The Safety of the Middle

The Safety of the Middle

A reader points out again that there is a danger with thoughtforms if we are too expectant of an outcome.

Again let me stress that the key word here is attachment rather than “expect.”

I’ve covered this in my previous post from Sept 29 – “Attachment to Outcome”.

Then I gave the analogy of the artist.

The reader points out that a positive thoughtform will be counterbalanced by a negative. While it is a true principle that there is a possibility of a positive for every negative there is one ingredient in this universe that prevents us being mindlessly ruled by these two forces or the lack thereof. That ingredient is our basic intelligence and the power of decision that resides within the reflections of God.

If then you drive to the store instead of following one of the dualities you make correction after correction with the steering until you arrive at the destination.

The dualities correspond to the pulls that take you off course. Your correction of the dualities and staying on the road until you get to your destination corresponds to the Middle Way as I have been teaching it. The middle way takes us to the “dominating good.” The dominating good lies in the invisible purpose through the door of the midway point and is not one of the extremes of the dualities.

There is no opposite in reality to the dominating good. The only one that could be conceived of would run like this.

It would have to be a dominating evil, which would make creation and life impossible. If there were such a thing as a dominating evil neither the universe nor we would even be. This equation and the solution had to be solved by God when God first began to be, but then there was never such a time within that which the tiny minds of men can comprehend. Thus the initiation of the dominating good had to take place beyond time, space and form and is useless for us to even speculate on. All we know is that the dominating good IS a reality and of this we should be eternally grateful.

The creation of a thoughtform is not that much different from the creation of physical objects. If you create an object the opposite object does not always appear, but the possibility is always there. If you create a ball a square does not manifest to balance it out, but the possibility of the square object is always real. If you go out and buy a heater and do not want its opposite, which is an air conditioner, then you do not have to manifest the air conditioner.

Even so, if we create a thoughtform for a good purpose this does not mean that an opposing thoughtform will also be manifest by us. The possibility of manifesting it is there, but we have the power to pick polarities and make them work for us in the direction of the dominating good.

The midway point symbolized by the still point of the pendulum is not really a point from our perspective but a path. We look at all the alternatives between the two extremes there is always a point of decision which is the most accurate. Because of the swinging of the pendulum this point seems to be a moving target and thus great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the point and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good.

The Question:

How do we avoid persecution and extreme tribulation in this age?

Consider the Song of the 144,000. There are thousands now saying the Song with numbers growing daily.

How will a large number of people saying this with visualization create a protective force for the New Group of Worlds Servers?

The “we” being an important part of the Song. Come to think of it I cannot think of another mantra with the we in it although I am sure they exist. When we do think of protective energy it is natural to think only of ourselves, but in projecting our thoughts to the whole where each of us draws from the pool of accumulated energy the individual will benefit as well as the group.

So how do we prevent the persecutions and tribulations that have consistently befallen the lights of ages past?

This is a tricky question, but one we must face in advance of the work which is shortly to come. If the lights bringing the dawn of the Aquarian age are to be successful they must first and foremost survive and stand in their rightful places until the sun arises and shines forth in its strength.

There are 3 things that cause those in darkness to destroy the lights.

(1) Fear of change

(2) The challenge of authority

(3) Impulses received from the Dark Brothers

The fear of change has caused untold suffering in ages past.

For instance, when Galileo discovered the telescope and presented a logical observable new concept of the earth in the established relationship to the universe the fear of change was great and they threw him in prison until he retracted that which he knew to be true.

This fear of change is closely linked to number 2 or the challenge of authority for Galileo certainly did challenge the authorities of his day. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning will remember that unjust authority is the true mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelations.

Joan of Ark, for instance, was burned at the stake because her revelations, even though helpful to the king, she challenged the powers that be.

England fought with all her might against the independent new world because of its challenge to authority as well as fear of change.

Then, of course, the most obvious example, is the persecution of Jesus and the early Christians because they presented change and a threat to the authorities.

Then in latter times the early Mormons and Baha’is are examples of intense persecution for the threatening of Beastly authority.

It is interesting to note that the Christians in general, the Mormons and the Baha’is are currently creating little challenge to authorities and consequently are attracting little persecution.

The third cause of problems for the lights is the influence of he Dark Brothers. If the authorities and the people do not go after people who are working to change the system according to the great Plan then they will help their own cause along by planting thoughtforms in their associates here on the earth, the masses and also the lightworkers themselves. Dark Brother associates will, however, receive projections of encouragement whereas the disciples will receive thoughts of discouragement, roadblocks and sometimes outright attack.

A very strong advantage we have that lights in earlier ages did not have that protect us from persecution are the laws of the land of the various countries. Now I know that overall there are way too many laws and there is much abuse, but in seeing this we often overlook the great benefits civilization has derived from the protection they have afforded.

Suppose the President wanted to throw a critic to the lions? Could he?

No. The law protected the enemies of authorities.

