The Hierarchy of Gods

The Hierarchy of Gods

Question: A regular Christian would get confused over some of the esoteric teachings you present. Could you add some clarification as to where Jehovah, the One Great Life and LDS teachings on God fit in?

The first thing to grasp is that there is a hierarchy in all things from the particles within the atom to the universe itself.

On this earth itself we have a hierarchy of seven kingdoms.

The first is the mineral, second vegetable, the third animal, the fourth human, the fifth Christ and his inner group of Masters — called the kingdom of God by many. The Seventh is composed of beings who have achieved immorality on past system and here dwells the Ancient of Days and his associates. This kingdom is called Shamballa in the East. These inhabitants have come here to assist all evolution on the earth, of which human is only a part.

The sixth kingdom is a bridge between the fifth and the seventh. The Christ, the Buddha and a number of great souls native to the earth navigate between the fifth and seventh kingdoms and link them together.

The Ancient of Days who achieved liberation on a previous earth rules over the seventh kingdom and hence all the earth and is the one mentioned by Joseph Smith when he said:

“The heads of the Gods appointed one God for us.” (History of the Church 6:475).

The Ancient of days, called the “Father” by Jesus, is the “one God for us” mentioned by Joseph. Another name for him is the “Planetary Logos.”

This being was also the first man, as taught by BrighamYoung, but that incarnation was much more ancient than 6000 years ago. Think millions of years ago. He will also incarnate at the end of man’s transition period here on earth, but that will be in the far future.

Above the Ancient of Days in hierarchy are the Seven Spirits before the throne as mention in the Book of Revelations. (See Rev 1:4; 3:1; 4:5.) These are seven planetary Logoi over seven sacred planets in this solar system. Over them is the Solar Logos. The Solar Logos and the seven spirits would have been the “heads of the Gods” who appointed the one God for us.

Above the Solar Logos is an even greater logos who is over seven solar systems of which our solar system is one. He is such a high order that even for Christ he is seen as “The One About Who Naught Can Be Said.”

Once one goes so far up the hierarchy we become like slugs trying to understand the mind of Einstein. The God with whom we have to do, the Ancient of Days has a consciousness much higher than we can comprehend in our present state of being and Christ who is much below him in spiritual evolution is our example that sets our goal of attainment.

Outside of a couple encounters had by Moses most references to Jehovah do not refer to an individual entity, but to the soul of the children of Israel. Their combined thought and belief as a people created a thoughtform from which they received revelation. This explains some of the primitive commands such as putting people to death for minor crimes such as breaking the Sabbath or being a rebellious child. Such commands represented the thinking of the minds of the people in that age.

I believe Moses, on the other hand had several encounters with the Ancient of Days, but because the people were not prepared for the great light that was available they were resigned to a god of their own making or the laws of carnal commandments.

Within each of us resides higher planes of spirit. These have been accessed by the Masters who have preceded us and such advanced beings inspire teachings from time to time that assist us here on the earth in breaking down the veils and accessing God who dwells in each of us. Each of us must find the God within and commune with Him to achieve liberation from the domination of matter over spirit.

Those who have gone on before us can provide teachings and inspiration but each of us must do the majority of the work on our own.

All those who have achieved mastery recognize the One Great Life, but they also understand their oneness with It. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” In an esoteric sense if Jesus and his Father are one then Jesus is also the Father.

In this same sense if an individual is one with God then he is as God is. This is why Christ, the Masters and the Ancient of Days are called Gods to us, even though they are only dots in the fabric of the universe of the one God.

Hope this helps.

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Sept 5, 2007

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