The Principle of Correction

Texas Gathering, Part Three
The Principle of Correction

So when an organization starts to go bad, does it heal? When Congress passes a bad law, does it get healed? The bad law just stays there, doesn’t it? There are still laws that say if you spit on the sidewalk you’ll go to jail. There’s a book written about bad and weird laws. If you kiss longer than thirty seconds in public you’ll be arrested and things like this. There are a lot of bad laws still remaining, laws from a hundred years ago. And there are current laws, new laws passed every day that are bad laws. There are obnoxious laws and laws that we could live without but once they’re passed they just stay there, don’t they? They just stay there and hang with no healing. When a bad law is passed it remains. When taxes are increased, do they get decreased a year down the road? Hardly ever. There is hardly any healing built into the system.

In Idaho, I remember when sales tax went up from 3 to 3.5%. They said this is temporary. As soon as we get our bills paid we’ll take it back down to 3. I never heard that statement again. I kept waiting. Of course, I didn’t really believe I’d hear it but I was watching the papers anyway. Nobody ever talked about bringing it back down. Instead, I waited awhile then they raised it up to 4. I waited a while longer and they raised it up to 4.5%. Then I waited awhile longer and they raised it to 5. It never did go back down to 3. (Note: It is 6% in 2020) Nobody even talked about it. Then they introduced the lottery and brought in more taxes. It was supposed to fix our educational system but it didn’t fix anything. I don’t know where the money went but shortly after the lottery was passed we heard about how all the schools were crumbling and all the kids needed more and weren’t getting anything and it was worse than before the lottery. Things just keep getting worse. There’s no correction built into the system.

Yet, in our system, our bodies, there is correction going on. When one of your cells dies, it’s replaced by a new cell that’s fresh and living and all ready to go. When you cut yourself, you heal. Now that’s what’s going to be different. That’s what’s different in the organizations created in the heavenly spheres. They are self-healing. The fact that it is realized that there is no such thing as perfection as we understand it here. We say that God is perfect, yet what we think is perfect with God is our distorted vision of perfection.

Let’s talk about the word “perfect”. If we were to pass around that word and have everybody in this room talk about what perfection is, everyone would give a different opinion. If God Himself were to come down here and tell us what perfection is at least half of us would disagree with Him. They say, “That’s not what I want.” It wouldn’t matter who defines what perfection is. What real perfection is, is self correction. So, as you move along, everything adapts to the new environment. That is what true perfection is. True perfection is not creating something perfect to begin with and then it just stays perfect forever. This is what everyone has tried to do when they started a religion. They tried to create that religion perfect to begin with so they can relax and have it be perfect forever from here on out. They’ve tried to do that with every religion that’s ever been started and it has never worked. The only way to make any movement, organization, or any body perfect is to put in self correction.

Artie and I drove from Boise to Texas in the past couple days. I bet I corrected my steering wheel as I was driving down the road about a million times. About 2-3 times a second, I adjusted the steering wheel as I’m driving down the road. But if I were to point this car from Boise to Wimberly, Texas and say, “okay car, I made a perfect steering, a perfect plan so I want you to drive all by yourself because I started you off perfect.” How far would I get? I wouldn’t even get a half a block, would I? The car would drive off the road. That car of ours had to be corrected thousands of times I would guess. So you need correction in order to attain the perfection of going from point A to point B.

We say that God is perfect, yet look at this world. God was supposed to have created this world yet this world has all kinds of flaws in it. There isn’t even a perfect rock to be found anywhere in this world. There isn’t a perfect diamond. The most perfect diamond you can find has been chiseled by a jeweler somewhere until it looks fairly perfect. But, if you look close enough under the microscope, you’d even find some flaws in the most perfect diamond. The perfection is to be able to go from point A to point B and to get to point B flawlessly. But to get from point A to point B there has to be a built in corrective mechanism.

This world that God has created is far from perfect from the way we think of perfection yet it’s perfect in God’s eyes because it’s going towards perfection. There are all kinds of corrections being made as the world is going from a rough draft to a celestial sphere. When it goes from point A to point B it will travel a perfect journey because we’ll have millions of corrections going on through the power of God which will eventually bring this planet we have, to its destination. When this destination is reached, perfection will be achieved. Perfection is achieved by correction. It’s never achieved by starting perfect. None of us start perfect. That’s why we see flaws all about us. There are all kinds of flaws in everything that God has created because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Perfection is a journey rather than a final adjustment.

When a great piece of art is created, it’s created by a master who makes many mistakes. When he paints the face of the Mona Lisa or whatever; he may not like what he has done so far and changes the mouth a little bit. He keeps changing and changing it until he says, “Ah, there it is. That’s what I’m looking for.” To achieve that perfection took many, many mistakes. So perfection isn’t achieved just overnight. It’s a process. This is a perfection that we have to look at.

The perfection of the invocation is what we’re seeking right now. So what we want to do is make another turn of the rubber band, so to speak, so the propeller of the airplane will be winding up and reach a point of tension. What is one more turn that we need to make?

Audience: Well, we have desire and persistence but that still might not get us anywhere until we have an all-consuming desire. Even when winding the rubber band we think it’s getting kind of tight and maybe I should let it go but there’s probably a good ten or more wraps we could go and we’re risking more and more getting too much tension. You need to have the willingness to go the extra mile.

JJ: Okay the persistence gets you to the point where you finally—you keep persisting until you feel the tension building up. You think something is starting to happen. Then, when something starts to happen, like he says, you have a desire and things start to move for you. You have a desire to move ahead.

