sound AUM visualize the group as a center for the distribution of light and love and power. Visualize it to such an extent that the earth is transformed, and heaven and earth are brought together.

Hope this helps. I sense that some (maybe all) of us need a spiritual shot in the arm.

Meanwhile, go ahead and contemplate the previous questions under discussion and I will give my comments soon.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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