Lucille Cedercrans


Oct 8, 2016

Lucille Cedercrans

A while back on the Blavatsky Bailey Roerich group there was an interesting discussion on the writings of Lucille Cedercrans. The debate was basically on whether she was a true representative of the masters, on par with Alice A. Bailey or HPB. There was also some discussion about the truth of her various doctrines.

Cedercrans was one of the few esoteric teachers of which I had little knowledge. I knew of her and had read a few of her quotes but didn’t know enough to comment intelligently on her writings.

However, my interest was aroused so I ordered her complete writings and have now read them all. Now I will proceed to make a few comments.

First let me say a few things for my readers who are not familiar with her. In 1948 Lucille was a tired housewife with only an eighth grade education, raising five kids, and sat back in her rocking chair to relax. Suddenly she felt a presence and sensed many strange concepts flowing through her mind. Then she registered these words:

“This is the new phase of your life, something you have created for yourself from the past. You have a choice to continue this process, learn the full meaning of life, and become a teacher of this wisdom. This would benefit many people, far beyond family and friends. It is important for humanity.”

This entity identified himself as Master Rakoczi, often referred to as Master R in esoteric books. Though he was the main entity giving out the teachings Lucille also said she received from Masters DK, KH, M, HI, Serapis Bey, and John.

She says that she had never read the Bailey books and the voice told her not to read any books by her or about theosophy until after she started her work. Throughout her life she claimed to have never read a Bailey book from cover to cover.

If this is true then it is a testimony that she did receive from a higher source than her own imagination because her writings demonstrate a very good knowledge of the Bailey writings.

Shortly after her initial experience she became a conscious channel and started a group in Boise, Idaho of all places – my home town. After laboring there for two years she moved on to various parts of the country, finally settling in Colorado.

After decades of work she was struck with rheumatoid arthritis in 1972 which crippled her causing her to live in great pain until her death in 1984. Through these last painful years she continued to work to the best of her ability.

Lucille is one of many claiming to speak for the masters. The question is whether or not her claim is credible. Unlike many, I felt she deserved a serious look. Let us try and examine her impartially.

Is She the Real Thing?

Let us examine the pros and cons of Lucille Cedercrans to see how she measures up.

  1. Was she a conscious or unconscious channeler?

In this instance she passes the test as she says she was in a conscious state when she received the writings. I cannot find any record of her receiving teachings as an unconscious medium. Lucille says she received the impressions in her conscious mind and then wrote them down in her own words. This is similar to what Alice A. Bailey did after she adjusted to the mind of DK.

His is an important point because DK tells us this:

“Methods of communication on the astral level, such as the ouija board, the planchette pencil, automatic writing, the direct voice and statements made by the temporarily obsessed medium are not utilized as a rule by chelas, though the direct voice has had its use at times. The higher mental methods are more advanced and surer—even if rarer.”

A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 177

The “temporarily obsessed medium” would be the trance medium who channels information and when awakened has no memory of what has transpired. These are usually instances where “direct voice” is used though some mediums will speak in a direct voice while maintaining consciousness.

As DK says there have been instances where direct voice has been used, but this is a lower order and generally not used by the masters.

  1. Are the teachings merely a restatement of those already given out?

Many channelers and teachers claiming higher contact give out nothing substantially new but restate teachings of others in their own words. The Masters follow the Law of Economy and tend to not repeat what has already been given out except in cases where clarification is necessary.

Cedercrans has been accused of copying Alice A. Bailey because she does use much of the same terminology as well as the direction of the teachings, but when reading her works it becomes obvious that she went beyond merely reading the works of others and then placing them in her own words. She does give out teachings I have not seen before and gives a new slant on some older teachings.

It is too bad that there is no way to prove Lucille’s claim that she had no knowledge of Bailey’s work when she started her own and never in her life read a Bailey book all the way through, for whoever was the true originator of the teachings did indeed have a significant knowledge of Bailey’s teachings.

Anyway, her writings do present some new light on a number of subjects and go beyond just being a restatement of what is already readily available.

