The Fruit of the Tree

The Fruit of the Tree

The Question: There is one more part to the tree that we have not yet explored which is the fruit which either contains new seeds or is the seed itself.

In this analogy we are discussing what is the meaning behind the fruit of the tree?

Do you suppose the Divine plane is the highest attainment? What could be higher?

To answer this final correspondence, we must remember that the fruit and the seed are very similar for the fruit contains the seed.

And what did we say the original seed was?

The original seed was the Monad, a point of life and light sprouting from the fabric of the Divine Plane.

So what would be represented by the multitude of seeds produced by the tree?

These also represent monads. The seeker becomes the sought and is as a Son of God, at one with his Father in Heaven, his Divine Self, his Monad. He then seeks to multiply himself and nourishes many other monads on their descent into matter. As these monads extend themselves and expand their consciousness through their vehicles the fruit of experience is produced. This fruit represents the love of God and is shared with the originating seed with great joy.

Is there anything higher than the Divine Plane, seventh, (counting from the physical upwards)?

Yes. All seven planes that we have discussed together compose a higher plane, called by DK the Cosmic Physical.

This is a profound truth. Consider this. The physical, astral, mental and all the other planes up to the divine all together produce a physical existence in a higher reality. In this cosmic plane we again have a repeat of the seven planes here, but on a much higher turn of the spiral. In addition to the Cosmic Physical we have the Cosmic Astral on up to the seventh, the Cosmic Divine.

The Logos of our earth is attempting to master consciousness on the Cosmic Astral. He is about half way through this endeavor. The Solar Logos is attempting to master the Cosmic Mental Plane.

Are there planes higher than the Cosmic? Is there a super cosmic? Even the highest adept knows nothing about such a high existence and can only guess about it. We can only assume there is or will be such higher planes as the reflections of God Become and evolve.

The knowledge to take from this teaching is this. When the seeker says he has found the ultimate feeling, bliss, or God Presence, they know not that they are only at the beginning of their journey. No mater how high the consciousness, bliss or joy the seeker adjusts to it and eventually becomes ready for more. When he is ready, the more will come, worlds without end.

Question: Why is it that in the New Jerusalem meditation that the seeker can partake of the twelve fruits when desired, but the highest fruit must be offered to him by a master or the Christ?

There is Hierarchy in all things divine. Where there is a third degree initiate, there will be a fifth. Where there is a fifth there will be a sixth. Where there is one who has passed all initiations in the human scheme there will be, in relation to him, a Logos who is higher still.

Those who are higher in evolution have more wisdom, mastery and knowledge of the various spheres and vibration and have a spiritual obligation to assist those of lesser achievement.

One of the forms of assistance is to protect them from themselves as they move from one vibratory rate to another.

If the average seeker were told that there are seven vibratory steps ahead that he can take on the way to liberation, he would most likely proceed with eagerness not realizing that if he did take the next two steps without adjustment, he would incur a vibratory rate he could not withstand – that could either destroy his etheric web or drive him insane.

There are certain safe steps into the presence that we are allowed to take on our own represented by the twelve fruits, but there are other steps where we must be judged by a Master who knows when we are ready to eat of the higher fruit.

A correspondence on the earthly level is the taking of medicine. There are nonprescription drugs that are deemed safe to be left to our own discretion. But then there are stronger drugs that take a highly trained doctor to determine if you can safely partake.

There are spiritual fruits which we can partake which take much preparation before they can be safely eaten.

Perhaps some of you have been prepared for the higher fruit by your inner teacher without your being aware of what was transpiring. Have you ever felt, out of the blue, an increase in your vibratory rate? That is, you felt some type of spiritual power generating in you and you knew not what it was about?

Chances are you were being exposed to a higher vibratory rate to prepare you, over a period of time, to partake of a greater fruit than you before imagined was available.

When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear, and offer him the fruit of the Spirit and the two will eat together with joy.

A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight. Robertson Davies

Oct 13, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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