Why Are We Here?

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Posted Nov 12, 2010
Dennis writes:
I have a hard time believing in “The Dark Brothers”. As I get older I find I am not believing everything I’m taught or told anymore.

It is certainly not good to believe anyone just because they teach a thing but finding and observing people who work in darkness is an easy thing to do.
I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they do not believe in dark brothers, but to them I say – look around. What do you see with your own eyes? There are people shrouded in darkness all over. Take Kim Jong Il, for instance, who allows no freedom in his country of North Korea and will imprison or execute anyone who shows a peep of independence. Then Hitler, Stalin and Mao are other obvious examples. These murdered and tortured many millions.

The auras of people, which can be seen with a little training, show a great difference in light. Some people are actually surrounded with literal darkness and others are bright and radiant.
I have seen the truth of this scripture:

“But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matt 6:23

If there are workers of darkness on this side of the veil then they must also exist on the other side as noted in the scriptures.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12

“High places” is not an accurate translation as it comes from the Greek EPOURANIOS which means “heavenly or celestial realms.”

So here Paul was telling us that we fight against enemies in the heavenly or spiritual realms as well as “rulers of the darkness of this world.”

I read Max Skousen’s works before I discovered you, JJ. Max’s main teaching is, We were God’s in the pre-existence and we are here to learn what it’s like not to be God. I really believe that.

I’ve heard this teaching a lot, not only from the LDS but also many new agers and it has never made sense to me. If this was our purpose then our next step should be to become an insect so we could live a life that is not human to discover what it is like to not be human.

Ask yourself – being a human – do you want to become an insect so you can see how good you now have things? Yet many believe we were once Gods and were further above humans than we are the insects and we came down here just to discover an appreciation for being gods.

I do not need to become an insect to discover how much better it is to be a human, neither do I need to become a human to discover how great it is to be a god.

The real joy for all life comes from growth and accomplishment and as we grow from one point of consciousness to another there is joy.

We were one with God in the beginning as we are technically one with him now but we came here for growth, experience and joy rather than to just gain an appreciation of what we were in the past.

However, Max did not believe in reincarnation. Then I read your book, Eternal Lives and that made sense. If I’m not mistaken, I got from your book that we started our progression on some lower life and in each life thereafter, we made progression upward until we come unto this life. Maybe we all lived evil previous lives like Hitler, or Sadam Hussain and observed those lives like Max taught.

But we progressed up. Paul says in Colossians Chapter one that the mystery is, Christ in you the hope of glory. In that same chapter it says that Christ reconciles all things unto himself. Sometime in eternity Christ reconciled me, a thing, unto himself.

We all have within us the soul, a link with God, which is the Christ Principle so technically this is true.

Therefore I do not believe that God creates failures like the dark brothers. Right now I do not believe that one can get so low that one can not repent and come back sometime in eternity.

Yet God created Hitler and he was a big failure.

We are reflections of god so if we want to understand God we must examine ourselves. Are the creations of humans perfect?


Do our creations need a lot of work to become perfect?


Are God’s creations perfect?

No. There is not a perfect planet, moon, human, dog or crystal.

We are not here to obtain joy from being perfect but by accomplishment.

The word perfect in the Greek when referring to god and Jesus means to finish a work. Perfect as religion uses it today’s was a word embraced by the Pharisees.

The reason I have these questions is when I had my baptism of fire experience I was shown two main teachings. The first was that Christ loves me a rude and crude person not matter what. He forgave me all my sins. The second was that all people are perfect and that salvation is free and cannot be earned. Therefore I am not to judge anyone.

It’s quite possible you received a correct impression but are not seeing the whole picture. Our souls that link us to God are relatively perfect, but we have free will and can sever that link if we so choose. Once this is done then the life of God is lost and the entity has to lose his progression and start over again in the far future.

But even the dark brothers will eventually progress back to oneness with god so one can say that in the end of the great cycle of cycles that relative perfection will be attained by all.

Then a new cycle shall begin and we will create even greater problems to solve so our intelligence can expand even more.

How do I deal with both your teachings, Max’s teachings and the spirit’s teachings which seem to have 3 different teachings?

Don’t worry about what either Max or I say. Just go with what feels right with the spirit within. If you are pure in heart and in error the error will be discovered and corrected.

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