  1. Is the Source credible?

She said her source was a presence “accompanied by warmth, peacefulness, calmness and a bright, vibrant, luminous light. Spaciousness. Joy. Ever-present Love. Freedom. Understanding.”

Such a positive expression is a good sign that her source was on the side of light, though it does not reach the level of proof.

She identified her main Source as the Master Rakoczi, though numerous other masters gave her teachings. Among them are DK, KH, M, HI, Serapis Bey, and John.

This raises a red flag as the Masters are extremely busy people and it would not be necessary for them to line up as presenters when one could do the job as was the case with Alice A. Bailey.

Whenever I see a teacher claiming to channel a half dozen or so masters I immediately doubt their authenticity, though I do check out all claims I come across just in case.

  1. The quality of the material.

The writings of DK through Alice A. Bailey are the gold standard of Ancient Wisdom and the writings of Cedercrans are not as profound. That does not disqualify the writings though as she tells us they are in her own words and her weaknesses could affect the quality. However, of more concern are the writings that are supposed to be channeled from DK himself. They do not sound like DK and sound much more astral than his writings through Bailey. Astute DK students will surely see the difference.

It would have been impressive if her DK had presented something new from the Old Commentary. All the quotes from that ancient book are very profound and it would be difficult for any writer to merely use his imagination to create script comparable to it.

On the positive side, even though they may not meet the quality of the gold standard, they do reach a quality that exceeds any trance channeled material I have read – maybe with the exception of the original Seth material through Jane Roberts. It is also a higher quality than 90% of the material out there that claims to be from the masters.

  1. What is the degree of wisdom presented?

The masters are called “Masters of Wisdom” for a reason. Their words are words of wisdom, sound reasoning and common sense. Therefore, if a writing is going to make a claim as being from the Hierarchy a high degree of wisdom should be prevalent.

So, how does Cedercrans stack up in this area?

If we give the DK writings a rating of a 10, I would give Cedercrans a 7. That is not bad though as I would give the average channeled material a 1 or 2.

  1. Do the writings expand on true principles and laws, or do they merely try and razzle-dazzle with data?

Unfortunately, many readers do not register the difference. Data presented with fancy new-agey words cannot be proven and speak to the astral body rather than the soul.

These are easy to come up with. For instance, I could write something provocative like this:

“Hidden on the far side of the moon lurks a huge mother ship from the Arcturus system. They are standing by awaiting the time of crisis to take the enlightened to the fifth dimension.”

Teachings such as this contain no wisdom, but only data that cannot be verified by the average seeker – but may speak to the emotional body of some.

On the other hand, the writings of DK expand on many principles and laws. One of my favorite is the Law of Correspondences which he often cites. Anyone who has read through his books has his mind expanded concerning the principles behind this law.

The advantage of dealing with true principles is that they are easy to register with the soul for the seeker. Reason also has to be involved which speaks to the positive power of the mind. In addition it takes a fairly enlightened mind to expand on principles in any meaningful way – something beyond the consciousness of many new age writers and channelers.

The bottom line is that the seeker is much less likely to be misled when presented with true principles, than with wild data.

So, how does Cedercrans measure up here? Though she does present quite a bit of data she is one of the few who does expand on some true principles; so this keeps her in the game, so to speak.

  1. What was the impact and result of her work?

One of the tests of the validity of a work is whether it continues to grow after the death of the initiator. For instance, Jesus only had 120 followers at his resurrection, but now there are billions.

Cedercrans’ work seemed to be quite alive and growing while she was alive but group activity and attention paid to her writings seemed to diminish after her death. There didn’t seem to be a cohesive enough plan put forward to maintain a life of its own as happened with Bailey, Blavatsky, Roerich and numerous other founders.

The writings seemed to present the idea that by now the group work she initiated would be changing the world, but alas, that never happened.

She also said this in 1956:

“Within the next 10 years, three from the Hierarchy will incarnate in physical bodies to join in the effort to manifest the Plan within the body of consciousness. They will be recognized and known by all members of humanity because of their work which shall begin from childhood.”

