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Dec 14, 2013

The Word Which is God

Continued from Part 22

The group has made some great comments, but has missed an aspect that is necessary for a full understanding of this key.

Many seem to think that the use of the word which is God requires soul contact, attunement with the will of God, or being a high disciple.  Such is not the case.

Contemplate what has been presented so far and tell us which Word or Words the following manifested:





Osama Bin Laden


Dec 15, 2013

More on the Word

The group seems to be getting the correct general idea on the Word as represented by this key.  I gave this last assignment to insure that it is realized that all words have power whether they are positive or negative or no matter who they came from.

The assignment:

Contemplate what has been presented so far and tell us which Word or Words the following manifested:





Osama Bin Laden


In the context of our discussion it is easy to accept that Edison’s idea of creating a lightbulb is a word that was brought into manifestation through Edison Groking the idea.  But what about someone like Hitler?

One of his words was the creation of the Nazi party as a platform of power to place him into power over the entire country.  This he did successfully to the detriment of the world at that time.

Another of his ideas which was a word was the annihilation of the Jewish race from the face of the earth. He gave this word an unprecedented amount of nurturing, but the Word for the Jewish race wound up dominating.

Reagan nurtured a word that split apart the Soviet Union.

Obama is sounding a word that is designed to socialize the United states with Obamacare being just one ingredient. Fortunately, other words are being sounded in opposition.

Osama Bin Laden sounded a word that that created the threat or terror in the minds of Americans.

Jesus sounded many words successfully.  One of his was, “your faith has made you whole.”

One advantage of sounding this word is that there are few opposing words to people getting healed, though he did face them in his home town and among the Jewish leaders.

The greatest word Jesus or the Christ gave us was his life as a whole. This word is still clothing itself in manifestation.

Here are points that need to be understood.

(1) Words are Gods and have great power to manifest

(2) Words are neither good or evil. Whether they accomplish good or evil depends on how they are directed by those who nurture them into existence.

(3) Those who nurture them into existence can be either on the side of light or dark.

(4) To bring a word into existence requires one to totally accept, embrace and grok it.

(5) Many words have difficulty in coming into existence because they meet with competition and resistance from other words that are sounded with power.  In this case the Word that sounds with the most power will dominate.

Someone asked if a Word played a part in its own manifestation.  The answer is yes.  You are a Word and two things played a role in you manifesting and developing.

The first is other lives who nurtured you and the second is the application of your own intelligence.

Intelligence permeates all things visible and invisible and even words have some form of intelligence. They must be nurtured by manifested lives such as ourselves to stimulate their power to Become through intelligence.

The three steps in giving the Word power to manifest is to accept, embrace and merge, or grok it. This seems like a pretty simple process  but if it were easy we would all be successful at manifesting our ideas.

Question:  Why do people have such difficulty with these three steps? Is it really difficult to accept, embrace and grok something you love and desire?  Why?

Dec 16, 2013

The three steps in giving the Word power to manifest are to accept, embrace and merge, or grok it. This seems like a pretty simple process but if it were easy we would all be successful at manifesting our ideas.

Question:  Why do people have such difficulty with these three steps? Is it really difficult to accept, embrace and grok something you love and desire?  Why?

We cannot apply the three steps to manifest a word until we understand what a word is. I have said that a word is more than the thousands of units spelled out in the dictionary.  A true word is an idea that has the possibility of being distilled in the material world.

It is also important to realize what a word is not.  A useful word is not some vague statement of desire, such as, “I want to make a million dollars,” or I want a better job or the ideal mate etc. The only word vague statements like these represent is an expression that you have desire for a thing. If you say that you want a million dollars you are making the word a reality as you speak because you do indeed want a million dollars.  Now actually getting the million dollars would require a word of a different sort.

A usable word is a definite idea or thought that is correctly communicated to yourself or others. Edison had a specific idea for a light bulb.  He first communicated it to himself so he could understand clearly what he was attempting to manifest.  Then he communicated the word to his fellow scientists who were working with him.  They then proceeded to manifest a Word, which is God. If Edison hadn’t done it, someone else would have.  The Word existed in the higher spheres and was ready to manifest.  Someone merely had to sound it properly and clothe it in the material world.

