The Mystery of Purpose

The Mystery of Purpose

Purpose is the initiating energy and has no duality, but its vibration creates the illusion of duality.

Purpose is the initiating energy and is eternal. It is different from intent or having an objective. That which you intend will have a beginning and an end as well as that which you will and the two energies are thus under the influence of vibration as well as time.

Eternal Purpose is not the same as objective. An objective has a beginning and an end but Purpose exists in timelessness. An objective which is in alignment with Purpose is part of an eternal chain of events.

Purpose begins in timelessness, passes through every atom in time and returns to timelessness again which is the same as saying it has no beginning or end.

First comes Purpose. It must exist before there can be Will or intent. Without Purpose there can be no will to do anything. Where ever there is a Will the question is — what is the Life willing to do? The answer is to fulfill Purpose.

Aligned with Will and Purpose is Power. When the Life has Purpose and perceives Power to fulfill that Purpose then the energy of Will directs that Power and we have the creation of vibration.

Actually, vibration exists between two eternities so it has no end but all the forms vibration takes has beginning and end.

When Will-Power-Purpose are realized to some degree then intention comes into existence. There has to be some sort of self-identity to have intention.

The aspects of Will-Power-Purpose have many correspondences. I have also called them Light-Love-Purpose.

Purpose has no vibration because it is the midway point between the points of the wavelength. Therefore, it cannot be two, but is only one. It is the point between “land and water that is neither wet nor dry.” It is the place where “magic is wrought.”

Life extension can come through intent, but immortality can only come through aligning with Purpose which links us up with lives much greater than ourselves who have “obtained the resurrection” and can channel the power of re-creation down to us.

Purpose takes one out of the influence of the “rolling force.”

The word “faith” is not really a belief but it is a state of mind that is aligned with Purpose that can override all the influences on the physical world even to the production of great miracles including the overcoming of death.

A full explanation of Purpose has not been given to mankind, but can be sensed through contemplation.

There are a basic set of principles we all must eventually learn, but we all will have a different experience in reaching the end of the path. That different experience could be called a different path. My point is that technically we all wind up learning the same lessons just as you mentioned in the martial arts.

Doing things by the force of will does have its limitations. Let me explain. If you will for something to happen and it interferes with the will of two other people whose combination of two wills is stronger than your one, then the power of the two wills will overcome your one. This is the reason a successful politician must tune into the will of the masses. Even a Hitler must keep public opinion on his side.

In many cases it is impossible for two opposing wills to have their way. They will often diffuse each other.

The true path to power is to tune into the Power of Purpose the One Great Life has in store for this planet and then become an agent of His Power. In this case a person is not operating in the power of his “little will” but of a power that is a fiat accompli — a will that must be fulfilled.

Compare your will to the Planetary Logos, for instance, with a germ in your body to your own. As long as that germ does not interfere with your larger will it is free to do as it pleases, but the moment one starts to put you at dis-ease you will then take strong medicine to stop it.

A reader brought up the idea that the real Jesus escaped crucifixion and another disciple took his place, similar to Islamic belief.

There were two entities involved in the crucifixion and resurrection, but I maintain it was quite a bit different than this. See my previous writings on the overshadowing.

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television. David Letterman (1947 – )

Nov 17, 2008

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