There is no evidence that three masters, known to all, incarnated and worked to manifest the plan as she presented it.

On the other hand she made this impressive prophecy back in the 1950s:

“That government (USSR) may come to an end much sooner than anyone expects, and this could be as a result of, or a part of, the working out of the configuration.”

Her body of work, which is much less than Alice A. Bailey, apparently turned out to be quite short of what was originally envisioned. She planned on covering material that never was written down.

Taking all this into consideration what is my conclusion? Here it is.

I believe Lucille Cedercrans produced material of a quality and knowledge that was beyond her normal ability and that she did have some help from that original “Presence” that visited her.

I think that presence was manifested through her own soul in an attempt to create a work that would benefit humankind. Her soul, or Higher Self, could indeed tune in to the minds of members of the Hierarchy and filter down some of their thinking to her. In that process, because of human error, (and a soul that is not yet perfect) the information could be very valuable, but contain some errors and distortions.

With Cedercrans, as with all writings, even the scriptures and DK, the seeker must run the teachings by his own soul to avoid deception.

I enjoyed reading her writings and benefitted from them. To give the reader an idea of the quality I am including a few quotes in a separate link. To go to them click HERE.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Cedercrans Quotes

Cedercrans Quotes

One of the major opportunities relating with this particular festival, with this particular Wesak, has to do with the world economy. You realize that the problem of economy insofar as this group is concerned has been very great. We look at this; we face it; we see it. The appearance has been one of financial lack, financial imbalance, even restrictions as far as activities are concerned. And it is most indicative that many of the individuals (most of them) who have been attracted into this particular group life, who work within this particular Ashram, are at that state of consciousness within the body of humanity which is particularly representative of this trouble. They are idealistic in nature, not prone to get out in the world and work for money, have great aspiration and dedication to service, have many fears and most definitely, so far, the inability to establish right economic relationship within the world of affairs. This is a problem of a particular state of consciousness, you understand, and while it is a problem of a particular state of consciousness, on a discipleship level, it is one of the major tests of initiation, my brothers. This is difficult to face because for so long the group has worked with this problem. It becomes tired of it, and I do not blame any one of you. It is a tiresome problem that the group has been given, in truth, one of the most important problems you will ever have to face (in this level of discipleship in which you find yourselves). Because once you have solved this problem of economy, you will have solved all of your service problems. Make no mistake about it, once you have mastered the energy, force, and substance of your economy, you will have found the ways and means to put your ideas, your concepts, your vision of The Divine Plan into outer physical manifestation.

The Disciple and Economy, Pages 258-259

I am going to ask you to look upon the present situation, that is the present financial situation as it effects all of you, including its effect upon your group and upon other groups working under Hierarchical direction either consciously or unconsciously in their service to The Divine Plan for humanity. See this financial situation as a major opportunity insofar as this incarnation is concerned and take advantage of that opportunity by endeavoring to absorb the following information into your consciousness and to then utilize it in the coming months. First, the major problem to be solved by humanity as a whole in its initiation during this cycle is the problem of economy. You realize that in the situation in which you find yourselves, you are not alone, but that you are one with every member of humanity, regardless of the amount of wealth he may or may not possess. That humanity in total and humanity individually is presented with this problem of economy as the major problem of initiation, spiritual initiation that is.

The Disciple and Economy, Pages 272

It requires as much energy, as much force and as much substance to manifest an apparent lack as it does to manifest an apparent fulfillment, and I would have you endeavor, at least, to realize this. Do not forget that the moment you descend from mental levels into the astral, the etheric and the physical, you become caught up in a world of opposites. Fifty dollars must manifest its polar opposite, that is, it must be balanced by its polar opposite.