Suppose an authority abuses the law and releases FBI files on his enemies – isn’t that a bad thing?

Answer – yes, but nothing compared to the ancient Caesars who were a law unto themselves, could act with impunity and put their enemies to the sword with a whim.

Can offended authorities today burn a witch at the stake?

No. Right or wrong they are protected by law and because they are protected we are protected.

Objection: But what about Ruby Ridge and Waco. When they want to get you they can.

Yes, it is true that there were abuses there, but if we were not protected by law these type of incidents would be occurring weekly rather than being a rare occurrence.

Objection: When they want you they’ll get you in subtle ways. There are a lot of good people in prison because authorities went out of their way to get them.

Again it is true that there are abuses and some subterfuge always going on, but the problem today is nothing compared to that which has existed in ages past. A couple hundred years ago half of the writers on the Internet would have had their lives in danger for their “unusual” writings.

For those of you who have studied the rays it is an important point that the Seventh Ray which governs law and ceremony is coming into play and will increase in power for some time. This will have the effect of producing order, progress and protection of the innocent through law.

Now the Song of the 144,000 fits on the ceremony side of this Ray for technically it is it initiates a ceremony which invokes certain results. One of the reasons this technique was not used prominently in the days of Christ, for instance, is that the Seventh Ray was not in play, but now that it is the Song becomes a much more viable tool for the protection of the lights.

Even though the Song has many personal benefits this is not its main purpose. It’s main purpose is yet to be illustrated for the time will come when the Gathering of Lights will become a reality and when this happens the Beast of authority will rear its ugly head and do everything in its power to destroy the enterprise. When this time comes the accumulated power produced by the Song will swing the balance, causing the first solid victory of the gathered lights in many thousands of years. The enemies of light and love will continue to create problems from time to time, but if we do our part in standing in harmlessness while seeking to serve in the light with light and love and power manifesting for the whole, the triumph in the end will be sure.

Even with the Song we must tread the path of the Middle Way successfully. It is obvious that anyone who is stockpiling weapons, for instance, preparing for doomsday and the final battle of Armageddon is going to make a lot of authorities nervous – no matter what their message is. If a person or group looks like a loose cannon they will indeed be watched very closely.

It is helpful in this age that the lights seek not to overthrow or subvert any government but seek to work within established rules, laws and systems to create permanent change. Even totalitarian regimes will topple without physical conflict if enough light and common sense is manifest by the lovers of freedom. The toppling of the Berlin Wall, for instance, created a domino effect, which was the result of the work of many players. A major one was Lech Wallesa, a union leader working within the established structure, yet defying tremendous forces pitted against him. Then we had Reagan issuing the challenge to tear down the wall. Finally, came economic and social pressures from the nations and the great divide was ended with astonishing lack of conflict.

This process is a great example of change which can be created without terrible wars and conflict.

There are, however, changes on the horizon for the world which if foreseen by the authorities of the world would cause great distress, but would cause rejoicing in the hearts of many of the common people. Consequently, there will be times when the Lights will have to take a stand for progress in certain areas which will be deemed a threat to some. When this occurs the disciples of the world must work with extreme patience and realize that in rushing reform one may cause a work to be destroyed and delayed a 100 years whereas a decade of patience and perseverance may actually yield the quickest results.

Let us say that a disciple sees that a particular bureaucracy has served its purpose and needs to be dismantled. If one threatens immediate destruction of the organization and loss of jobs for all then each member of the targeted organization will begin fighting for their lives.

The safe route is to create a workable plan of phasing out over a period of time that does not involve sudden loss of authority or job security.

One of the reasons that the early Mormons had such difficulty is that the common members often bragged to their neighbor that when the Kingdom of God was established that he and his group were going to be toast. This did not settle well with many and the neighboring communities started watching for ways to drive them away. The early Christians had a similar problem. They were expecting Christ to return even at that early day and destroy the Roman empire with a blaze of fire. This idea did not settle well with the Beastly authorities.

The disciples of the world must merely present what is true in a common sense manner and many troubles experienced by past disciples will not surface. For instance, no change which fulfills the purpose of God will hurt the world at large and the people as a whole will always benefit. In any positive change that a disciple seeks to implement he or she must sell the benefit and not the birth pains.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the Brotherhood has been working hard over the past two thousand years to raise the level of conflict from the physical to the emotional and mental planes. We can see this working out today as the conservatives and liberals battle each other daily in the media though heated emotional argument with a twinge of mind thrown in every now and then. Disciples of the world must work to hold the conflict on this level and not let it fall back to the physical. When this turning of the conflict is settled on the higher or non physical level then the New Age will be solidly assured.

But keep this point in mind. Many call the coming age the age of peace and this will be true on the physical plane, but not on the emotional and mental planes. The new age will see conflict through debate and discussion as never before, but physical conflict will eventually be seen as primitive and beneath the dignity of the human race.

Oct 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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