Response: You have to have action also or are you including that in the airplane?

JJ: Action is important. So many people in this world want to do things by not acting. A lot of New Age people do this as well as Christians. I’d say about half the people here are New Age consciousness and about half are Christian consciousness. That’s an interesting blend we have. In most audiences it’s usually one or the other but we’ve got a really interesting combination of people here and that’s the way it’s supposed to be because we’re a synthesis of people here. A lot of people want to get rich by just meditating and visualizing a million dollars coming in and a lump of money will show up on the doorstep. How many people have you met that have an idea like this? They don’t want to do the nuts and bolts necessary. I’ve met a lot of people like this. Not only in the spiritual movement but Artie and I meet a lot of people in the business world everyday. We do a lot of services for them. Many people don’t want to do the nuts and bolts. They don’t want to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. They want somebody else to do all the busy work and all the hard work then they’ll take all the glory. They’ll do all the visualization and somebody else will put the stamps on and fold the flyers and whatever miscellaneous work.

A lot of people just want to run away from that miscellaneous hard work. Those are the people who don’t make it. The people that make it are the people who are willing to do what is necessary. That’s one thing I like about Mindy over here. She’s willing to do lots of nuts and bolts type work. I send her an audio to type up and she just types it up the next day. She just gets right on it and does the nuts and bolts work. A lot of you in the group are like that. I’m just singling out Mindy because she’s done a lot of work lately and I appreciate it. But nuts and bolts type workers are hard to find. People want to do glorious work. They say, “I want to prepare the way for Christ to come. I want to do something or say some OMs and make Christ show up in the clouds or something like that. I want to do something really good. Or I want to create a molecule tomorrow. Or twelve apostles or something like this tomorrow.”

Here’s what we need to do. We need to do some real nuts and bolts things. We need to create a web site or we need to do this or do some typing or lick stamps. Those type of people who are willing to do the average run of the mill work, they’re the rarities in this world but they are also the ones who will end up succeeding. You need to tighten the nuts and the screws and get everything in order before the whole package can hold together. I’ve met so many people again and again who are unwilling to do the busy work; the work that isn’t particularly fun to do. These are the people who usually do not succeed in whatever their endeavors are. So whether it be a spiritual work or a business or whatever type of work you’re in, the nuts and bolt work is one of the things that will turn the tension one more turn.

Question from audience on initiating

JJ: Yes, initiation is a great power and this is one of the things that will attract the attention of the Masters toward you. The Masters are very busy on their own plane. They’re busy doing a lot of work besides what we might visualize them doing. They have a lot on the plate. Our association with the Masters corresponds to an animal’s association with us. We’re in different kingdoms. The kingdom of God is a kingdom higher than man like humanity is higher than the animals.

Now, suppose you have a dog at home. The dog waits all day for you to come home. His whole desire is to see you walk through that door. Maybe you’ve been at work all day along. He’s just sitting around all day waiting for you. For one thing, you’re going to feed him but he probably thinks you’ve been thinking about him all day too. He probably thinks he’s been on your mind continuously. But he hasn’t been on your mind at all. You’ve been with your boss to lunch, had all sorts of problems at work and you haven’t even thought of your dog all day long. You come home and through the door and the dog just jumps on you because he’s so happy to see you. And you’re thinking, “Oh, I almost forgot about this stupid dog. I hope I left him enough water. He’s probably dying of thirst.” But your poor little dog thinks you’ve been missing him as much as he’s been missing you.

This is the way we think about God and Christ and the Masters and the higher lives. We think they just sit around the table saying, “Joe Schmoe, let’s keep an eye on him today. We don’t have anything better to do.” No, they have their own work in their higher spheres and we’re like the little puppy dogs asking for a bit of attention. They might think, “Oh man, I forgot all about Joe Schmoe over there. I hope I left enough spiritual drink to tide him by. Maybe it’s time to pay some attention to the poor guy.” He thinks he’s really got something going when little does he know it’s a little pathetic effort he’s making over there. And maybe they sit around and joke about how silly we are. “Boy, those humans. They think they’re really accomplishing something. If they could just become more useful to us it would be something. If they could just tighten one bolt right it would be really nice. They’re expecting a big revelation but they aren’t ready for diddly squat.

Robin says we need to develop an attitude of gratitude. That’s good. We need to be more like the puppy dog we’re talking about. One of the things that endear us to our dog is that we open that door and the dog is just so happy to see us. He’s thrilled! Then you give him a bone or something and he’s thrilled again. He’s as happy as can be and the most grateful animal you’ve ever seen in your life. You think, “Oh I love that dog.” Why do you love him? Because he’s so grateful. The dog is just so grateful for the little things you give him. He’s as grateful as can be and it endears you to him.

If we can be as grateful as a little puppy dog maybe we’d get a little bit more attention from the Hierarchy. But how many of us maybe aren’t grateful? Remember the story where Christ cured ten different lepers? They each went their own way but one stopped and came back and told Jesus thank you. Remember what Jesus said to him? He said, “Where are the other nine?” Then He said, “You are healed but the for other nine the disease will come back.” So in other words, this one who came and gave his gratefulness to the Christ was healed. This is an important point. We should be grateful for what we have, grateful for those who help us, grateful for those who serve us and grateful to those who help us along our way in any way. This is an important point.

Question/comment from audience: we should desire the will of the masters

JJ: Yes, the will of the masters. Hold that thought while we take a break and continue to think on additional turns on how that point of tension can be reached.

Delivered May 24, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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