The Disciple and Economy, Pages 275-276

Recognize that the famine stricken people of the world are putting as much energy, force, and substance into their manifestation as are those who are living in an opposite condition. It is not going to change the condition for the famine stricken unless that happens to be your field of service and you create or formulate whatever activity is necessary to effect a change for the purpose of evolving the consciousness – not feeding the people. You will be in but not of the world, actually. You don’t attract supply, you create it. Joy is one of the primary essences of life – be detached, divinely indifferent and yet curious, and above all an actor.

The Disciple and Economy, Page 281

This disciple will lose every outer form within which he has placed his security because a part of the initiation itself, a part of the Law, demands that before the disciple can fully carry the responsibility of service to humanity, he must have placed his faith and his security within the One Life within which he lives. He must have placed his faith and security within his own higher consciousness, his Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, within the Divine Purpose which gave that soul birth, and within the economy of the One Life which serves the Divine Purpose. If he fails in this part of the initiation process, then it is obvious that he is unable to take the responsibility of initiating in the world of affairs a major service activity, a major contribution of the Divine Plan to humanity.

Applied Wisdom, Page 286

That phase of the Path within which you find yourself, that phase of initiation which you are undergoing, you feel alone because in the past you have been dependent upon relationships, even if you can take this without too much conflict and difficulty. Even your former dependence upon a Divine Source has been a false dependence upon a misinterpretation of a Divine Source. In this aloneness, you will find that Presence and relationship within which you are never alone. Only by going through this experience of aloneness can you possibly find that Presence within which you are never alone.

Applied Wisdom, Pages 288-298

These are seven principles of matter and ethers. The etheric body that we contact is the seventh principle of etheric substance. Below that is like a sounding board. It is like a reflecting surface that is called the physical plane. Think of the physical plane with no appearance – no mountains, no trees, no planets, no nothing – a plane, a frequency which is created by the frequency that is moving across it, in other words the seventh principle. The frequency of matter itself has created below itself a reflecting surface. That reflecting surface is sometimes called the periphery of manifestation. The outer-most periphery of manifestation is the physical plane of appearance. Upon this reflecting surface, or periphery of manifestation, are the appearances of those forms which are existent within the seven principles, and particularly this seventh principle of substance. Because there is a reflection, and because there is a Divine Purpose underlying that reflection, the etheric body of any particular form has extended itself and crystallized the appearance into what you identify as a solid form. So that, in a sense, the physical might be likened to a crust, an outer covering, an outer crust or shell, of the true physical-etheric form or the true substantial form.

Applied Wisdom, Page 307

There would be training not only on the new order of devas but having to do with the control of what you might call nature devas and training which is necessary for this type of activity. The Soul ideates, and thereby concepts are produced, meaning becomes cognizable. It is this meaning that is the form – the perfect form – and as it is brought into relationship with mental energy, it directs the building of the mental form. The consciousness does not take mental energy, for instance, and draw with it a geometric design – a form – but rather, consciousness impresses the meaning upon that mental deva. It is the deva’s job to build the form. Whatever meaning the consciousness impresses or moves into the mental deva, the deva takes that meaning and constructs the form which conveys it, or depicts it, so that the consciousness is not concerned with the geometric design. He only knows that mental energy moves in a straight line. The deva itself takes the meaning and gives it a mental form. His attention is to impress that deva with that meaning – to build the energy potential – to attract, with that meaning, that devic life which will take the meaning and give it form. This is the activity of the consciousness. He has to hold the meaning here and let the deva do its work. He can call the deva to attention.

Applied Wisdom, Page 459

There are certain activities in which we engage for the sake of survival and for no other reason. And yet the guiding force behind that activity may be in direct opposition to the plan we seek to serve. I’m thinking now in terms of all sorts of things. You can’t put your finger on any one activity and say this is a wrong activity and this is a right activity for disciples. That isn’t true, because it depends upon where the disciple finds himself in relationship to the One Life. You see, if his purpose and his part of the plan indicate that this activity is right activity, but he finds himself engaged in an activity that is diametrically opposed to that, then he is in a fix. His first problem and his first duty or obligation to himself is to manifest that activity that within himself (not outside, not what another disciple says is right), that he himself knows is right activity.

