The Gathering of Lights, Chapter 4


Seven other planets in our system have taken part in a great interplay. These are called the “seven sacred planets” in esoteric literature. At present, they do not have physical life on the surface as we know it, though they may have had in the past, but spiritual life forms inhabit their higher spheres. For the present, our solar system can only have seven radioactive planets and remain stable, and our earth is next in line for such transfiguration. When this transition occurs a highly evolved radioactive planet will be drawn out of its orbit and join (most probably) with Jupiter as one of its moons. Then a new planet on the arc of descent will cloth itself in matter and come into physical being to take the place of the one which has departed. This new planet is already created and exists in a higher grade of matter that is not yet seen by our physical eyes.

These seven radioactive planets are a correspondence to the “seven Spirits which are before his throne.” Rev 1:4 The Sun is the correspondence to the throne. Then on the microcosmic level we have the “even Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.” Rev 5:6 These are seven Avatars who personify the energies emitted by the seven great planets.

On the macrocosmic side we have the seven Rishis of the great bear, commonly known as the seven stars of the Big Dipper as the positive representatives of these energies and the seven stars of the Pleides as the negative correspondence. The seven sacred planets are as representatives of the Great Bear and the seven corresponding energies within the Sun interplay with the Pleiades. The interplay of forces must always be between positive and negative polarities. There is also an interplay between the seven stars of the Great Bear and the Pleiades. Astrologers have intuitively called the seven “sisters of the Pleiades” the “wives of the Great Bear. Indeed they represent female energies relating to the male energies of the Big Dipper. The throne of God in this case is represented by one of the stars of the Big Dipper. Remember that one of the pointers on the big Dipper is a double star so there is one extra star for the throne.

On a larger scale we have the galaxy of the Milky Way itself. There are seven divisions among all these stars which represent these seven energies on the positive side and seven others which interplay on the negative side with a great governing star representing the throne. This star is called Kolob in the Mormon scriptures. There are other clusters of stars till which correspond to the twelve signs of the Zodiac on a higher scale.

You will notice that there are certain numbers which are associated with divinity in the scriptures an other inspired writings: 1, 3, 7, 12, and multiples thereof. We have the “one God”, the three personages of the trinity, the seven spirits before the throne, seven days, seventy missionaries, seven loaves of bread, we are to forgive 70 times seven, the apostles chose seven helpers, the Book of Revelations is to the seven churches, John saw seven angels with seven trumpets and even a beast with seven heads.

Concerning the number twelve we find that there are twelve tribes of Israel. Joshua selected twelve men to cross the river Jordan and Jesus (Greek for Joshua) selected twelve apostles. Jesus’ first words were recorded at the age of twelve, there were twenty four (2 x 12) Elders before the throne and Christ had with him 144,000 (12 x 12000) saints.

All of this will hopefully give the reader a perspective so we can approach the subject of Israel with the correct humility for becoming an Israelite and approaching radioactivity are correspondences. Perhaps “becoming an Israelite” is an erroneous wording here for the power of Israel is in every man. “Recognizing the Israel within ourselves” may be a more correct term, for until it is recognized it is as if it did not exist. We’re like the prodigal son who thought he could no more be a son, for he felt sure his father would disown him, but to this joy the father welcomed him with opened arms.

Israel consists of those great beings who radiate the will of God throughout our galaxy yet realize the great injunction of Christ: “if any desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.” Mark 9:35. No other presence in our solar system demonstrates this law more faithfully than our Sun. Everything in our solar system is dependent on it, and receives from it much more than it gives. The Sun, being first, becomes the

last in the system to receive. Thus Israelites in human form within the Kingdom of God follow this same general principle. They often leave their own planet and seek to serve others not so highly progressed on the Path. Our Earth has been the recipient those who prevail as god, gods from the sky, or Israelites a number of times. These Israelites have passed the candle lighting the God within many others native to this earth creating the foundation for a great light that is beginning to fill this little planet.