Majority Will vs Representative

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Posted Aug 13, 2010

Blayne writes:
I finished reading Eternal Words yesterday again. Yes I said again, interestingly I didn’t remember having read it until I began reading it again. Or at least I think I read parts of it online that JJ posted while writing it. Excellent and exciting read well done JJ!

I have a question/comment… I noticed the BOL would not support the books with their spiritual power and influence unless they were in unanimous agreement and not majority rules unless I am interpreting this wrong somehow? I do see that they allowed them to go forward but withheld their spiritual endorsement so to speak. So in that sense there is majority rule on that part but on the weightier matter of throwing their spiritual endorsement behind it they would not unless it was unanimous. Do I have this right?

This actually appealed to me, as I have mentioned I have experimented with some groups where we used this approach and it actually worked out quite well to my surprise. However our caveat was that if you raised an objection you had to bring a remedy along with it. This really cut the objections down quite a bit as lots of folks like to complain but few have a solution to their complaint. This was in a group of about 30 people. When someone raised an objection and brought a remedy the focus was on; will the remedy work and be better, also on modifying the remedy, or why it wouldn’t work. This kept the focus more on constructively trying to solve the problem instead of just bitching and moaning.

Glad you enjoyed the book.

You are seeing correctly here. The masters do not use the majority rule and the Molecular Relationship does not teach it or practice it. I have outlined in some detail how this works in my book The Molecular Relationship.

So why do I teach majority rule as a current political solution but not for the molecules? Here is the reason.

The Molecular Relationship is basically representative government with the right to vote the leaders in and out. The main way it differs from our Constitution is that a vote can be called for at any time.

Unfortunately, this type of government only works efficiently when there is little or no corruption and the most enlightened gravitate to the top with the power to replace them at any time a mistake is seen. In the current situation the most corrupt rise to the top and become little tyrants.

Among the Masters, representative government works well because the enlightened rise to the top. One important ingredient that causes this is in the Molecular Relationship the leader can be voted out at any time. This puts constant pressure on the leader to respect majority will except in the exceptional times he sees a controversial move that the others do not.

Because of corruption and power grabs of the unenlightened the representative system is not working for us and the majority of the people see with much more clarity than do our elected officials. Therefore, working with majority will makes sense at this time. The great part about it is that if you work with majority will you can eventually get to a greater place of power than any of those representing minority will as is the case today.

It is interesting that even though the Molecular Relationship is representative that it almost always represents majority will.


In our system minority will is represented much more than the majority.

If the representative system is working properly then the majority will be represented around 90% of the time. If it is represented only half the time or less then it needs to be replaced by direct majority rule.

Finally, here is the danger if corruption goes to the limit. When this happens both the majority of the representatives and the majority of the people desire the wrong thing. At this point the nation is doomed to collapse. We are not there yet as the majority still have a little sense. How much longer they can be usable to turn things around I know not. Not that long. – so we must act.
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