I don’t care what it is. A disciple may be a general—he may be in the army—and it may be part of his purpose and plan that his activity be that of sending thousands of boys to their deaths and inflicting death upon the other side. This might be part of right activity for him.

Applied Wisdom, Page 718

It is, of course, My primary hope and objective in bringing you this instruction and in asking you to cooperate with Me in this, to not only achieve the integration between yourselves necessary to the creation of the center, the nucleus, but that by the very creation of it, it will attract to itself those within the group potentially capable of rising to the frequency of its integration and come in then to add to it. I am hoping that through this I will find available to Me within a matter of years, at least, the minimum of seven which is considered necessary at Hierarchy levels to form a nucleus for this kind of effort.   Applied Wisdom, Page 727

To those disciples working with occult knowledge this attack is extremely dangerous, for there has been directed at them concepts so logical, so reasonable and so close to what might be called the Truth, as to very easily be acceptable to the reasoning process of the disciple who, in the midst of Initiation, in the midst of trial, of difficulty, will grasp them. I would have you think on this. Your only safety lies in the thorough examination of every concept you receive regardless of how you receive it – whether in your own meditation, whether through a station, whether in a book – regardless of how you receive it – examine every concept of truth, permitting nothing, because of its reasonableness, nothing because of its attraction, its logical attraction, to move you mentally from that which you know.

Applied Wisdom, Page 399

As a group, working through individual soul foci, and individual instrumentalities and personalities in the world of affairs, you have different ideas and concepts, different points of view, different experiences insofar as your background is concerned, which have brought you to these different points of view. You tend to forget, at times, when one or another individual is expressing his point of view, that it is as much a part of the group consciousness as is that of your own and is as important to the total group evaluation and understanding as is your own. And in this there is a tendency to react to either repress or suppress the views of one another when they disagree with your own. This is natural, it is a part of your growth and development. I would suggest that you look at it, and make the effort the next time you are asked to enter into discussion to hear one another out, to realize that each one’s background of experience, which produces his particular point of view, is of value to the group. It should be known and accounted for in the effort which you are making as a group.

I am not in any way projecting that you do not air or enter into verbal disagreement. In fact, I am suggesting that you do enter into verbal disagreement, keeping the emotions out of them, hearing one another out, and reevaluating then your own understanding and your own point of view according to everyone else’s point of view because within that totality you will find the causal factors of whatever group condition or circumstance may be manifesting at any give time.

When you can use the mind in this way, at the same time controlling the emotions, you will find yourselves with a much greater capacity to function as a group on mental levels. And when you can function as a group on mental levels, you will function as a group in the physical plane of appearances. Applied Wisdom, Pages 467-468

You realize that you are incarnate. I say you realize, but this is not quite correct; you do not really realize—but you grasp in part that you are incarnate within a mental body, within an astral body, within an etheric body, and within this physical carcass which you know so well, and so little I might add.

Look at this totality, both separately and in its totality. You are incarnate within a mental body. What is this mysterious mental body which you are incarnate within, that you have heard so much about, but that you can’t see, you can’t feel, you can’t touch, you can’t smell? You simply can’t perceive it except within the very limited perception of your physical brain. You see, this is your only means of perception of that instrument at the present time, and therefore, there is great confusion.

Applied Wisdom, Page 883

Achieve to that perspective which is able to see yourself lalopping and laugh. It is a sense of humor that you need as you go into this training. See yourself in all of your failings, in all of your little miseries, in all of your ridiculous positions, then laugh. You see, it is this ability to laugh and to laugh particularly at one’s self which is the healing, the cure. It is this that makes it possible for you to pick up and to go along with whatever task you are presented. If you can laugh at yourself you can keep your head up in that Wisdom, regardless of where your feet may be walking or what your astral body may be doing (how much lalopping is going on). Still, if you are able to laugh you will keep your head in the Wisdom. If your head will stay up in the Wisdom, you can reach up every now and then and take a breath of it into yourself. Then it has to rub off; it has to come down to the feet and be grounded where you walk. It meets with the earth upon which you walk.

