The Names of Blasphemy

Nov 25, 1998

The Names of Blasphemy

I believe it was Dave who wrote:

“Just to be sure, JJ, do we have the full understanding of the word Blasphemy? I’d hate to be guessing at the names without having a full understanding of the word. I understand it to mean, “Offensive to God,” basically. It’s not a word I focus much of my time on. Since, in a matter of speaking, I’ve heard this word used against people so often, I’ve grown to hate it… It seems to cause hate…”

We might note here that Jesus was crucified because he was thought to be a blasphemer. Few of us today think He was a blasphemer, but the fact that He was so accused illustrates that one man’s good works is another man’s blasphemy.

Of course the reverse is true. True blasphemy may at times be praised as a wonderful thing by many.

Such is the case with the Beast.

First let us truly define what blasphemy is so we can all be on the same page. The word as translated in the Bible comes from the Greek word BLASPHEMOS and in relation to God literally means “speech that hinders (God)” By inference it can mean “outrageous, untrue, vicious or unfounded speech against God or something sacred.”

Now the interesting thing is that the Beast had on his heads the “names of Blasphemy.”

We can sum up the direction the guesses have been made with the following list:

  1. Adultery
  2. Fornication
  3. Uncleanness
  4. Lasciviousness
  5. Idolatry
  6. Witchcraft
  7. Hatred
  8. Variance
  9. Emulations
  10. Wrath
  11. Strife
  12. Seditions
  13. Heresies
  14. Envying
  15. Murders
  16. Drunkenness
  17. Reviling

Based on what religions have taught about the Beast in the past these names seem fitting, but to discover the true names we must realize that when any being bears a name he realizes that he has the name and introduces or has himself introduced by such name.

When we accept a name for ourselves we are not ashamed of it but proudly present it before all to know and use.

Some Bible believers think that the Emperor Nero was the Beast because he was so evil and persecuted the Christians but I assure you he did not want to be known by a name like liar, murderer, hater… In fact if anyone called him any such thing he would have lost his head.

There was a blasphemous name that the emperors of Rome as well as the other heads of the Beast proudly acknowledged and were happy to be proclaimed to the world. You probably learned this name which was used in Rome in history class. If you figure this name out the next question is: What are the names of blasphemy the Beast goes by today?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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