The Great Descent

Feb 21, 2017

The Great Descent

The first level of the existence of God and all the intelligence within his universal body is called Divine Space. This space may be considered nothingness from an earthly point of view but from a higher vision it contains everything. Within it are universes of undifferentiated substance. When wavelengths appear and differentiation occurs through the guidance of intelligence the foundation of all forms are made.

This Divine Space is composed of an unlimited number of eternal points. When a point is stimulated and vibrates the light of intelligence becomes manifest as if it were a star on the path to becoming a blazing sun in the body of God.

The intelligences manifested in many degrees of glory and the greater ones gathered to themselves the lesser ones and planned universal creation.

Thus we have the highest three levels of the Life of God. The first is Divine Space, the Second is the manifesting intelligences and the third is the organizing and planning by these intelligences. The thought and planning created a universe of innumerable Divine Ideas, the third kingdom.

The goal was to descend way down to the level of physical matter and they still had a long way to go.

One more level had to be created before form could manifest. This was a sphere or kingdom where the ideas where drawn up into blueprints. It is one thing to create an idea, but another to formulate a plan so the manifestation of that idea becomes possible.

Finally, the intelligences were ready to create forms, but before they could create physical forms in dense matter they had to create them in more refined spiritual matter created by the interplay of thought with undifferentiated substance. They combined their light and thought and created beautiful celestial worlds. Imagine all the beauty that the combined minds of humans could create if they could just use their imagination in a positive way then one would only have a glimpse at what exists in this celestial world.

Thus through the interplay of thought from eternal intelligences the Celestial Kingdom was created.

“But,” says the skeptic, “wouldn’t the celestial kingdom be the highest? Yet you say there are four levels above it.”

The scriptures indeed tell us that there are kingdoms higher than the celestial. We are told that those who inhabit the celestial kingdom will be given a white stone.

“Then the white stone mentioned in Revelation 2:17, will become a Urim and Thummim to each individual who receives one, whereby things pertaining to a higher order of kingdoms (higher than the celestial) will be made known;” D&C 130:10

Verily, there are four kingdoms higher than the celestial. The celestial though is the highest kingdom in the worlds of form, for in that kingdom form is easily created by the power of thought.

The intelligences by the power of their thought manipulated the spiritual matter of this celestial sphere to create a great paradise world that has all the beauty that can be imagined by them.

The next step was to actually enter this world themselves. They decided to project a portion of their essence into this world while keeping most of their light in their own kingdom. They would thus be able to guide their creation from a higher angle of vision. They therefore impregnated the spiritual matter with their thought and the creation of spiritual beings of form commenced. Even though these spirits did not have all the light and intelligence of their creators they still were greatly endowed from our point of view.

The spirits progressed as far as they could in this celestial world until they were ready to take the next great step which was to come down into the dense physical plane. Earth was one of the planets prepared for this purpose.

Following the example of their Creator Intelligence the spirits projected part of their essence into physical bodies while keeping most of their consciousness and light in the celestial world – similar to what their originating intelligence did to them.

As it turns out our originating spirit corresponds to our Mother in Heaven and our originating Intelligence to our Father in Heaven.

Our Mother in Heaven is really a higher part of our self, often called the Higher Self, and our Father in Heaven is a higher part yet, our originating intelligence linked up to the one God. Thus the one God can be aware of all of us through the higher parts of ourselves which are linked up and one with Him.

After the physical plane and life on it manifested and began to develop and expand the lower desire nature was born, became very powerful and created many problems. Celestial mind began to interplay with desire born from the physical plane and created another kingdom made of spiritual matter impregnated with desire. This caused a kingdom to be created composed of emotional matter or energy.

We thus have three kingdoms of form – the physical worlds, or the telestial, the plane of emotional matter – the terrestrial and the plane of thought, paradise or the celestial.

“But,” says the typical member. “The righteous go to paradise after death and then after the resurrection he goes to the celestial kingdom.”

Not so. Paradise and the celestial kingdom are the same as taught by Joseph Smith in the King Follett Discourse.

“those who have died in the faith are NOW in the celestial kingdom.”

Those who are attached to the material world go to the realms of the terrestrial world created by desire matter. Those who have more noble desires will go to areas that are paradise compared to this earth but still contains many illusions. It is not as paradisiacal as the celestial sphere where a greater reality is understood. The lower parts of the emotional world are temporary hells or prisons that spirits must work through.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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