Applied Wisdom, Page 813

Humanity today is undergoing a difficult transition of which it knows little. It is completing the first initiation and approaching the second as a race, fluctuating between the emotional aspect of its nature, and the mental. It is learning to react to life intelligently, rather than with just its emotions. As it becomes more and more polarized in the mental aspect, it comes closer to the revelation of its own Soul. Still, humanity does have the freedom of choice and should it decide to continue along its selfish path to destruction, it will undergo another period of dark ages in which the Spiritual Soul will be unrealized and the completion of the first initiation still waiting.

My brothers, unless humanity wakes up to the fact of brotherhood and completes the first initiation, that power that creates wars, hunger, hatred, fear, sickness, etc., cannot be balanced. Humanity, to live in peace, must learn to practice the Law of Love as taught by every great Savior of the race.

The Western world looks to Jesus as its Savior, and Jesus exemplified more than anything else the spiritual Being of Divine Love. Why then, is this law so difficult for humanity to know, and even more difficult for it to practice?

Applied Wisdom, Page 917

Humanity is differentiated from the three lower kingdoms in that it is aware of itself as a conscious thinking entity. A human being can think and speak in terms of “I,” and can reason to a degree. This does not necessarily mean that a human being was once a rock, or a vegetable, or an animal, for only human beings are individualized. Since a human being has individuality, one could not have been a rock, vegetable, or animal, for none of these three lower kingdoms has individuality. Yet, all five kingdoms in nature meet, and are represented, within humanity. Within ourselves, we find the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and the Soul kingdom represented. The fact that humanity is both animal and human has been recognized by science. It is yet to be recognized and accepted that it is also a young god.

Applied Wisdom, Page 919

Surprisingly enough, the greatest glamour in regard to this particular subject lies in the area (the branches of clairaudience and clairvoyance) and the idea of Masters appearing and of talking to disciples. If a Master appears and talks to you, he will do so in a physical body in company with others. He will not appear in some astral form. Neither will He ever speak to you in words in astral or mental levels. You have no way of ascertaining who the owner of such a voice or appearance might be. It is a rather simple matter for the mind itself to conjure up such a vision, for it to deliver to the consciousness such words. It is also a rather simple matter in certain cases of advanced sensitivity beyond the expansion of consciousness, for one to come into contact with an impostor on astral levels. You have no way of knowing the difference between a Master or a member of the Black Lodge if he were to appear before you or to speak with you in such a way, or some discarnate entity, or even a misdirected deva. By realizing and transmitting such realization that no Master will take this means of communication, you will aid in cleaning up this particular area of the danger.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1019

What is consciousness? You have been told that consciousness is not an energy, it is that which lies between the devic polarity of purpose and the devic polarity of intelligent activity. Yet, consciousness is an aspect of every part or relationship of the pairs of opposites. There can be no oppositional force without this intermediate field between.

Therefore, consciousness is not just that of the Christ in the ultimate, but it, consciousness, is every point of interplay within any true polarity, upon any level, upon any frequency. We call this, in part, a magnetic field. It is a magnetic field and within this magnetic field there is an interplay of energies, but the magnetic field itself is a quality. That quality is present within the intrinsic nature of each and every ray, so that the first ray of Purpose has its quality as well as its energy and its frequency. The third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh rays have their quality, as well as, their energy and frequency. That quality is within the intrinsic nature of the ray itself, and might almost be said to be the consciousness aspect of that ray, for, remember, each and every thing is a triangle.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1040

What is consciousness? Do you define it as Soul? A state of being aware? As the magnetic field of awareness between spirit and matter? Let us take this approach: the magnetic field of awareness, of beingness, between spirit and matter, that positive pole, your Spiritual Aspect, your focused individuality, your identification within the One Life, we speak of as the Monad. Your negative pole of manifestation, the Matter Aspect, the reflection of the individualized identification within the One Life, is the mental ego, the “I” consciousness focused within the physical brain. Imagine—visualize a line of light extending downward from the Monadic focus of spiritual fire which is your spiritual identification, into the physical brain to anchor itself as a conscious “I”—a conscious individuality incarnate within the three planes of human endeavor. Now what is it that is conscious? Is it the Monad, or is it the mental ego? It is neither. It is that consciousness thread which we have visualized as a line of light which moves out of the Monadic center and down into the mental ego center.

