The Faces of Love

The Faces of Love

This poem represents one of my few efforts to write in poetry. It is written in an unusual style. It is called metered poetry in that each line has exactly the same number of syllables. I was told the meter of ten syllables per line is very difficult to write, but also very beautiful. On hearing this I decided to give it a try and wrote the following poem metered at ten syllables per line. If you read it aloud you can appreciate the power of the meter.


The Faces Of Love

by JJ Dewey. Written in 1967

I was alone walking beside the sea;

How long I had trod I could never know.

I saw not where my tracks began to be;

I could not recall where I was to go.

Then I questioned the reason I was there;

The thought had not before occurred to me.

It became a weight I could not bear;

Finally, I looked to see who I could see.


Vaguely, at first, through one eye I saw him;

I blinked my eyes and viewed him more clearly.

I stopped and so did he, then walked again;

Then I paused: “What have you to do with me?”

“Nothing,” said he., “since the years have gone by,

Though the tracks in the sand belong to you,

I’ve been by your side just watching the tide.”


“How was it that I caught not your presence

If from time without end you’ve walked the sea?

Why do you live, and what is your essence,

And tell me what have you to do with me?”

“You do not know, you have been slumbering,”

The tall and fair stranger then said to me,

“Without me you have been a blundering,

But I could have so much to do with thee.”


I said, “What can you have to do with me?

Do you have a home and what is your name,

And why do you say that I’ve been asleep?

Tell me why you have come and whence you have came?”

“My name is Love,” said he in a warm smile “

I have no present home in which to live;

It is hard to say where was my first mile,

Will you learn from me what I have to give?”


“What good are you – I’ve been content alone,

Since time has begun I have got along;

Why should I take you and give you a home,

Why follow me, do you think you belong?”

“You’ll never know till you try me,” said he,

“What it is like to have me for your friend;

The blind know not the joy it is to see,

Pray take me in, or be alone again.


“Aye,” said I – “I do have nothing to loose,

Here is my heart – you can do what you must;

The magic you have and this much I choose;

I may take you into my deepest trust.”

His hand on my head I felt in my heart,

Love changed in view to a maiden so fair

My spirit within was crying to start

Knowing more than the sea, sand, and the air.


I stopped the maiden and then asked her why

She came to me no sooner than she did.

I pleaded: “Do not ever say goodbye,

Stay with me and I will do as you bid.”

She turned to me and smiled with her blue eyes,

“Many times, through Love I’ve tried to touch you,

But you’ve walked alone, your friend was the sky;

Now finally, perhaps I have gotten through.”


“That you have come to me I am amazed,

For I see things, before I did not see;

All that was before was just a dark haze,

But tell me, what have you to do with me?”

She smiled again: “I will make life for you,

Something more than footsteps without an end;

You’ll be happy for the things that I do,

For you see – Love has always been my friend.”


Her warm hand held mine, then I shut my eyes,

A tingling touched my spine, I opened wide –

To my surprise I saw a little child,

Her eyes, melting flowers of the sea tide.

Where did she come from I could only guess,

A maiden transformed to the child I see;

The mere sight of which is enough to bless,

“But tell me, What have you to do with me?”


“Love is also my friend,” she did reply,

“I am a part of him you never knew;

You were so alone and did not ask why,

But I should have a lot to do with you.

Oh, when will you tire of walking alone?

Yesterday’s thoughts were the same as today’s;

Let me in and I will call you my home,

I will show you hidden things, if I may.”


I blinked again, and then in great slender

Before me a man so virile and strong;

I asked him then if he had a sender;

“Tis Love,” said he, “But do not get me wrong.

My name is Life, I spend time just living;

Love is too my friend, and I nourish him.

Those who miss me have many misgivings,

And do wish to have me to live again.”


“‘Tis fine,” said I, “but I have been content,

No worries or cares for me certainly,

Though many people wonder where you went

I but ask what have you to do with me?”

“Fool,” said he, “What have you that remains?

The tides of the sea washes all your prints;

All of me you’ve had is gone with the rain,

Your eyes can never see where you have been.”


Lightening flashed, Life disappeared from my sight,

Then appeared a girl with beauty unseen,

Lilacs in her hair and violets her eyes,

Why would such a wonder be sent to me?

She smiled a smile that caused a new feeling:

“I am Mother Nature, forever young,

I keep life going and start birds singing;

Do take me in and hear songs never sung.”


I paused a moment and she disappeared;

Tell me why oh why did I hesitate?

To my right choirs of angels did I hear,

Lovely songs and melodies did they make.

I turned my head and saw a perfect man,

White hair aged with wisdom, but young with thought.

He said: “So little do you understand

The joy and happiness you have been brought.”


I said, “I do not seem to comprehend,

Though all that you bring appears so much bliss,

Tell me what other beings will be sent,

And what have you to do with all of this?”

He replied: “I wait in eternity.

I created Love, yet I am a part,

And it ever has much to do with thee,

All you need do is to open your heart.”


A flashing white light was before my eyes,

“I am the first and the last,” I did hear –

Light grew brighter till it was no more bright:

“Remember my light, and you will not fear.”

Then Love appeared more clearly than before,

Walking by me, no footprints in the sand.

He said: “Friend will you now open the door?”

“Let me think,” I said, “Till I understand.”


I closed my eyes and daydreaming walked by,

But then he was gone – I waited too long;

Love, no longer seen clearly through the eye,

I began to yearn and not feel so strong.

I feared to look on my desolate past;

I was alone, there was no one but me,

Hearing from that eternity so vast:

“Tell US Sir, what have we to do with thee?”

Sept 13, 2007

Copyright by JJ Dewey

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