Let us suppose you were serious about making a million dollars.  You not only desire to make the money but have made a definite decision to do so.  What word would you use?

The answer is that it would have to be a word, that when acted upon would produce the desired results. In other words, the word you need would be an actual workable plan that would produce the money you desire. Now if your plan is to sell refrigerators to Eskimos then you will be disappointed. Such a word does not exist in the ethers.  On the other hand, if you have created a new sauce that everyone loves and have a plan to market it then you may have a good word. You can recognize an actual word through a registration by your soul.

If you say that you want to be healed you are merely expressing the desire of every ill person in the world who is not getting good results.

On the other hand, if you can see your body as healed and  then your physical body moving toward that visualization you may have just pulled a word out of the ethers that has power to materialize.

Once you lock on to a real word, which is God then you can proceed with the three steps.


How does this pan out for all the hundreds of people that buy a lottery ticket and then suddenly win millions of dollars?  Do these people know the Word,or is this just karma?


Winning a lottery has nothing to do with sounding the word. Winning it is just pure luck.  What the winner does with his winnings will definitely affect his karma for the future.

All of us experience unpredictable good and bad events as we move forward in life. How we are sounding our various words will determine whether those events turn into good or bad experiences.  Many lottery winners mess up their lives so much they wind up wishing they had never won.


When you know so much about this Word, and understand it so well,  then how come you have not manifested millions of dollars to build Zion etc?


Because sounding a word to manifest millions is a totally different animal than the Word to manifest Zion.  The Word for Zion has been sounded by teachers and prophets for thousands of years including the Christ himself, and has not yet manifested.  It has not yet manifested because of all the words in conflict, many of which are sounded by the Beast. must be neutralized by the continual sounding and strengthening of the sound of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

The main word I sound is that of Zion.  It’s existence in the higher spheres is real and its  descent is certain as long as disciples continue to sound the word.  The only thing in question is the time frame. Sounding a word to make a million would only reduce the sustaining power I give to a far more important Word.

Dec 17, 2013

Step One

Once you lock on to a real word, which is God then you can proceed with the three steps.


Step One – Accept

One might think that it would be easy to accept a word, such as a desirable idea passing trough your mind, but such is rarely the case. Let us take the example of a successful word used by Jesus which was “Your faith has made you whole.” If you had a friend who has had a painful illness over a period of years and nothing he has tried has done much good then how would he react to such a word?  Would he accept it?  If you were to tell him that that his faith has made him whole he would most likely respond, “Yeah, right, and what else is new?”


In other words, the person who will benefit the most from the word and actually desires it to be true does not accept the word.


The same problem manifests with those who are wielding the word. They often have difficulty accepting it. Which of us could accept this word that Jesus used and go to a sick friend and say, “Your faith has made you whole?”


Most of us would like the word to be true but just couldn’t accept it. A typical response would be something like this, “If I did that I would just make a fool of myself.  After all, I am nothing special.  I’m not God, or even a saint by any means.”


Thus we have many wonderful words out there that most people would love to see manifest, but they do not manifest.  Why?  One important reason is they are just not accepted.


Where both sending and receiving are involved the word must be accepted by both parties.


Jesus did his part in that he accepted the words he used.  His problem was in getting other people to accept them. The scripture says that he could perform no miracles in his hometown.  Why?  Because these people could not accept his words which is often the case with our family and friends. It is much easier to accept the words of some mysterious stranger from afar.


Jesus had to build acceptance of his words by first carefully picking believing people to heal.  When others saw what he did then their power to accept his words grew. Then as he gained success even many skeptics were won over who then accepted the words of Jesus.


As the acceptance of his words grew he spoke this truth:

“The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63


To those who did not accept him he said, “my word hath no place in you…ye cannot hear my word.” John 8:37&43


Then he added:

“He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.” John 8:47


Why did he call them God’s words?  Partially because the Word is God. Did he not say, “he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came.” John 10:35


Then he gave this grand key, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7


The power of an accepted word is so potent that when fully accepted you can ask what you will and it shall be done.