One identification is of spirit, the other of form. As these two identifications act and react one upon the other, there is created between them an ever widening sphere of awareness—an ever widening sphere of that consciousness of being. As that consciousness reflects itself upon the different frequencies of spirit and matter, what we refer to as states of consciousness are created. For instance, there is that state of consciousness which is identified with and within the form, which literally powers itself into form, gives itself to form. There is that state of consciousness which is identified as Soul, which gives itself to both spirit and matter, to both Monad or the will-to-be and form, and which, as it comes into its higher identification as Christ, mediates between spirit and matter or Monad and the mental ego or mental form. There is that state of consciousness which we refer to as Monadic, as consciousness of the Christ, as Master, since it has mastered the form nature.

Applied Wisdom, Pages 1091-1092

Your nation is entering a period in her development when her peoples must be willing to share their wealth with others, to the conscious sacrifice of unnecessary luxuries, or lose her position as a spiritual leader in the world. Such sharing has been carried out in the recent past almost unconsciously, and without real loss, but the day of awakening is at hand when American destiny, among other things, is to bring freedom and equality of opportunity to human beings everywhere. The cost will be her great wealth, for with it she will buy democratic government for every man and woman upon the planet. This is the Spiritual Purpose underlying her role as the great capitalist in the world.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1103

The new system of sharing will not take into consideration a return. In other words, there will not be the giving in return for something received. The new system does not necessarily mean that money cannot be used (let Me put it that way). But as the new system comes into its own, there will be no need for money. You are not grasping the evolution of the concept. Barter is based upon the system of giving and receiving in return for that which is given. The new system will be based upon a system of sharing—of giving—not for return.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1133

The new system which does not require money, is based upon a system of sharing—a system of giving—not in return for anything.

You do not need to go so high and so subjective as to discuss Divine supply. Actually the world supply is inexhaustible. There is, within the economy of humanity, all that is needed to fulfill the requirements of humanity, both in the physical, the emotional, and the mental aspect of humanity. The new system then will be based upon the giving of those requirements where they are needed, not in exchange for anything.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1134

For instance, your known history takes you but a little way along the backward path that humanity has taken. But even that little bit of history shows you the pattern of the rise and fall of civilizations. Could you but know it, since the Atlantean period a number of civilizations reached the same degree of development which the outer form appears have reached today, and in each instance that civilization has destroyed itself. Humanity has gone through, in each case, a recapitulation of its evolutionary development from the time of primitive animal man to this present development today—not once, but a number of times since the Atlantean catastrophe.

Such knowledge, such information, were you to take it alone, could give rise to a tremendous sense of futility within the disciple, hopelessness, and in many cases could immobilize him insofar as a renewed service effort is concerned. And this, too, has occurred in past times.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1141

The Soul is group conscious. It is impossible to become aConscious Soul Incarnate as an individual. The Conscious Soul can only incarnate in a group instrumentality. We are building a vehicle for this, so that the Divine Plan can manifest for humanity the growth and development of humanity. We will attract those who are karmically ready when we are ready, not that they may not be ready, but that we aren’t ready yet.

Applied Wisdom, Page 656

The Khrushchevs or the Stalins are the focal point through which the will of those people whom they are (shall we say) governing, ruling, oppressing, is being worked out. It is impossible for a dictator to remain unless the will of the people would have it so. That will may not be seen, it may not be obvious, but he who governs is but a vehicle.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1161

Consider: where there is a form there is within that form an incarnate, and on that level an imprisoned, consciousness.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1454

At this particular time in human evolution, growth without conflict is impossible.

Applied Wisdom, Page 1492

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