The Trinity of the Dragon

The Trinity of the Dragon

“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” Revelation 16:13

The first thing to note here is the tabulation of a Trinity in opposition to the Divine Trinity.

The Divine Trinity is, of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is esoterically Power, Love/Wisdom and Active Intelligence.

The power aspect of the negative Trinity is the Dragon. Concerning the Beast we are told that:

“..the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Revelation 13:2

Thus, it is established that the Dragon has power and is able to give power and authority placing him in the Father, or Power position of this Trinity.

Just as the Dragon distorts the use of power the Beast distorts Love/Wisdom. Instead of representing the love and wisdom of Christ, the Beast represents the love of the world and the illusionary wisdom represented by it. False and unjust authority is accepted as more valid than authority from the inner God.

The third aspect is called the false prophet and this is the first time this phrase has been mentioned in Revelations. This represents the intelligentsia of the world, or shall we say pseudo intelligence or those recognized figures who are respected professors, scientists, philosophers who receive awards and recognition by the Beast, but in the end, we see their conclusions are almost always wrong and based on illusion.

These are the type of intellects that proclaimed we would never go to the moon, the telephone was a useless invention, the computer would never be for individual use, and slaves were a necessary ingredient of prosperity in the Old South. Historically, they are almost always wrong, but in their day of power they are respected and trusted by those who bear the mark of the Beast.

Out of the mouths of these three aspects comes “three unclean spirits like frogs.”

An unclean spirit is one that leads to error, disease and guilt. A frog is a symbol of a plague or disaster. Frogs caused one of the plagues of Moses, for instance.

Wherever the power of the dragon is given it is used with error leading to disaster. When the intelligentsia of the world support that power with their pet theories and ideas, the blind followers are set up for a painful experience.

There is probably no better example of this playing out than the rise of Hitler. Churchill was one enlightened soul who saw the danger and for around seven years he tried to warn the world of the danger of this man and those who followed him. The powers that be tried to silence him, those who loved the world tried to ignore him and the intelligentsia belittled him and made fun of him.

These three unclean spirits lead the world into error, disaster and a worldwide plague worse than what happened to the ancient Egyptians.

The three unclean spirits are still with us, deceiving the people of the world who have the mark of the Beast. When deceptive teachers write and promote the false teachings of the unclean spirits today there are many, even among those who consider themselves enlightened, who embrace them, yet feel a true teacher who teaches otherwise is delusional.

It is only after the plague has arrived and past that the truth becomes obvious. Now we see that Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln were great and enlightened souls, but as the plagues of their day were approaching, they were feared and ridiculed by the authorities of their day.

The next verse reads: “For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” Revelation 16:14

“Devils” comes from the Greek DAIMON, which was seen by the Greeks as an outside divine or guiding spirit. The early Christians felt the Greeks were misled in following these deities outside themselves rather than the one God that speaks within.

The spirits who go forth to the kings or leaders of the earth are thus recognized outer authorities of the Beast who direct the people away from their own inner authority.

So, what are the miracles they work? The translation here is misleading. The word “miracles” comes from the Greek SEMEION which is more accurately translated as “signs.” In other words, these spirits are not turning water into wine but directing people toward signs that make them believe in illusion.

These teachers will have great power over the leaders of the planet by the presenting of anecdotal evidence as signs that they are correct. They will use this instead of presenting the whole picture with true logic and reason. For instance, as Hitler was rising to power all kinds of signs and anecdotal evidence were placed before the leaders of the world that Hitler was harmless and was nothing to worry about. He would make a great trading partner and could be managed. In the days of Lincoln, again, anecdotal evidence and signs were presented to show how the slave was sub human.

Again, this is happening today with other beliefs that could lead to disaster.

We must be vigilant to watch for the illusionary signs of our time. They will be obvious 100 years from now, but not today for they will be some of the major beliefs that the majority with power will use to lead men to disaster. Unfortunately, the unthinking masses will believe the signs are leading them to safety.

It is interesting that many on both sides of the illusion will agree with what I have just written but it will not be helpful to those with the mark of the Beast in seeing the illusion. These will still call good evil and evil good. These will see signs that the new Churchills and Lincolns are evil and the Hitlers and the new slavery are the lesser evils to be tolerated.

China burned 1.9 billion metric tons of coal in 2004. By 2020, predicts the China Coal Industry Development Research Center, it will burn 2.9 billion tons a year. That increment alone will send as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as 3 billion Ford Expeditions, each driven 15,000 miles a year. (Note: China burned 3 billion tons in 2020 and the United States burned 435 million or about one seventh as much.)

Quoted from Forbes July 3, 2006

July 17, 2006

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