Unfortunately, we have difficulty in fully accepting the most wonderful of words.  The seeker is likely to have a number of feelings and beliefs which get in the way such as.


(1) He is not worthy

(2) He is governed by negative words that are controlling him .

(3) Friends and associates influence him with their own restrictive words.

(4) He thinks he is not special as others seem to be.


Yes, it would seem that it should be easier to accept healing words than words that bring illness, words that encourage rather than discourage, words of love rather than hate – but such is often not the case. For many, it is easier to accept destructive words than building ones.  This is an inclination of human nature that the seeker must master and redirect.

Dec 18, 2013

Step Two – Embrace

Acceptance of the power of a word is an important step and opens the door for great events to happen. These range from significant accomplishments to the miraculous. However, acceptance alone is not enough to activate the full power of the word.

Look at it this way. The three key words are linked to the three planes. Acceptance to the physical, Embrace to the emotional and to Merge or Grok to the mental.

Let us again examine the famous word of Jesus, “Your faith has made you whole.” Let us say you lived back then and watched him perform a couple miracles. You decide that just maybe this guy can help you get well and you “accept” the possibility that whatever he speaks to you will actually happen.

You wait in line for your turn. Five people are ahead of you and you watch their interaction with Jesus. The first guy seems to experience a miraculous healing. He second guy seems improved, but not changed that much. The same was the case for the third guy. Then the fourth guy fell to his knees in tears and said, “I know God is with you and that your word can heal, but not sure if I am worthy. My sins weigh heavily upon me. Can you help a man like me?”

Jesus grabbed the man’s hand, lifted him up and looked into his eyes, piercing deep into his soul. The man felt his emotions touched by the master and tears again flowed but stronger this time. The Jesus spoke, “God forgives your sins and you will repay by giving glory to God and his work through me. Do you believe an innocent son of God like yourself is worthy to be healed?”

“Oh, Master, I wish I could be sure that I am innocent.”

“Do you believe the words I speak?” Jesus replied.

“Yes,” said the man. “I have never heard such words before.”

Jesus then grabbed the man by both shoulders and continued looking into his eyes while saying, “Your sins are forgiven you and your faith has made you whole.”

You are watching with interest and see the man is visibly affected and falls to the feet of Jesus weeping and kissing his feet. Jesus pulls the man up and says, “Go your way, sin no more and remember to give glory to God with whom all things are possible.”

The man leaves and the fifth man seems positively affected by the healing he just witnessed. As you watch Jesus heal this person you contemplate the situation. Jesus healed the first person but then didn’t have much results with the next two and the mood seem to dampen. But then this last guy really seemed to turn things around. It just seemed now that everyone in line was bound to be healed. What was different about the fourth guy from the two that preceded him? They all seemed to accept the words of Jesus.

You think about it a moment and you realize that the fourth guy not only accepted the Master’s words, but embraced them. He embraced them to the extent that his emotional self was highly stimulated. It was as if an electrical charge of emotional energy was pouring through his being from head to foot.

Then you realize that if you want to be healed you must embrace the words of Jesus to the extent that your emotions are likewise stimulated.

It is now your turn. Jesus looks at you eye to eye and your heart begins to burn with a spiritual fire. “Yes,” you think to yourself, “I can truly embrace the words of this man.”

Jesus then spoke, and the words seemed alive with power, as if they were living things becoming a part of your very existence.

Yes, for the word to have the power of God our emotional selves must embrace it. When it is embraced a number of things may happen.

(1) Belief and faith is increased dramatically.

(2) There will be a powerful sense of purpose about manifesting the Word.

(3) Determination to fulfill the word will be strong and enduring.

(4) Other people will be positively affected by you.

Indeed, if all involved accept and embrace the Word, which is God, they are at the threshold of manifestation. Just one thing remains to ensure the Word endures.

