Christmas Message 2012

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The Prince of Peace

The greatest inner peace can be had at the time of the most tumultuous outer conflict.

This truth was beautifully illustrated by none other than the one the world calls the “Prince of Peace,” the Christ.

He regularly greeted his disciples with the phrase, “Peace be unto you,” yet the Master had little outer peace.

Everywhere he went authorities threatened him.

Religious leaders were constantly challenging his teachings.

His life was in constant danger.

He was rejected by his hometown.

He had “No where to lay his head.”

His disciples were competing for his attention.

Thousands of ordinary people followed him wanting his attention and healing.

Tax collectors were after him.

People ignored his core message of love, the gathering and inclusiveness and just wanted something done for them in the immediate moment.

There was little reason for him to speak of peace…

But – of peace He did speak – and often.

Of what manner of peace did He speak?

A hint was given in his words to Pilate: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Neither is his peace of this world.

Let us tune in to the mind of Christ through the Oneness Principle for further light:

My beloved friends.  I know your hearts are troubled at this time. If your attention is on the outer world there is much available to threaten or to take away your peace.  Many think they live in the worst of times where fear is inescapable and peace is not to be found.

Many times in history it was worse than it is now including the time my feet tread the earth in Israel. Who among you could have walked in my shoes in the midst of slavery, turmoil and expectations of the end of the world and lifted up the standard of peace – a message that has endured through the ages and still lifts the hearts of the downtrodden to this day?

Verily, you could not have done this in your present consciousness so I did it for you.  I have shown what the spirit of man can do in the midst of distress, that in the depths of the deepest valley the highest mountaintop can be seen.

To find and share the great peace of God I placed my attention on a kingdom, which is not of this world, the kingdom of God which is in the mind of God. Both the turbulence and the peace of this world will pass away, but the peace of my kingdom will always be and it is ever present before your vision should you chose to see.

Choose light over darkness and enter into the rest of your Lord.

Cross the threshold and hear my words:

“My peace I give unto you.”

Cross the threshold and feel the Spirit:

“Feel the peace.”

Cross the threshold and be one with God:

“Nothing can disturb the peace of God.”

Yes, I know – to many these statements just seem but words, but they are not.  They are signposts to a greater reality – your true home to be experienced by your true self.

I want you to see in front of you a point of light. Now I want you to close your eyes and continue to see it growing larger until you are one with the flame.

Do this now and open your eyes when done.





Welcome to the kingdom that never fails.

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