Dec 19, 2013

So this also works for those people who are more “mentally” focused and who have control over their emotional bodies more than the average person?


Everyone has emotions whether they are mentally polarized or have great self-control.  Now some mentally polarized people have more difficulty I allowing their emotions to embrace an idea to the extent that a point of tension is reached. But to achieve the miracle of manifestation a person must emotionally embrace the idea behind the word he seeks to manifest.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he will weep at the feet of Jesus, as in my example, but the word must be clothed in strong emotional energy to manifest.

Those who have advanced mentally will have an advantage in sustaining the manifestation as you shall see in the next installment.

Dec 20, 2013

Step Three – To Merge or Grok

Indeed, if all involved accept and embrace the Word, which is God, they are at the threshold of manifestation. Just one thing remains to ensure the Word endures.

Many of us have seen faith healers in the media or in person that seem to perform miraculous healings. A popular one I used to watch, now and then, back in the Sixties was Oral Roberts, a famous faith healer in that day.

When the cameras panned the audience you could see that the faithful followers had accepted Roberts as a spokesman for God and that whatever words he spoke were the same as if God were standing there speaking them. Those who had an affliction and came up on stage seemed to be the most affected. Not only did they accept his words as the word of God, but they strongly embraced them emotionally.

Here is how a typical healing would go.  The person would come on stage and Roberts would approach him or her with a couple assistants. After saying a couple words about the power of God and Jesus he would smack the person’s forehead and loudly shout “HEAL!!!” Often the person would be so involved he would pass out and the assistants would have to catch him. After getting possession of himself the subject would often spring around stage gleefully announcing how great he felt and that he was indeed healed.

Now, it is quite possible there was some fraud involved, but I’m sure there were also some actual healings, though many of them were just temporary.

At that time I had a neighbor who was a big believer in Oral Roberts and sent him all the money he could afford each month. Then he finally made a trip to Oklahoma to see him for himself. After he came back he never spoke positively of Roberts again and ceased sending him money. Some say he discovered some fraud or that the healings were just temporary. The excitement of receiving the Word from what was thought to be a true servant had a big temporary impact, but seemed to wear off.

The Word is indeed powerful, even if it comes from the Beast of authority, but there is one final step that must be taken or it’s power will only be of a temporary nature.

To wield the full power of the Word the seeker must feed upon the Word and merge with it, or grok it, until it becomes a part of him. Your brain and emotions will take you to the point of tension so you can feel its power but it takes the mind in contemplation to understand the Word and incorporate it into one’s being so the seeker and the Word are one.

This process of merging and becoming one with the Word takes the seeker away from the Beast of authority so he sees the Word as a power independent of any person on the earth. The final resting place of the word is in his own mind and heart, not in a preacher, prophet or king.

The story of a temporary healing is mentioned in the New Testament:

And Jesus, all alone, went to the feast by the Samaria way; and as he went through Sychar on the way, the lepers saw him and a company of ten called from afar and said, Lord Jesus, stay and speak the Word for us that we may be made clean.

And Jesus said, Go forth and show yourselves unto the priests.

They went, and as they went their leprosy was healed. One of the ten, a native of Samaria, returned to thank the master and to praise the Lord.

And Jesus said to him, Lo, ten were cleansed; where are the nine? Arise, and go your way; your faith has made you whole. You have revealed your heart and shown that you are worthy of the power; behold the nine will find again their leprous hands and feet.

Aquarian Gospel 133:17-22 Also see Luke 17:11-19

The nine thought that all they had to do was to accept and embrace the Word and then go their merry way.  The tenth realized that he needed to keep the Word alive within himself and returned to show appreciation and receive more. This act kept energy flowing to and from the Word within.

To accept a Word of Power opens the door.  To embrace it reveals it’s power, but to merge with it sustains its life and power.


The word is merge…JJ can you give some other examples of merging with the word like when the leper went back to Jesus to give thanks…so that we may better understand how to merge to make it permanent healing.


The merging isn’t something that is always visible or obvious.  Two people may be healed and one may have the problem return while the other does not.  An observer may not see any difference in the two because he cannot understand all that is going on in their hearts and minds.

He who has a sustained healing will keep the intent of the word in his heart and mind.  The healing of the apostle Paul was a good example.  After he was converted he was healed from blindness.  After the healing he kept the power of the word close to his heart as well as acting on the highest he knew to the best of his ability. Positive actions demonstrates to your soul that you are one with the word which gave you power of action.


Is the word like a powerful prayer and ritual in one like I suspected and How did the little girl hear the word when she was dead when Jesus raised her and how did the soldiers servant hear the word when he was miles away and was healed.


The Word is not a ritual or prayer but can be activated by them.

If the person is in the presence of the healer he or she must accept the word consciously.  On occasions where he was not physically present Jesus spoke to the person’s soul where the positive words of God are already planted and ready to be activated.  It takes a high initiate or a healer with help from the other side to heal people who do not physically hear the word.

Dec 26, 2013

Looks like building floating cities is getting more traction.


Dec 28, 2013


Tom gave me a list of accomplishments and asked me if he was an initiate. It wouldn’t be wise for me to start pointing out who in the group would be an initiate and who was not as this could lead to division and hurt feelings. I have and will continue to attempt to try and clarify what it takes to be an initiate.  Then the seeker can judge for himself where he may be and the hopefully see the path before him with accuracy.

The first step on the path is that of the probationary disciple. This is the person who has concluded that there is a path to knowledge, salvation, service etc and makes some sort of effort to tread it.

He treads this path until he becomes a first degree initiate. Here are some of the things that goes into making an initiate of the first degree.

(1) The birth of the Christ in the heart.  This is the core requirement for this step.  So what does this entail and how is this person different from the guy who believes in Jesus and attends church?

Unlike many religious people this person has had a spiritual experience caused by sufficient soul contact that he understands that the God within and the spiritual world are real and not just a belief. He knows there is guidance and contact beyond the physical and there is a living fire within him that he must nourish.  He has faith that this inner life will lead him to some desired end, but knows not for sure what that end will be. He decides to follow this Christ within to the best of his ability.

(2) Physical control. He has control of his sexual and physical appetites.  If he is under some belief system that requires sexual purity he will have the control to be able to abide by it. If he is not under such a system he will formulate one of his own and abide by that.

He has power to abide by his belief system on what is good to or bad to take into his body. If he decides to go on a diet he can abide by that diet.  If he decides to be a vegetarian he can be one. If his religion says he isn’t supposed to eat or drink certain things he has the control to abide by it. If he decides to fast for a week without food then he can do this. If he decides on an exercise program, he can abide by it.

In other words, he has reasonable physical and sexual self control.

(3) He has a desire to initiate that which is new and good and will make some progress in this direction.  Here are some things we may see a first degree initiate do.

• Start a business or assist in starting one.

• Use the creative mind to invent, write about ideas or produce original art.

• Assist in some way to move into the public consciousness or use some new idea, concept or movement.

Dec 30, 2013

The Second Degree Initiate

The symbol of this initiation is baptism, of which the baptism of Jesus was the perfect example.

Let us examine what happened at this event.

Jesus, the man, entered into the rite of baptism, which was a symbol of being born again by the washing away of all sin and guilt. Coming up out of the water the initiate leaves behind the old life of being surrounded and controlled by emotion (water being the symbol of emotion). He comes up into the air (symbol of mind) and now surrounds himself with reason and is dominated by mental energy.

After coming up out of the water the dove representing he Spirit of God alights on and comes into Jesus and settles there.

Eve so, the second degree initiate has an experience where he feels what is called the “baptism of fire.” This is a short taste of what the overshadowing experience of Jesus was like but it will be enough to motivate initiates for the rest of their lives because they now know that a glorious and greater spiritual life awaits the true servants of humanity.

The second degree initiate obtains the keys to free himself from guilt and this is his true salvation in the kingdom of God, for guilt must be conquered before true joy can be obtained and retained.

Before the initiate completes this initiation he must obtain control of the emotions. The first degree person demonstrates control over the physical impulses and the second, the emotions.  Of the two the emotional body is much more difficult to control than the physical.

This is signified by the fact that the baptism of Jesus took place 30 years after his birth.  The long thirty years is a symbol of the long road the seeker has to tread before emotional control is mastered.

Here are signs that the emotional body is under control.

(1) The initiate will be relatively free from glamours.  Glamours can manifest hundreds of different ways and with many subtleties, including the glamour of having no glamour when still dominated by glamour.

Some common glamours that must be mastered are:

(a) Inflated self-importance.

(b) Inflated estimate of his place on the path.

(c) The glamour that the initiate is humble when he still has to master a lot of ego.

(d) The glamour of the messiah complex.

(e) The glamour that the person is special or unique in various different illusionary ways

(2) It is almost impossible to hurt his feelings. You can insult him all you want and he will hold no grievance.  If the situation requires him to smile and be friendly in the face of terrible insults he will have no problem doing so. Any response from the emotional level will be the result of a decision made on a metal level.

(3) He can show forgiveness and friendship instantly when a wayward brother tries to turn around and befriend him.

(4) He doesn’t get depressed or feel defeated.  He continues moving forward in season and out of season, even if it seems dark on the horizon.

(5) He focuses on the positive things from the past, instead of the negative.  He is cheerful in the present and optimistic of the future.

The second degree initiate will have greater power to initiate change than the first.  He is more likely to start, or work with starting something, that will have appeal beyond his local boundaries. Many (but far from all) who have obtained a degree of fame are second degree initiates.


Well I must be no initiate in this lifetime then.


Keep in mind that we are talking about the second initiation.  If you do not feel you fit there that does not mean you are not an initiate of the first degree.


What happens in the case where a dark cloud of negativity and depression is forced upon an initiate and directed by Dark Forces?  What happens in the case of the Dark Night of the Soul?


Depression cannot be forced upon the initiate. The Dark Brothers can send dark energy his way in an attempt to make him depressed or discouraged. The second degree initiate will feel the attack and register it but will not get discouraged and continue onward no matter what obstacles seem to get in the way.


Does a 2nd or 3rd degree initiate suffer from these two instances?


The Dark Brothers attack the second and third degree initiates with a different approach.  They still feel they have a chance to discourage or at least slow down the second degree by a direct attack.  This doesn’t work well for the third degree initiate so they attack those close to him in an attempt to stop him.

They do not attack the second degree initiates that much unless they become key players in moving the light forward or are approaching their next initiation. Most of what seems to be attacks by them are from their own thoughtforms.


Did you show forgiveness and friendship instantly to a wayward brother such as Hitler?  Or does this fall into another category?


A dark brother such as Hitler never tries to turn around but will continue on his downward spiral so this will never be a concern.

Anyone who sincerely attempts to turn his life around should be nurtured to the best of our ability no matter how much they offended us in the past. And the initiate should not hold a grievance, even toward a Hitler, as it only hinders his own progress


Was Judas only a 1st degree initiate?


Could have been.  We do not have enough information on him to tell.


If the molecule is made up of 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd degree initiates, then how do they stay totally in soul if many 1st degree and 2nd degree initiates have lots of glamour or illusions etc which might upset the molecule?


The molecule Jesus created did not always stay in the soul and neither will the first attempts of creation in our age.  It is up to the initiate of the molecule to stay in the soul and keep the molecule in the soul.  This will be difficult at first but when stabilization is finally achieved a thought form of a stable molecule will be created which will help to make stabilization of future molecules much easier.

It would be desirable to create the first molecules of third degree initiates or higher, but theses are difficult to find and gather as they are often involved in their own work and focusing on it.


So does that make the next molecules which are formed one day on Earth to become new Solar Angels to other humans in the next few billion years in a new Universe?


The molecules do not become solar angels but the individuals in the molecule will, though their molecular links will continue. They will become solar angels in this universe which still has a long way to go.  When a new universe is created we start over but from a different starting point.

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